Spotted at the Starving Artists Art Show …

in San Antonio’s La Villita this afternoon. What beverage ought to be drunk in celebration from these goblets, and by whom?

Goblets to Drink the Blood of Your Enemies From

I would suggest that the owners of Memories Pizza drink the delicious tears of the internet lynch mob from these goblets, but I am open to other suggestions. Your thoughts?

(Yes, this is reflecting the Dia de Muertos artistic tradition. It’s another Texas thing which likely seems rather … strange to the initiated. My daughter has an enameled belt-buckle of a pink sugar skull, ornamented IAW [In accordance with] that tradition.)

6 thoughts on “Spotted at the Starving Artists Art Show …”

  1. Dia de Muertos is the theme of our vacation trailer. Even have Day of the Dead pillow cases for our bed.

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