Reclaiming the Lost Future

A couple of Trifecta videos ask a really pertinent question, What happened to our once and promising future?

I love these videos and agree with virtually everything said. Scott Ott, for example, hits on one of the areas covered in America 3.0, the industrial era idea that a big centralized government can be the organizing principle of our society. That government has now evolved into an axis for corruption, repression, and politically organized chaos. It is an idea whose time is long over. It is a structure that is killing our society, like a parasite killing its host.

The argument they make is that a bright future can be reclaimed. It requires personal values, like a willingness to work hard and defer gratification, and social values like a school system focused on useful education and not political indoctrination. It will require us to reclaim some ideas as well: the idea of America as a melting pot; the idea that free market capitalism is the greatest engine for economic growth and innovation ever known; and that our society, our way of life and our future are worth defending.

1 thought on “Reclaiming the Lost Future”

  1. The “an axis for corruption, repression, and politically organized chaos” – an apt description – will not simply melt away in the light of better ideas.

    If we don’t want more of the same and worse we’ll have to fight.

    It’s our turn to earn America or earn just eternal shame.

    They’ll be no middle ground. The powerful and entrenched interests are also of course desperate and afraid. Any just reckoning would be harsh indeed. They’re not going to give up or give way – they can’t.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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