Cannon Fodder

An archaic term, in general; according to the wildly variable and sometimes suspect Wikipedia, it is a term taken from an even more archaic term for food for livestock. “Soldiers are the metaphorical food for enemy cannon fire.” Wikipedia defines the expression further as, “…an informal, derogatory term for combatants who are regarded … as expendable in the face of enemy fire … or to distinguish expendable low-grade or inexperienced combatants from supposedly more valuable veterans.”

Expendable is the operative word, and expendable without much regret on the part of the credentialed elite – the political, social or military elite – because the expected goal is considered worth the sacrifice, especially if the sacrifice is borne by others. Reading this week about the sexual violence reported – reluctantly in many cases by German media – as being perpetrated on a grand scale by recent Middle Eastern migrants masquerading as war refugees on women in German cities on this last New Years Eve gave me a sickening new understanding of the concept.

Indeed – here we have a transcendently generous, philanthropic goal; to provide sanctuary for the poor innocent refugee from wars’ alarms and horrors. It is a worthy goal, by the way – when genuine refugees are considered, and those providing sanctuary are quite firmly realistic about the situation and limitations. But authorities in Europe who made a great, enthusiastic show regarding welcoming Middle Eastern refugees all through last year now must accept – and accept they must, however reluctantly – that they have made their own women into sexual cannon fodder. They have enabled molestation, gang rape, robbery and massive harassment in their own streets … all so that the ruling elite might bask in the glow of their own self-righteousness. Well, done, Angela Merkel and the mayor of Cologne, and those media outlets who refused to make mention of the various incidents, which now appear to have been happening for months on a smaller scale.

However, Ms Merkel and the German ruling elite are hardly alone in selling out their citizenry to sexual and criminal exploitation for fear of being termed racist. Social workers and police looked the other way for decades in Rotherham, England … and our own very dear establishment media organs in the United States have downplayed criminal offences perpetuated by illegal aliens for years.
Cannon fodder, indeed. Discuss.

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  1. Merkel, and probably also the mayor of Cologne, have extensive security for themselves and their families, so don’t need to worry all that much about encountering *personal* harm as a result of their policies. This is not the case, though, for thousands of individuals in the media, academia, etc who share the views of Merkel & the mayor…these are at risk (at least the female ones) every bit as much as a random fraulein who works in a retail store downtown. Have they made a brave personal decision to risk their safety for their convictions…or do they just not really believe the risks are real?

    “He jests at scars who never felt a wound”

  2. I might find some forgiveness for them if this was new and unexpected. It’s not, and there’s increasing evidence muslim crime has been denied and covered up and excused and hidden for a long time, all across Europe. Whistleblowers will be punished. Complainants will be villified, arrested, silenced and put under water cannon if they try to organize protests. Cannon fodder indeed.

    The Left is the same all across the West. Same goals, same techniques, same playbook. This is about power and money and privilege for themselves and their party. Muslims vote Left and are a fast reproducing demographic. They bring them in ostensibly as refugees. Their real purpose is to cement the Left in power for generations. If they destroy Western Culture in the process too bad for the Europeans or Americans under assault. You don’t matter. As the Leftist SJW’s like to say, ‘Sit down and let us abolish you.’

  3. I think the most sickening thing about Rotherham was that it appears to mostly have been (but not quite all) girls who were in care, from rather disadvantaged or troubled family circumstances … and because of that, the responsible social workers, and police forces all looked the other way, or made pious noises about not wanting to be accused of being raaaaacist. Talk about class snobbery. Just poor, working-class white trash, NOKD.
    No, Angela Merkel and her class likely will be sheltered from the hell that they have created and covered-up. Just as the ruling class in the US is sheltered from the fallout caused by rampant illegal immigration in working-class neighborhoods.

  4. David Foster – The October stabbing of Cologne’s current mayor says you need to find a different line of argument. The conservatives have a natural advantage over the liberals because we hew closer to the objective truth on the ground. That’s something we need to guard jealously.

    For the people of Cologne, first the October assassination attempt which wounded 5, including Cologne’s mayor-to-be, has got to be in the unspoken background to their reaction but the guy’s largely been made an unperson. I can find the unabomber manifesto floating around easily but Frank S. seems to have fallen into a black hole, with most coverage not even mentioning his name. Authorities claim he acted alone.

  5. Der Spiegel recently had a long report/editorial by a group of authors. Seemed to me that it indicated at least some serious wrestling with how to balance care for refugees, worry about social chaos caused by assimilation, recognition of significant implications of foundational differences in views on woman as human vs Islam viewing woman as property, acknowledgement of politicos having an agenda other than the interest of the people, and more concerns.

    I still don’t see how Germany’s or Europe’s or USA’s culture can accomplish the mental framing of a balance. There exist some realities that none of those cultures have a paradigm to describe much less face (eg, that not all worldviews are equally valid). In the meantime, absent a consensus, the clock will tick while some who know what they want aggressively pursue that want. Which means I expect that some one or several of the concerns will get completely sacrificed in order to advance some one or other of the concerns. The question is not whether, but which.

  6. If we’re cannon fodder and our women are rape bait [the actual Islamic position] then that means the elites who did this and camouflage the problem through the media…

    The Elites are at war through proxy barbarians with their own peoples.

    Which they are.

    This is nothing new in history.

    So if we’re at War with our own elites and their owned governments what is there to “discuss” Sergeant?

    My Oath has not expired.

    The orders to defend our own nations, people, survival aren’t coming from the people committing genocide through barbarian proxies.

    Does the Oath expire? Discuss.
    Do we wait for those orders? Discuss.

    Just soldierly candor. This is the discussion we need to have, not bewailing our fate. Ahem.

    Do have a pleasant evening.

  7. TML…so, perhaps her personal fear of people who are opposed to unlimited immigration was increased by the stabbing, firming up her alignment with the strongly pro-immigration mindset?

  8. With deepest regards Sgt. Mom,

    The latter.

    Taking jobs, importing afterwards legions of criminals since 2014 was trodding over the line.

    Importing terrorists further over vanishing line. US as well as Europe.

    Importing mass rape erases said line; for some reason they want slow genocide to be degrading as well. Rather a signature for the modern “Left”.

    In professional courtesy and warmest personal regards,
    Sweet 2016, etc.


  9. The political and economic elites in Europe, and the US, hate their lower classes with a passion and fury that they cannot muster for any foreign enemies.

    In both the EU and the US immigration policies are intended to replace the working class with foreigners who will be more pliant and respectful. Social discord between immigrants and natives is a plus for the elites because it will prevent the groups from uniting to destroy their real enemy. Call it a little bit of the old school divide et impera.

  10. From the discussion at INSTAPUNDIT of Wretchard’s post at BELMONT CLUB that Michael Kennedy also posted about here, a combination of two comments:

    “I’m not trapped in here with you, enemies of western civilization. You’re trapped in here with me. And a lot of people like me, whose patience has come close to an end.”

    “Leftists should fear this fact:

    More and more people are asking themselves whether it is possible or reasonable to regard Leftists as fellow Americans, or whether it is wiser to see them as malevolent persons with whom it is impossible to live in peace and amity.

    Even supposedly “moderate” Progressives have taken off the mask to reveal the thug within. So why would any sane person regard them as anything better than existential enemies

    We are approaching a historical cusp, on both sides of the Atlantic.

  11. I agree. The mask is coming off. My friends in England are self segregating. A lot of people are moving to red states. I keep edging toward Arizona and only my children and grandchildren keep me in deep blue California where gas is $3.09 and illegals are the majority of LA.

  12. The European peoples never rebelled against socialism, fascism, nazism, or communism. They have no desire to be free or have limited government. Nothing will happen, nothing will done.

  13. Anything the people do, here or in Europe, to oppose their betters is evidence that the bitter, right-wing clingers need an iron fist to control them, and who better to control them than the righteous elite now in power?

  14. “So-what is to be Done?” Let us start with gestures. Hang Tony Blair, confine Mrs Merkel to a nunnery, and hand the European Commissioners over to ISIS.

    Then the work can begin.

  15. Eris guy,

    The Americans aren’t European they’re American.

    And Eris? even taking your baseline assumption as some immutable law of gravity – the trick is to make it -isms that work FOR THEM.

    That is what LePen, Trump have done.

    Nationalism in Power by any and preferably all means is the price of survival. The price of Nationalism being elected is socialism so pay it.

    What does anyone think FDR was? He was socialistic but also very patriotic and nationalist. It works.

    The enemy isn’t an -ism. The enemy is blind all consuming fury against western civilization. The enemy are Jacobins.

    The Jacobins were and are Social Justice Warriors who rarely killed but usually got criminals and riff raff to do it for money. St. Just and Robespierre possibly Danton never personally killed. Or fought.

    Its the same animal with rabid hatred of White Christian Europeans thrown in.

    Just fight Eris. Never mind why and don’t worry about being alone. You won’t be as soon as you stand and fight.

    Fight or Die. may as well die fighting.

  16. Not European, but American … most definitely.
    There was a story on the American side of the Daily Mail a couple of weeks or months ago — which I can’t find in their archive to refresh my memory, but it was about sexual predators making moves on and grooming teenaged and vulnerable girls in – the Dakotas? Nebraska, Montana, even? A northern-tier, western state, anyway … because the predators figured on people there being naive and trusting, and they would have an easy time. But no; local law enforcement landed on them like a ton of bricks. The story mentioned a mother of a teenage girl who wasn’t targeted, but told her mom about girls in her high school who were being trafficked at a certain address in the neighborhood. Mom did her own stakeout of that house, gathered information, notes, pictures, license numbers … and then took her finding to the local PD, who broke up the ring.

    The difference between residents and PD of that particular town, and the officials in Rotherham was rather … stark.

  17. “The difference between residents and PD of that particular town, and the officials in Rotherham was rather … stark.”

    I’m not sure if that would be true of deep blue states and cities.

    Red states and cities would probably shoot them first. I would.

    I don’t think it was coincidence that the train attack was stopped by young Americans.

  18. I’m not sure if that would be true of deep blue states and cities.

    I agree, especially Progressive cities. No one would care.

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