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  • חג שמח

    Posted by Jonathan on April 3rd, 2015 (All posts by )

    Happy Passover to all Chicagoboyz contributors and readers.

    Seder Plate


    6 Responses to “חג שמח”

    1. Robert Schwartz Says:

      This year, I had to make the Matzoh Balls for the soup by myself due to travel schedules etc. I had never done that before. The following recipe worked very well:

      Eggs 4
      Fat* 2T
      Matzoh Meal 1C
      salt 1t
      nutmeg pinch
      black pepper 1/4t
      club soda 1/2 C

      *Schmaltz (chicken fat) is canonical. The only commercial schmaltz I could find was flavored. I used duck fat instead. You can buy duck fat at Whole Foods.

      beat eggs
      add fat to eggs & beat
      add meal + salt & spices to egg fat mixture & mix well
      add club soda & mix well
      refrigerate several hours or overnight
      form balls 1 to 1.5 in. diameter
      drop balls into boiling salted water.
      simmer 30 to 45 min.

      Serve in clear chicken broth.

    2. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Beautiful photo. Can you identify the items and their significance, if any, for the non-Jewish?

    3. Jonathan Says:

      Traditional Passover Seder plate, though in this instance not entirely traditional.

      See the Wikipedia explanation here.

    4. Mike K Says:

      My wife, who is not Jewish but who has been reading Paul Johnson’s History of the Jews, has just put on a video about Yiddish. I asked if she was planning to convert. Years ago, the first time we were married, we were in Paris and attended a Mass in Notre Dame. She decided she wanted to become a Catholic then.

      She is easily swayed.

    5. Bill Brandt Says:

      @Mike – that sounds like a Seinfeld episode

    6. Mike K Says:

      She was watching another of her videos this morning. “Kosher World” or something like that. I was watching Fox News Sunday.