13 thoughts on “Yes, Santa Claus is Real…”

  1. You gotta figure that with all that ice and snow, the seasonal round-the-clock darkness, et cetera, that balmy temperatures, sunshine, a low cost of living and great Mexican food — there’s a lot to tempt anyone into spending winter in the Rio Grande Valley… Santa isn’t any fool.

  2. I think the elves were stashed at the Motel 6 down the road …. (And the gentleman really is Santa — for the humongous mall across the highway. Regular gig every year. The mall management puts him up at the Marriott for the month. He’s been doing it for years, apparently.)

  3. I wonder if kids still write letters to Santa? Or put out milk and cookies? My kids didn’t write letters, but we always put out milk and cookies, which I ate. We hung stockings too. My kids now do that with theirs. Lots of fun to be had at Christmas with your kids.

  4. Rumor has it that Mrs. Claus and the Elves are still at the North Pole making toys for good little girls and boys while good ole Saint Nick is enjoying the the warmer weather and spicy food in Texas and elsewheres.

  5. What I like about that video is it’s basically snark free. He comes in try the food not knowing what to expect, but he’s open to trying it. And then finds they have amazing waffles and hash browns. And they’re open 24 hours, and you can get breakfast and coffee anytime.

    People sneer at this, like they do McDonalds. If this were provided by the government, socialists would hold this up on a banner and tout it from sea to sea, then build Waffle House monuments in DC so no one would ever forget how they’d used government to serve good food to millions of people. That private enterprise does it – well, you know the reaction.

    There was a small diner near Glen Burnie MD called The Honeybee that this reminds me of. I was introduced to it by colleagues when I first worked in that area. Always open and they specialized in breakfast. Really good too; amazing hash browns and eggs and omelets, the coffee was always fresh and well made, and it wasn’t particularly expensive. As long as it’s clean and well staffed, there’s no reason a business like this can’t be successful.

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