7 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. “I am prepping to drive from Charleston, SC to Munster”

    I was in Munster today visiting my parents. Hardly recognized the place.

  2. I’ve made the drive from Chicago to North Carolina and back many times to visit in-laws and relatives. This time of year is always a gamble because of the possibility of snow in the mountains, but it should have it all clear this weekend.

  3. I’m now back and are my feet tired (channeled Fred Flintstone there for a sec). I had the strangest ice formations on my car due to “freezing fog” on the way up so, yes, weather did come up and bite me a bit with fog and low visibility making things interesting on both legs. No actual skidding, slipperiness, or accidents. My actual departure was about 2 hours after I wrote my note above and I got back about an hour ago.

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