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  1. This year, I had to make the Matzoh Balls for the soup by myself due to travel schedules etc. I had never done that before. The following recipe worked very well:

    Eggs 4
    Fat* 2T
    Matzoh Meal 1C
    salt 1t
    nutmeg pinch
    black pepper 1/4t
    club soda 1/2 C

    *Schmaltz (chicken fat) is canonical. The only commercial schmaltz I could find was flavored. I used duck fat instead. You can buy duck fat at Whole Foods.

    beat eggs
    add fat to eggs & beat
    add meal + salt & spices to egg fat mixture & mix well
    add club soda & mix well
    refrigerate several hours or overnight
    form balls 1 to 1.5 in. diameter
    drop balls into boiling salted water.
    simmer 30 to 45 min.

    Serve in clear chicken broth.

  2. Beautiful photo. Can you identify the items and their significance, if any, for the non-Jewish?

  3. My wife, who is not Jewish but who has been reading Paul Johnson’s History of the Jews, has just put on a video about Yiddish. I asked if she was planning to convert. Years ago, the first time we were married, we were in Paris and attended a Mass in Notre Dame. She decided she wanted to become a Catholic then.

    She is easily swayed.

  4. She was watching another of her videos this morning. “Kosher World” or something like that. I was watching Fox News Sunday.

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