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  • Interview with Oleg Atbashian of The People’s Cube

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on January 16th, 2016 (All posts by )

    “The Leftists claim the moral high ground, but the morality is the only ground on which they can be defeated. We can attack the political figures all we want, but they will be replaced by different ones of exactly the same kind.”

    “The reason why this socialist system is immoral is because equality can only be enforced one way (points down). You cannot elevate people to make them equal because people are all born different, but you can always bring them down to the lowest common denominator. That’s what they eventually wind up doing, regardless of their claims to the contrary”

    Catherine Engelbrecht, the woman conducting this interview, was targeted by the Obama administration for her work with the King Street Patriots and True the Vote:

    Then other agencies began to show up at their business, including the BATF, and OSHA, who found no violations but their visits eventually resulted in fines upward of 20K. Engelbrecht said there was no real apparent reason for the inquiries and visits made by the agencies.

    Meanwhile, the IRS continued its intrusive demands, including inquiries into every Facebook or Twitter posting Engelbrecht had ever made, her political aspirations, places she had spoken or intended to speak, the content of her remarks, and other abusive questions. It didn’t take long before Englebrecht decided that the statistical probability of her requests for tax-exempt status and the tyrannical actions of government agencies being unconnected was slim to none, and she decided to act.

    After the second visit of the BATF, Engelbrecht called her attorney, asking, “Who do we sue, and how do we do it?” Lawsuits were filed against the IRS on several counts, including one to compel the agency to either grant the tax-exempt status, or refuse the request. In December 2013, the status was granted, but portions of the lawsuits have not yet been resolved.

    Engelbrecht told us that she has copies of a letter from Obama’s general counsel demanding investigation of any organization claiming to be involved with election integrity, and another specifically targeting True the Vote, designating it as a threat to the administration.

    Your tax dollars at work: The IRS Targeting of Catherine Engelbrecht. The Progressive movement increasingly resembles and adopts the tactics of the Communist Party.

    Further reading: Laughing at the Contradictions of Socialism in America


    11 Responses to “Interview with Oleg Atbashian of The People’s Cube”

    1. Grurray Says:

      Hilarious. It reminds me of the question that has been stumping Hillary and other Democrats about what is the difference between Democrats and Socialists.

    2. melanerpes Says:

      Atbashian addresses “New York values” starting at about 9:00 minutes in.

    3. PenGun Says:

      Narrower and narrower. Heads up, that is a corner you are painting yourselves into. You will have to walk on the paint to get out. ;)

    4. Mr Black Says:

      If Trump turns out to be an authoritarian President it might do the country a world of good. Let him crush the left for 8 years and they might find reasons to return to the constitution as written, not as interpreted.

    5. GFV Says:

      The Peoples Cube has been one of my bookmarks for many years. It is superbly written with outstanding graphics and visuals support. If you have never been there go and enjoy. Better then The Onion.

    6. vxxc2014 Says:

      Petitions. Lawsuits. Cries for Justice.

      Oh Orphan Child Oliver can you not learn when you ask for more they simply put more shit in your bowl and force you to eat it?

    7. vxxc2014 Says:

      One might wonder if Pen Gun the Jacobin in his garret is allowed here to simply stir up anger.

      Peaceful Men and Women would delete his maniacal cackles.

      Pen Gun is no Murat. He would however have been among Murat’s syphilitic, degraded, sore ridden beggars. In India they’ve solved this – they created a class called “Untouchables.” The original ones were of course what we now call Leftists. If you know anything about the Hindu actual ruling and sub-ruling classes like the Rajput’s you realize how practical they’ve been since at least defeating Alexander’s invasions. Surely the original Untouchables must have been the family tragedies, just as the Social Justice Warriors and Stinking Hippies/Occupiers are now.

      I offer this potential solution for those less resolute than others. They want to be the family tragedy that ruins every holiday with spoil the meal talking points? Let us make a separate class of them utterly: Untouchables. We need the word Left back in any case. It’s a cardinal direction and they’ve had it long enough.

    8. vxxc2014 Says:

      For Future reference.

    9. PenGun Says:

      “I offer this potential solution for those less resolute than others. They want to be the family tragedy that ruins every holiday with spoil the meal talking points?”

      We are still stuck on your sensibilities. That’s several threads ago now.

    10. ErisGuy Says:

      While I believe the vision of the Founding Fathers as embodied in the Constitution is the best solution for government and society, that vision has been proved inadequate. No one voluntarily rise each morning to believe in ideas whose time has passed. (Why this should be, I don’t know.)

      The Founding Fathers, following the Enlightenment, purged religion from politics, counting on natural desires for power to keep the three branches jealous of each other’s authority. Instead, that has not happened. Pseudo-religion, ideology, has united the branches in a shared goal which prevents the institutional rivalries from respecting Constitutional limits on governmental power (whether expressed in the Constitution itself or in its amendments).

      A Democrat President, Justice, Senator, Representative, or regulator no more cares if a Democrat violates peoples’ rights, abuses official powers, or exceeds authority to act tyrannical because as a Democrat, each is a small part of the winning mob. These people will not tomorrow, suddenly rise from their beds to admit everything in which they believe is harmful and false, then voluntarily swear full and faithful fealty to the original intent of the Founders.

      Anyone attempting to preserve the old system will lose. That system has lost its cache, its charisma, its sense of utility and necessity, its naturalness. It can be replaced, but not restored.

    11. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      >>Anyone attempting to preserve the old system will lose. That system has lost its cache, its charisma, its sense of utility and necessity, its naturalness. It can be replaced, but not restored.

      I assume you’ve seen this? Glenn Reynolds: Blow up the administrative state

      Evolution is generally preferable to revolution, but if a system cannot be made right it must be removed. I’d like to see a lot more movement towards a Constitutional convention. I think that would be a healthy thing.