The Return of Her Inevitableness

As I called her, during the Hillary-Obama knock-down and drag-out over the Dem nom leading up to the 08’ Presidential Race festivities. I termed that particular contest “Ebony vs Ovary.” They were well-matched for awfulness, back then, weren’t they? Chicago machine politics vs Arkansas skeevy corruption; in the words of Henry Kissinger, it was a pity that both of them couldn’t lose.

So she has lost out twice, but now we see Her Inevitableness mounting up once again and setting out to bash the windmills once again, although that particular image means that Huma Abedin is in the Sancho Panza role, which doesn’t work on so many levels that you’d have to explore other dimensions to reach them all. All props for grim determination, I have to say – and I’d also have to say that once upon a time, I might have respected her a lot more if she had only dumped that sweet-talking sleaze of a husband once they were done with the White House the first time, taken back her family name and … like actually done something efficient and effective on her own.

The one thing, over all of the things that annoy me about Hillary Clinton (and I have a long list of them, starting with how cynically Third World oligarchy-style it is to have the wife of a former president campaigning for the office after hubby has done his two terms) is the assumption on the part of too darned many – that because she is a woman, and I am a woman then NATURALLY I will be voting for her because – FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!!!11!! Or even because it’s Her Turn! No, this is not Argentina, she is not Evita Peron. And absolutely no, now that we have finally seen the last of the Kennedy spawn wither into irrelevance and of interest only to the tabloid chroniclers of serial adultery, spousal abuse and drug/alcohol abuse, we do not have an American royal family. Trying to launch another one on the basis of Elle magazine glamor covers and palatial New York apartments likely is doomed to failure, albeit hopefully not quite as drawn-out as the epic telenovela of Camelot on the Potomac. I view any situation where members of the same family – be they spouse or spawn – appear to inherit a political office with the same suspicion I regard week-old leftovers in the refrigerator. Sequential political careers becoming the family business smacks of a hereditary aristocracy, and yes, I was just as annoyed by the Bushes and the Gores and the rest of them. Even the Adamses, but at least they had competence to recommend them, whereas one really cannot say the same about Her Inevitableness. And talk about a charm deficit…

Which brings me back to about another item on my list of beefs with Her Inevitableness: Benghazi. Dead ambassador, burned-out consulate attacked by a mob, dead former SEALS, people in her organization being left to hang in the wind, waiting, hoping, praying for rescue to arrive before it was too late. But it was too late. And then – the lies and rationalizations afterwards, piled higher and deeper. Honestly, I cannot see how that woman can live with herself, except that somehow she seems to manage. Maybe it’s easy to rise above it all, while living a life of near-royal splendor, having plenty of sycophants waiting to kiss the hand, murmur adoring praise and pitch softball questions, while those beneath notice must hastily absent themselves through the nearest doorway or turn and face the wall rather than meet the quasi-royal eye.

No wonder the patrons and staff of that Chipotle in Maumee took no notice of Her Inevitableness. They must have gotten the message.

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  1. “I termed that particular contest “Ebony vs Ovary.””

    And even the ranks of Tuscany
    Could scarce forbear to cheer.

  2. The story will start to leak out in spite of Clinton defenders’ efforts. What many either forget or never knew is that Hillary was the more corrupt one in terms of money. Bill was randy but she was the consiglieri in Rose Law Firm, cattle futures and various corrupt financial enterprises like Whitewater.

    On December 22, 1993, Mr. McDougal and the Clintons executed the transaction to get the Clintons out of Whitewater. Mr. Foster obtained the Clintons’ signature for the documents executing the sale. It is unclear whether Mr. Foster, Mr. McDougal, or the Clintons knew that Mr. Blair gave Mr. McDougal the $1000 to buy the Whitewater shares from the Clintons.

    Mr. Blair then assigned Mr. Foster the task of contacting the accountants and preparing the Clintons’ tax returns. The issue facing Mr. Foster in the months preceding his death was how to treat the $1000 sale on the Clintons’ 1992 tax returns. The basic dilemma stemmed from the Clintons’ claim, bolstered by the publicly released Lyons report, that they had incurred significant losses on their investment in Whitewater.

    Foster may have killed himself rather than suborn perjury in the tax returns. After all, that was when the government and the IRS actually enforced the law.

  3. Honestly, her campaign this time around is off to a pretty lackluster start. It’s almost as if she is just going through the motions out of habit, and expecting her fans to vote for her out of habit.
    My daughter speculates that both Hillary and Obama are quietly waging the dirty war on each other – that the coverage of her little email fiasco is being driven by deliberate leaks from the Obama camp. She can hardly wait to see what she lets slip about him.

  4. I hope Jim Webb sticks it out. Not that I can imagine many reasons for actually voting for him, but he would provide a substantial speadbump to her inevitable coronation caravan. He can authoritatively hit her where she’s currently most vulnerable – her questionable record as Secretary of State – and he will also best her amongst the hardhat vote.

  5. Hillary’s campaign is Astroturf all the way down.

    Hillary Clinton’s astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.

    Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton.

    Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city.

    Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.
    The three got the lion’s share of Mrs. Clinton’s time and participated in what breathless news reports described as a ’roundtable’– the first of many in her brief Iowa campaign swing.

    Of course, we have to get this from British newspapers. That’s why I read their web versions every day.

    “Listening tour.”

  6. Honestly, her campaign this time around is off to a pretty lackluster start. It’s almost as if she is just going through the motions out of habit, and expecting her fans to vote for her out of habit.
    My daughter speculates that both Hillary and Obama are quietly waging the dirty war on each other – that the coverage of her little email fiasco is being driven by deliberate leaks from the Obama camp. She can hardly wait to see what she lets slip about him.

    I’ve long suspected that Hillary and her friends have already let slip quite a bit about him, only it was in 2008. I think Hillary’s campaign had media friends suddenly “discover” Barry’s lengthy attendance at the racist church of reverend Wright. Sean Hannity said back then that he’d been talking about Wright for months, but no one in the so-called mainstream media ever cared enough to tell the wider electorate.

    Until, that is, it looked like the inevitable Hillary was quite evitable indeed. Then all of a sudden the public needed to know right away- only it was too late to save her campaign.

    It seems to me she retains the same thin measure of political skill and talent she had in 2008, and is equally inevitable.

    Of course she will be running against a Republican so she does have that advantage.

  7. Oh, the delicious Potemkiness of Hillary’s campaign swing just keeps giving and giving. Certain sordid details here – yeah, I know it’s the Daily Mail, but for all their documented incompetancies, they are doing the job that the establishment American media just won’t do.

    I keep visualizing someone in the Hillary campaign giving out with the classic line “Wash and perfume them, and bring them to my tent!”

  8. }}} This possibility was apparently intended to make us both go wobbly in the knees and vote with our vaginas instead of our brains.

    Wasn’t this supposed to be true for ALL Liberals?

    I mean, regardless of race or gender or species?

  9. }}} Of course she will be running against a Republican so she does have that advantage.

    Well, as long as it isn’t Jub! “Jeb”, that may be less of an advantage than one might think. Some of the first of those kids who learned about government from 2010 are going to be getting up to voting age…

    Just as Jimmah!! led to the Reagan conservatives, The Obama Nation is likely to lead to another round.

  10. IGotBupkis, “‘Faeces Evenio’, Mr. Holder?” Says:
    April 16th, 2015 at 10:04 am

    What those pondering any putative elections next year are tending to discount is the internal split within what is still officially called the Republican Party. The DIABLO’s who run the party are insistent that the presidential nominee be Jeb! or other such candidate who literally also has no points of differences over policy with Hillary!.

    The voting base is just as insistent that the nominee be someone who does have those differences, and who will stand and fight.

    If it is a DIABLO nominee, the base [or at least enough to decide the election] will stay home or vote for a 3rd party. If a Conservative and/or a fighter get the nomination; we can expect the DIABLO’s to throw the election, probably working with the Democrats. We have plenty of documented history of them doing that.

    The “Republican” Party is about where the Whigs were in 1856. They will not survive past 2016 as presently constituted. But then again, I suspect there are a lot of things that will not survive past 2016 as presently constituted.

  11. I don’t think she’ll be running that “3am crisis phone call” ad anytime soon. Or maybe she will-
    she is almost as tone deaf as O’bummer.

  12. With the head-to-head poll numbers as they are, she doesn’t have to expose herself to real campaigning. Too many potential embarrassing issues bubbling away to confront. She is raising her war chest, making her deals and waiting for her prey to emerge. Once she and her media/ pop culture support launch, it will be formidable.

    Her biggest issues, besides her corruption and incompetence history, are her inability to go impromptu and the fact that she is such an arrogant, vicious person deep down. If she is forced to get off script, both will certainly dawn on many people. Her hope is that her gender forces everyone to allow her to hide behind her scripted persona. Apparently one can’t be confrontational or even direct to either ebony or ovary progressives.

    I believe that the reasons family related political careers are seen as often as they are is that the successors benefit greatly from the name recognition with the low info voters and from the support network built by the preceding member(s), especially the special interest funding sources. The Hildabeast certainly has that benefit from Bubba’s past and present legacy. Jeb starts out with that advantage as well.

    Going to be interesting to see how the Republican nominee takes her on. Heck, going to be interesting to see who the Republicans nominate. While Jeb is not a given, the large field may split the more conservative support among the membership giving it to him by plurality. I bet she is interested as well. In the mean time, it will be carefully scripted ops, plausible (implausible) deniability/silence, rack in the money as a citizen of the world and dirty tricks to damage her most likely opponents. Barry’s legacy building is great cover for her inactivity and time passing allows her some separation from her complicity in his deeds. “At this point, what difference does it make?” Too bad the conservatives probably can’t turn up the heat on her in a timely manner.


  13. Corruption and incompetence, thy name is Hillary … and if she sticks it out long enough for a debate, that is going to be interesting. Especially if she goes up against … well, Ted Cruz or Scott Walker.

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