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  1. There is an interesting argument at The Liberty Zone that this could be a combined event, one triggered prematurely by anger at another worker. The Daily Mail describes a confrontation with a Jewish co-worker two weeks ago about Islam.

    Ironically, the argument was about whether Islam is peaceful. The man’s name was Thalasinos and he was among the dead.

    Stephens said both men worked as county restaurant inspectors and regularly discussed politics and religion. Thalasinos was passionate about pro-Israel causes and was known to rant about Islam on Facebook.

    As New York Post first reported, Thalasinos’ profile page was filled with negative comments about Muslims and references to his conservative beliefs.
    In one of his final status updates posted on Tuesday, Thalasinos responded to an anti-Semitic tirade allegedly penned by an apparent Muslim living in Ukraine who railed against Jews and Israel.

    As usual, British newspapers have more about American news than our own which are consumed by political correctness.

    Perhaps, Farook resumed his argument with Thalasinos and that triggered a “premature detonation.”

  2. Going by the number of explosive devices found and the reports of multiple muslims in and out of their house, I wonder this was a terrorist cell whose chief bomb maker detonated a little early.

  3. All politics is local.

    The motive was conquest.

    Their Al-Nur local mosque was denied a community center and gee shame about what happened to ours.


    Remember Jihad always offers submission first.

    These methods work. They have forever, their book sanctifies conquest which is why they’ve been on the same plan for 1400 years. Why change? They’re winning.

    As for the last visit to the Community Center it’s quite possible he was making one last offer to gain some concession and had he got it he might have not attacked. Jihad always offers submission in exchange for avoiding violence.

    There’s nothing crazy about it. Nor some argument with a Jew motive enough. There were many bombs and 5000 rounds at the house. Well planned and frankly well executed. I’m sure he’s the nice guy people said he was, he just had a hard duty to perform and he did. His duty was to respond in their fashion to being denied a Community Center-he denied ours.

    It’s simple conquest and it works. Today all over America Lawyers representing other Islamic Community centers or other interests began to drop hints that their clients better get what they want. You can bet every judge reviewing these cases has this in mind going forward. It will work.

  4. While the 70’s Weathermen, et al., may have had murky motives in terms of being dark and irrational, they were not confused when they left their children behind nor were the Rosenbergs.
    Evil is evil – and why would those who raise their children to be martyrs think much about leaving a child at a grandmother’s while they kill – wasn’t their relationship built upon violent jihad, so is the child a jihad one rather than a love one?
    If we elected Obama are we far from Sweden? If we remain the warriors we once thought of ourselves as being, are we going to mount the charge that returns Europe to safety? Is Europe one large welfare society with the detrimental effects the our welfare society has had on our character?
    It is hard not to be pessimistic, bitter, angry – listen to Obama’s condescension yesterday to those who might be frightened of terrorists – I assume he knows no fear of certain terrors because he is too delusional. I wonder if he has known the more visceral kind.

  5. Unfortunately, no real surprises. There’s good reason why the Feds data was “purged” and they were kept out of the clubhouses these past years. I’m waiting for the female reporters who attended the segregated press conference at the al farook to file suit. In through a separate entrance, and and seated in a different area! We ain’t going back to those days are we ladies?

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