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  • Heh

    Posted by Jonathan on March 18th, 2015 (All posts by )

    Modi congratulates Bibi

    Modi congratulates Bibi.


    5 Responses to “Heh”

    1. Jason In LA Says:

      While a collective gnashing of teeth can be heard at the White House.

    2. Mike K Says:

      It is not really a surprise that Iran and Hamas have disappeared from the Terror Watch List.

      Another robin for the spring of Obama’s Iran alliance.

      Israelis are only one wrong election from disaster. We have more time and less attention.

    3. Mike K Says:

      Actually, the linked article says Hezbollah rather than Hamas as the Powerline article stated.

    4. PenGun Says:

      We’ll see how the Iranian negotiations go. They have been offered Antey 2500s by the Russians. Not as cooperative anymore it seems.

      I will be interested to see Bibi test this very capable system.

    5. Will Says:

      Meh, a few million (of someone else’s dollars) and they gave it the old college try…I’m sure they are not at all deterred. The campaign must go on. I wonder though, just what the Israeli government knows, (and they MUST know some stuff) about this most recent faction, and would they help to finally expose it.