14 thoughts on “USAF Band – Museum ‘Flash Mobs’”

  1. Interesting Mike. This first Ode to Joy was good. The second, just bizarre.

    I had saved a video filmed at an airport in Dublin. A small classical brass did Fanfare for the Common Man. Really nice. Sadly, it’s now blocked, “This video contains content from RTE. It is not available in your country.” Raidió Teilifís Éireann is the national public broadcaster of Ireland.

  2. I used to sing the Hallelujah Chorus in the St Thomas More choir. I was about 10, sang soprano, wore white-over-red robes and carried a candle, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. What a beautiful ceremony it was, all incense and flickering light and Christmas trees and everyone singing carols.

    It was a lot like this video below, minus the spectacular cathedral. Ours was a simple, modernist, parish Catholic church attached to the Catholic school which I attended. A very young and freshly graduated Frank Cimino was our choir director. He played the organ while directing us, and we had a choir of about the same size as below. Another difference, we sang from the back of the church. As I recall it, this was the last thing we sang. We sang the interwoven melodies, just like this below.

    Hallelujah – Choir of King’s College, Cambridge.

  3. Just an off-topic aside- they have there (or at least they did when I was there) an X-35 which was the prototype of the F-35. It was parked right across from the F-16. The differences were stark, and it was plain to see which was superior and why. I thought the Smithsonian did a great public service displaying them together for the whole world to judge and pointed out that fact to others around me. Most people thought I was crazy because they were just there to see the shuttle anyway.

    Again nice songs,
    Cheers and Happy Holidays

  4. Grurray, great video. When it began I thought, What is this, the chamber orchestra of beautiful women? I’m officially in love with the blonde in the foreground. And Yo-Yo Ma is to music what a master painter is to canvas, he just sits down and begins and it’s art with music. Thank you.

  5. These flash concerts amaze me, because the musicians play from memory – not sheet music, and the pieces are complex.

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