Does loco weed grow in Canada ?

Canada had an election yesterday and elected Justin Trudeau, an experienced near clone of Obama.

He has a flare for the dramatic, in speech and action, and once referred to himself in the third person. When he gets excited, his narrow shoulders jump up and down and his arms flail about. He won’t hesitate to take off his shirt or sport ridiculous facial hair for charitable causes. At times, he looks like a caricature of himself.

That’s from Huffington Post !

God help Canada !

Justin Trudeau is often compared to Barack Obama, but, particularly in terms of both achievement and testosterone levels, Justin Trudeau makes Barack Obama look like Teddy Roosevelt.

She is not very fond of the new Canadian PM.

Justin Trudeau, whom I introduced to Taki readers last year as a flouncy-haired, forty-year-old Fauntleroy, “slender of body and of resume,” “living in the moral equivalent of his father’s basement.”

Justin’s most notable accomplishment to date has been forcing Canada’s conservatives—for whom the former PM’s surname is a spittle-flecked swear word; as a child, I’d assumed the man’s first name was “That”—to pay the late Pierre pere backhanded compliments, à la “As least the boy’s father had a few accomplishments to his name at that age….”

Well, at least Hillary will not have to defend her opposition to the XL Pipeline as Trudeau will probably shut down the oil shale mining in Alberta.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in, so to speak.

Every ruling party in a democracy eventually wears out its welcome, and on Monday Canadians tossed out the Conservative Party after nine years in power under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They’re now taking a gamble that the winning Liberals, led by 43-year-old Justin Trudeau, won’t return to the anticompetitive economic policies of the past.

Mr. Harper resigned as Conservative leader and said in a gracious concession speech that “the people are never wrong.” They’d clearly had enough of Mr. Harper, who governed sensibly but in his later years had grown increasingly insular and autocratic in stifling party debate. The Conservatives also suffered from the global commodity bust, which has sent Canada into a mild recession after years of outperforming most of the developed world.

There are a few explanations but Trudeau ?

The question now is what the Liberals will do after having campaigned on the gauzy agenda of “change” and what Mr. Trudeau calls “positive politics.” The son of the late former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is a former schoolteacher whose main selling point was that he is more likable than Mr. Harper.

He’ll be helped by not having to form a coalition with the New Democrats, who would have pulled him to the economic left. Mr. Trudeau moderated his populism in the campaign, promising to keep Canada’s top federal corporate-tax rate of 15%, which is a major competitive advantage compared to America’s 35%. He also supports the Keystone XL pipeline that President Obama has blocked.

That’s slightly reassuring but today is the day after.

Mr. Trudeau’s most corrosive threat in the long term might be his pledge to reduce carbon emissions, which could reduce investment in Canada’s vast energy reserves.

Well, it is an opportunity for a bit of Schadenfreude, at least for a year.

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  1. Four terms for a prime minister in Canada hasn’t happened for a long time. Harper might have done better by handing the reigns off to another for this go around. I’m more convinced than ever that bringing the left to some semblance of sanity so that they won’t do too much damage when they win is an essential 21st century task.

  2. Ain’t it great? It sure is! We are generally very happy that awful toady Harper is gone. Justin will do just fine. A nice young man who can fight.

    You lot will hate him, for probably the same reasons we like him. He will legalize marijuana and maybe even go along with the UN on ending the war on drugs. Some human stuff for a change.

    I look at your choices and wonder where you get off criticizing anyone.

  3. PenGun I try to avoid responding to your comments but this one is interesting.

    “We are generally very happy that awful toady Harper is gone.”

    Yes, I hope that you and the other children can live peaceful lives without a care in the world.

    Unfortunately, adults have to make that happen and the number of adults per capita has dropped precipitously.

  4. Get ready Canadastan, one of his campaign pledges was to airlift in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

  5. “He also supports the Keystone XL pipeline that President Obama has blocked.” That’s easily resolved; just build the Canadian end. It would create jobs, wouldn’t it, and we all know that that’s what really matters.

  6. Friends in Manitoba and Alberta already have weighed in, very disappointed. Trouble ahead for the working class as usual. Plus, he’s sharia friendly/jihad sympathetic, so border security will be slacked even more to accommodate “cultural” sensitivities.

  7. I wonder how the west voted compared to the east – I now parts of BC are pretty left but the rest….

  8. Here is an interesting take from a Canadian.

    The biggest issue in our election was Harper’s personality. After nine years of his quietly refusing to make any case for policy — conservative or otherwise — the Canadian opposition parties managed to paint Harper as an out-of-touch, petty extremist. It isn’t fair, but it isn’t surprising.

    It does sound a bit like George Bush in a way.

  9. Here’s the election map

    The Liberals and ultra-liberal NDP ran well in western areas with a lot of Indians.

    I think Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan should secede. I know a few Albertans, and they seem to be split.
    Despite uncertainty over oil, another issue up there is cows. They have a lot of them, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, pushed by Conservatives, was making them nervous.

    Canada is perpetually fighting a brain drain in high tech and other STEM industries because of better opportunities and business climate in the US. They try to plug the holes with immigrants, but plodding bureaucracies don’t match up workers with jobs as well as the free market, often resulting in the PhD cab driver. Expect it to get worse if/when taxes go up among productive professionals expected to pay for all the campaign promises.

  10. “Young Trudeau and Mrs Clinton: how very comfortable for the Great Families of your two countries.”

    Honestly, I just wish that they all could start wearing velvet robes and put on crowns and tiaras, since it looks like a hereditary aristocracy is what they are intending to establish anyway.

  11. “if/when taxes go up among productive professionals expected to pay for all the campaign promises.”

    When the Canadians installed their single payer system, we had a flood of Canadian physicians coming down here. I knew a dozen just in my small area. I used to go to a good meeting in Saskatoon that had good stuff on laparoscopy. After several years, the meeting stopped being held. The men who had conducted the meeting had all emigrated. The government decided to import doctors from India and elsewhere and the nursing schools were closed.

    About ten years ago I was at a meeting in Tennessee where one of the participants was an architect for the first new Canadian hospital in ten years. That was about the time that Harper took over and they seemed to come out of their trance.

  12. “When the Canadians installed their single payer system, we had a flood of Canadian physicians coming down here.”

    Yup people are dumb. That was entirely a bookkeeping change. It clarified who paid and why.

  13. “The Liberals and ultra-liberal NDP ran well in western areas with a lot of Indians.”

    Superiority requires racism. You are bankrupt folks. A broken system, weird elections, actual talk of revolution and you criticize Justin for winning a fair election. We were so tired of that pitiful jerk from Alberta.

  14. “We were so tired of that pitiful jerk from Alberta.”

    “We” of course meaning the NDP. Too bad you lost so many seats.

    “That was entirely a bookkeeping change.”

    You know about as much about medicine, Canadian or otherwise, as you know about the present system of private clinics that have reappeared in Canada the past few years.

  15. Let Canada be Canada. Canada was founded by the people who fled, frightened, from a constitutional republic, who found human rights an appalling idea (free speech is an American concept, not a Canadian one), and who believe in good government (guffaw). Trudeau–both them–seem the ideal Canadian to voters.

  16. I am not really surprised that Canada has veered left again but they were doing so well under Harper. The oil price drop has hurt them badly and that is probably the reason.

    Jeremy Corbyn is crazier than Trudeau so there is that. I go over and read some of HuffPo most days and I have to admit that we have our crazy lefties, too.

  17. Here’s more on Trudeau’s support for Islamic terrorism.

    in the wake of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing, Trudeau issued a bizarre statement: “There is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.”

  18. The Canadians will get the government they voted for and deserve to get. PenGun will be happy until they take away his government tit because of bankruptcy.

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