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  1. I’m not surprised. I wonder just how much information has been altered/disappeared in the last seven years? I’d heard elsewhere that documents from Library Of Congress are missing. I can only imagine what FBI/CIA archives have vanished also. The cost of having this mob in power may not be fully realized for decades.

  2. Yes, I first saw this in my daughter’s study guide for a class at U of Arizona.

    She was being “taught” that “The Silent Majority” of the 60s was “made up of white people who refused to accept the 1964 Civil Rights Act.” No mention of Vietnam or Nixon.

    No doubt the movie “Truth” will be found in the curriculum along with “JFK.”

    I know that English course now use movies for instruction rather than reading.

  3. I heard/read recently that the intelligence asswcessment of ISIS a few years ago was altered by the Obama Administration –

  4. One of those key figures of the Civil Rights era has an FBI file that has been sealed for decades. I wonder what’s in there, and if it would be “teachable moment”?

  5. At the time, the US was facing French revolutionaries trying to export their revolution to the US through very vocal and well-funded agents in the US.

    There was a real threat of subversion by a foreign power that prompted the A&S act.

    Perhaps a wiser political body could have come up with a wiser law but there was a real need for something to preserve the Constitution!

    They don’t tell you that either.

  6. The outlined text is accurate. The Alien & Sedition Acts were terribly destructive of liberty. Hamilton did represent centralization of power for landed gentry, and Jefferson did represent a wider democracy.

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