2 thoughts on “Photoshop 25 Years Hence”

  1. I took courses on Photoshop but just did not use it enough to stay current. On failing business models, I could add CompUSA’s course materials that were very well done but died with the company.

  2. “To me what saved Apple wasn’t the iPhone. Without the ability to produce intuitive, friendly computers that just worked and became the creative graphic arts standard long ago there would have never been an iPhone, an iPad or an iAnything. To this day Apple has never ever relinquished that creative title. Apple could not have done it without Adobe. Adobe had THE graphics software and Apple had no choice but to produce affordable hardware that could keep up the pace. Apple was joined at the hip to Adobe.”

    This is so true. In those lean years in the 90s, the only thing Apple had going for it was they were preferred for desktop publishing and graphic design.

    Photoshop has only gotten better now with 3D rendering, but they moved to a subscription. So you keep paying for as long as you use it.

    Instead of paying constant rent for Photoshop, you can pay a fraction of the price once for Corel Paint Shop Pro. Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s more than adequate for most people. And then there’s free image editor web apps likes Aviary.

    Photoshop is the program for pros, and they’ve structured they’re business model towards that top teir. It will keep on working just as long as design stays a domain of the top teir. With the way the world is working now, is that likely to be the case in the future?

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