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  1. The political left is filled with anti-Semites as the comments to any article about Israel or Netanyahu will demonstrate.

    Obama seems to have absorbed more from Wright than he admitted and, now that he has been through his last election, he seems more willing to be open about it.

    He is appealing to a base, urban blacks, that is quite anti-Semitic. I learned this from my nursemaid in Chicago when I was a child. It was the only odd thing about her as she was a wonderful person otherwise.

    I still think it comes from a resentment toward those people who were willing to do small business in black ghettoes. Jews in Chicago and Koreans in Los Angeles. Blacks just do not seem to have the same drive to own things as they would seem to be in the best situation to start their own businesses. I like the movie “Barbershop,” which seems to be popular with black audience, as it shows a guy just trying to run a small business.

    I have no other explanation. The Muslim thing is easier to understand as I think Islam is a Jewish heresy. I’m reading In the Shadow of the Sword, a history of Islam that got the author, quite to his surprise, into a lot of trouble with Muslims. Mohammed was surprised and angry that the Jews did not accept his “new and improved” version of Judaism.

  2. Anti-Semitic?

    He’s Anti-American. Which is fortunate for him as it would be quite painful to do this to people you liked.

    He’s actually a Mau-Mau at heart, the rest follows.
    Including Antisemitism.

    Obama is the Chief Executive of an America east of the Hudson and Potomac rivers stretching from NYC to DC along the ACELA corridor. This America burnt their boats on the Hudson and Potomac in 2009 when they chose themselves over the nation. They are aware of their situation at some level.

    The interests of us and those who would be our masters are now fatally opposed. That is our politics.

    Iran and Israel are far away compared to the Hudson and Potomac line.

  3. It is most unwise to now become involved in American National Politics, especially for a small foreign nation. Especially Israel for Evil Minded Americans including American Jews may well seek to export both America’s internal conflicts and blame for their factions misdeeds onto Israel, which has nothing to do with our quarrels.

    Except that Israel just volunteered to be the patsy.
    Your going to take the blame for American politics dysfunction, holding the blame bag again. Again.

    Strange that Bibi fell for this gag, he’s very knowledgeable about our politics.

    American politics is already toxic and it will soon become lethal by which I mean Civil War – War – is now all but inevitable. The parties aren’t able to back down as the stakes are at present existential and the important decisions were made 2008-2010. Neither side in America can back down, even if the current system of the Media picking the leaders wasn’t in fact eliminating anyone who isn’t in on the game who has any ability from consideration.

    Christie was setup and done in for instance because he isn’t corrupt and he is capable, same with Palin Hate. If we had solvency there would still be Trillions of dollars at stake, and we have instead existential insolvency.

    These are huge stakes for the worlds most intrinsically powerful nation – North America. We have no leaders on either side who are capable of making a deal with each other even if it were possible. We’re going to fight it out.

    So warning you off is anything but wishing you ill.

    In Northern Ireland Strangers visiting from America were warned “Now whatever you say, don’t say anything.” It means do not mention our politics.

    Don’t be Fools. This may be a fatal misstep at the outset of an entire slate of conflicts. By the way the only “may” is misstep, the conflicts are certain.

  4. “Strange that Bibi fell for this gag, he’s very knowledgeable about our politics.”

    I don’t think he “fell for” anything. He knows that the Democratic Party, or a large part of it, is now an enemy of Israel. Clinton and now Obama have tried to defeat him and Likud in Israeli politics. The trouble they are having is that the Israeli public is getting an eyeful and earful of the Palestinians and no longer is willing to accept any good will argument from them or their patrons, like Obama. He believes that Israel is approaching Armageddon and this time they must make that clear to everyone and that means us.

    Clinton, I think, tried to honestly mediate and Dennis Ross who was the negotiator, has described the stakes and his dismay when Arafat blew up the agreement.

    You seem to resist the knowledge that Iran is at war with us and has been since 1979. We were the patron of the Shah, Hollywood movies export a distorted view of our culture and we are the arbiter of the west which is trying to prevent Iran’s ambitions to be a hegemon in the middle east. Israel and the Jews are not the only issue. I don’t think Iran would commit suicide to damage us but they are willing, or at least the leaders are, to face destruction to kill the Jews.

    I feel very sorry for the Iranian public which, I have read, is almost universally opposed to the government. Mosque attendance is way down around 3% and fertility is down to European levels. The Soviet Union was a similar story but there is no Gorbachev on the horizon.

  5. America is not Israel.

    Israel is not American.

    Our interests aren’t identical.

    The only Armageddon we need to be concerned with is on our own soil.

    As far as Iran or anyone else being at war with us, I’ve been to war under our nice modern lawyered up rules of engagement – which are of course a mere exercise of legal power over the solider to the point of dictating his battlefield actions. So I take none who haven’t talk of war seriously. This includes you. If you feel so strongly about Iran go to war against Iran, I’m sure smart people can find a way.

    We had a chance recently to resolve these issues and we were stabbed in the back by the Left and Abandoned to witch hunt trials by the Right.

    I don’t care that you backed Bush, you did not back us.


    May I be candid? Of course.

    So DIE backstabbers.

    Now. I still care what happens to America and Americans. I don’t have the time and neither do the rest of us to save any other nation.

    Do your own dirty work. Stop using people (and insulting their intelligence at the same time) and you may find your Karmic fate improves.

  6. I don’t care that you backed Bush, you did not back us.

    I don’t speak for anyone else. Neither do you, by the way.

    As a Jew and an American I find it unacceptable that the president of the USA is antagonistic to the interests of Jews, the interests of his own country, and the interests of friendly countries such as Britain and Israel with whom Americans share important values.

    The Left backstabbed the military in Iraq and Afghanistan? Stipulated. When in recent memory, other than during the Second World War after Hitler invaded Russia, has this not occurred?

    US elites are corrupt and a threat to the nation’s wellbeing? Stipulated. Is anyone on this blog arguing the contrary? Does anyone on this blog not agree that the US military leadership screwed over our service members with politically expedient ROE?

    The fact that we disagree about political means doesn’t mean we support corrupt elites. Bush wasn’t Eisenhower but the more important point is that he wasn’t Gore. Don’t let an unavailable ideal be the enemy of the best that we can get.

    The Republicans as a group are inept, corrupt and otherwise imperfect but at least they are paying serious attention to our national security. Iran has been killing Americans for years, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, is building nukes and long-range missiles and says we are their enemy. I take them at their word. Bibi makes the case as well as anyone, which is why Boehner invited him. To focus on Bibi and on fantasies of Israeli manipulation of US public opinion is to adopt the script of the appeasers and apologists for Islamism. I don’t think the USA is going to be able to avoid confronting Iran at some point. Better for us to face the issue sooner rather than later. To dismiss the threat is not necessarily to avoid war.

  7. “So I take none who haven’t talk of war seriously. This includes you. If you feel so strongly about Iran go to war against Iran, I’m sure smart people can find a way.”

    I have no idea what this means.

    So, you want me to go to war with Iran ? Too late, they decided to go to war with us.

    You may think you are not at war with them but, as Trotsky has been quoted, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

    You seem to want to go into a hole and pull the hole in after you. That doesn’t work very well, as Chamberlain learned too late.

    “However much we may sympathize with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbours, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in a war simply on her account.”

    But the war came.

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