Something Positive and Inspirational, For a Change

If you’re flying an airplane at 30,000 feet, in the clouds, communicating with Chicago Air Traffic Control Center, here’s something you really don’t want to hear over your headset:

Chicago Center is evacuating.  Radar service is terminated….Good luck.

But that’s what numerous pilots heard on the early morning of September 26, 2014, after a fire was set by a saboteur in the equipment racks at Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center.

Flying Magazine has a story about how controllers and tech staff faced with this situation worked rapidly, flexibly, and creatively to avoid accidents and minimize the disruption to traffic.  Other organizations should take note.

4 thoughts on “Something Positive and Inspirational, For a Change”

  1. I’m building a data set to make US governance legible to the people (if I can make it profitable, that’s likely what I’ll do the rest of my life). In a sense that is the product but very few will likely want it directly. More popular would be pulling a slice out, packaging it attractively and selling it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to slice and each a different product. Take a piece of infrastructure, game out what happens when it suddenly goes dark, and make a report and a sort of penny dreadful out of it. The penny dreadful is the new bit.

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