5 thoughts on ““Seth Barrett Tillman’s Recommended Irish, British, and other European Blogs (and other publications)””

  1. I once heard Daniel Hannan remark that Europeans have a cultural history of taking orders from a centralized elite and accepting whatever they impose with a shrug. Americans have not yet reached that point, and that creates endless misunderstanding from the European point of view.

  2. I was reading about the Rhodes statue controversy on Breitbart London. They were also live blogging the parliamentary debate to ban Trump from the UK. Very funny. I don’t really pay much attention to the American Breitbarts, but the London dispatch is entertaining.

  3. And yet Europeans, particularly those who have worked for American corporations, tend to view Americans as conformists who are prone to be supine in taking orders from a centralized elite.

  4. Dearie, I suspect that may be an exposure to one small subset. My experience was limited to working as an engineer and everyone I knew was getting out of engineering. They were going to law school , medical school or getting an MBA. That was 1959. I worked for Sears for a while in college as I was on a Sears scholarship and saw some pretty stupid behavior but that was also in the late 50s.

    Doctors now are getting the full employee of a faceless corporation experience and most of the ones I have heard from hate their jobs. Those are almost all GPs but American Medicine has changed quickly with Obamacare. The NHS isn’t doing too well either with half emigrating and half on strike.

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