Cologne Tapes Erased?

German admin ordered CCTV of Cologne attack erased

Anchor: It is difficult to imagine that in front of the main train station in Cologne there wouldn’t be any TV cameras. While for the most petty crimes we often have recordings, here there is nothing.

Dr Zoltaniki: Police officers claim that data from their protocols was deleted. Yes, by their superiors.

It seems our politicians and Europe’s are on the same page, at least when it comes to destroying evidence.

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  1. The future is here. Use your imagination. WRT to the controllers and modern technology (of every sort), ask one question: “What would Stalin do?”

  2. How about in Philadelphia where after the police officer was shot by a Muslim terrorist, the mayor stood in front of a press conference saying it had nothing to do with Islam. That was even after the shooter said that was his prime motivation. Last week the city council voted to recognize Muslim holy days as city holidays.

  3. This must mean that the footage would have angered people who watched it. If it was just some impersonal headshots of suspects there is not much to conceal, I suspect it showed terrified women being gang-molested in graphic details that would generate fury against the attackers – and the government.

  4. Mr Black Says:
    January 28th, 2016 at 1:17 am

    Not only anger [and that is a matter of delaying, not defusing] but it also will make it impossible to locate, arrest, and prosecute any of the assailants. Which is government policy.

    Watch the upcoming Fasching or Karnival in a week or so. It is roughly equivalent to our Mardi Gras as far as a street party. Another wave of rapes, sexual assaults, and robberies; and we will see if there is any German manhood left. I am pretty sure there isn’t.

    As far as the German government is concerned, so long as the Allerhöchstereliten are not troubled, and all the casualties are the common folk; there is no reason for concern.

    Just in passing, the entire German Army has 3 active divisions. There are about 25 divisions of Refug-jihadi’s in Germany now [mostly military age males with very few women and children], and several more divisions arriving each month.

  5. Eh. Europeans behaving like Europeans. It’s not as if the EU’s socialist predecessors (the national socialists and international socialists) didn’t rewrite the past whenever convenient.

  6. I suspect it showed terrified women being gang-molested in graphic details that would generate fury against the attackers – and the government

    The quality of the videos would be impressive if it could show that. Most likely the scene was a lot of blurry, dimly-lit figures and would require lots of interpretation to tell what was happening.

  7. There are about 25 divisions of Refug-jihadi’s in Germany now [mostly military age males with very few women and children], and several more divisions arriving each month.

    One side has the ability to organize quickly and to assemble an effective fighting force; is motivated to extreme deeds; and has fortresses full of armaments distributed throughout the nation’s cities. The other side is Germans.

  8. I wouldn’t be so sanguine about the refujihadis prospects. The Germans have a history of swinging from extreme pacifism to extreme militarism. It’s still home field advantage for them. In 20 years, not so much. But for now they can nip this in the bud; though not painlessly nor prettily. We should just keep our mouths shut.

  9. I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about the “ultra-right” parties coming to power in Europe, neocons.
    By and large they are anti-American as well as anti-Islam. They blame US policy for bringing havoc to the Mideast and causing the immigrant crisis.
    They say the US should take the bulk of the refugees for its problems.
    They want a foreign policy which does not assist US interventionism in any way.
    And they understand who dominates US Mideast policy.

  10. I see we have another troll. Imagine a lefty calling us neocons, the ultimate leftist insult for conservatives and libertarians.

  11. Amspirnational – The fundamental danger in Europe is that there’s been a cross-party effort to keep certain topics out of bounds and that effort has been poisoning EU politics for decades. I have no illusions about the merits of who is coming but without telling the truth, the EU will just get worse and worse. Any parties with reasonable policies either sign up for the consensus position of not talking about immigration issues and national culture or they get driven out. All that is left is a collection of unreasonable parties.

  12. From our cousin Samizdata across the pond “…for goodness sake do NOT then go to the police and tell them how you did it!

    So the only reason you did not get raped was that you used pepper spray on this violent thug? Don’t you know pepper spray is illegal?

    It is far better in the eyes of the state for you to be raped than have effective means to defend yourself. Seriously, do you think the Boys-in-Blue are there to protect you? If you do think that, then let me disabuse you of that notion: they are there to maintain the power and privileges of the state and any time their actions coincide with your interests (such as catching a violent criminal), that is serendipity rather than design.”

  13. TMLUcas

    The poisoning has been done to appease and as a result of the effects of submission to American imperialism in service to
    capitalism and Israel, the latter of course not taking in any refugees but happy to see Traditional Europe beseiged.

  14. Sweeping explosive subjects under the rug defuses nothing.

    Amspirational wTF – Israel doesn’t control our Foreign Policy or our domestic policy.

    Or our Jews. Or Europe’s Jews.

    Israel does get the blame for their Open border politics which is an error against Israel, as well as an error for the diaspora in Europe and America.

    For reasons that are historical and frankly irrational they do tend to support open borders very strongly, probably thinking of past or future diasporas.

    This is irrational and very dangerous. Mass migration – the Left’s actual policy – is a genocidal civilizational killer. That it’s correctly perceived exactly as that is simply self preservation.

    That the Left wants to kill our civilization is also correct.

    Nothing is advanced anymore by yelling racist Chi-Boyz. The Truth comes out when people feel their backs against the wall and we do.

  15. There’s a great deal of Anti-Israeli talk that’s actually pointed at Jews in the nations it’s uttered.

    Some of this is irrational Anti-Semitism.

    Some of it’s not quite irrational.

    PC corrects nothing however. It does however add rage to legitimate questions making them more explosive.

  16. The poisoning has been done to appease and as a result of the effects of submission to American imperialism in service to
    capitalism and Israel, the latter of course not taking in any refugees but happy to see Traditional Europe beseiged.

    Yeah, Americans should beware capitalism and American imperialism. Idiot.

    Israel of course has taken in more refugees as a percentage of its population than probably any other country. Of course most of those refugees were Jews who weren’t wanted elsewhere and wanted to become Israeli. Maybe the Euros could learn something from the Israeli experience.

  17. It’s amazing how some people blame Jews and Israel for everything they don’t like in the world. Apparently, they think Netanyahu is staying up late thinking up ways to inundate Europe with Muslims, and this explains the whole problem. The possibility that this is a disaster that the nominally Christian, Israel-hating ruling elites of Europe have gratuitously inflicted on their own populations, without intervention from a small beleaguered country on the other side of the Mediterranean, does not occur to them. It’s so much more fun to blame the Jews.

  18. “It’s amazing how some people blame Jews and Israel for everything they don’t like”

    Most of this is envy at a population with a higher IQ on average. The Koreans are hated by blacks in Los Angeles. The Asians are coming in for a lot of discrimination but don’t seem to have realized it yet,

    A lot of black anti-Semitism comes from a time when Jews operated small stores in black neighborhoods. I first heard of anti-Semitism from my black nursemaid who was otherwise a wonderful woman.

    The Chinese are hated in Indonesia and the Indians in east Africa. It’s not just Jews.

  19. >> The Chinese are hated in Indonesia and the Indians in east Africa. It’s not just Jews.

    That also explains a lot of anti-Americanism. Americans were the world’s high performing ‘minority group’ for most of the 20th century. The Russians played on that and stirred the pot of envy with a constant refrain that ‘The Americans are rich because they’re stealing it from you!’ The Russians are still pedaling that.

    Amy Chua wrote a good book on the subject of high performing minority groups about ten years ago. You can watch the Brian Lamb interview with her on BookTV: Book Discussion on World on Fire. It is an insightful book and this was an interesting interview.

  20. Sorry, I don’t agree with Mike K that the proclivity of some people to hate Jews and Israel has anything to do with Jews reputation for being “smarter.” I don’t think the average Israeli Jew is significantly smarter than the average European. For the far right, it has to do with (1) 2000 years of demonization of Jews and (2) the Jews’ idiotic proclivity for associating themselves with the anti-national Left (even though the Left hates them, too).

  21. What is Amy Chua’s opinion of native Americans and in particular the American majority?

    It’s not very nice.

    Why don’t you just refer to Anil Dash while you’re at it?

    Amy Chua is a user and taker of the people who unwisely took her in. Like so many Asians now she arrives off the boat a Commissar.

    This is because among other mistakes [like letting her in] she wasn’t subjected to the Hat held in hand supplication of Immigration prior to 1965.


    well then.

    This conversation has happened before many, many times. Certainly the warning from friends probably fell on deaf and indeed righteous ears in the past.

    Sometimes the Old Ways are best. They also seem to be unavoidable.

    Like I said we can’t and won’t live like this as should be clear enough. Seems it will come to the terrible best practices of the past. Too bad.

    No sophistry will save anyone.

  22. Vxxc2014, I have no idea what it is you’re trying to say. You have a tendency to write in clipped jargon which is meaningful to you but is a mystery to rest of us.

    For what I think I can answer on her opinion of America, it seems rather high. Her family were immigrants from the Philippines and were penniless on arrival. Her father is an academic EE and attended MIT to get a PhD. They lived poor and worked hard in Boston. She now has a PhD from Harvard and her sister is an MD.

    You should watch the interview, it’s interesting.

  23. I read Triple Package by Amy Chua, and it was great. Her thesis is that a few ethnic groups share certain cultural characteristics that result in them excelling in America. It’s an important theory to consider in the current immigration debate. Immigrants are and have always been important in building this country, but not necessarily all of them.

  24. Mr. Hiteshaw,

    The points I made will sink in later.

    To clarify however:

    Amy Chua has come to America and taken advantage of us, also insulted us. I’m quite familiar with her work. Her chief work is she married well. She conformed well as Asians are prone to do. She is popular with Progressives as well as those who wish to present credentials as ability.

    She doesn’t think much of the natives or the native majority in America. Some of this is our fault. We made the novices error of being too open and welcoming to strangers.

    She’s also made a mistake. If she wants to overlord over the natives she can return home.

    There is almost no ethnic group in America that doesn’t have higher percentages of excellence upon arrival on our shores.
    This is because of our tremendous system of allowing people to live up to their potential

    However most people are average and will not excel, this is normal.

    The average person in America suffers now because they are preyed on by their elites.

    Although calling them “American” elites is as the late William F. Buckley would say is “problematic”.

    For instance we can refer to Ms. Chua as “elite.” We can’t refer to her as American except by the grossest distortion.

    To be even more blunt Mr. Hiteshaw she and the rest of them can shat on us [the ethnic majority – White Americans Mr. Hiteshaw] for a little while more. Probably a year. 2 years is unlikely. We can’t live like this anymore [we being Americans, and no she’s not] and all indications are we won’t live like this anymore.

    The other points made will sink in later but to clarify for those who require more clarity…the pages of Chicago Boyz are read by many more than comment and are being used as a vehicle to convey messages.

    Warnings in fact.

    The Warning is it’s over.

    The warned know what to do.

    I myself am reasonable if approached so, others are not so burdened.


  25. Grurray Says:
    January 31st, 2016 at 12:43 pm
    I read Triple Package by Amy Chua, and it was great.

    Yes, I read World on Fire after seeing this interview back when it originally aired. Very good book.

  26. Vxxc2014, You may have valid points, I don’t know, I haven’t read everything she’s written or heard everything she’s said.

    What I can tell you is the book sets to understand and document why ethnic minorities seem to control large sectors of the economy and wield political power all across the globe. She discusses, for example, how ethnic Chinese and Japanese hold that position in much of Asia and the Pacific Islands and how much resentment that creates in those societies. The World on Fire part relates to how those societies have increasingly risen up to kill and drive out those minorities as has happened in Indonesia against the Chinese, for example.

    She also makes the case that anti-Americanism is a version of that. Being only 5% of the world’s population, they control an enormous number of the world’s financial institutions, control many of it’s major corporations, have a world dominant culture, seem almost invincible militarily, and live in a way most only dream about. This creates a lot of resentment, Why does this small group of people seem to control the world? She also blames Hollywood and the media for promoting false images of life in the United States, and these are often the only things that others see or know: glamorous models, Hollywood celebrities, indolent lifestyles. She points out that most Americans don’t live like that and are hard working people.

    Again, you seem to have things you want to say, and that may be perfectly valid, but you can’t be bothered to write them out.

  27. “She points out that most Americans don’t live like that ”

    Yes, half of why Muslims hate us is Hollywood. The other half is, of course, the Quran and the weird society that it creates a thousand years after that society became obsolete.

    I don’t think observant Muslims can coexist with us anymore than practicing cannibals can.

  28. Jews, East Indians in Africa, and Chinese in SE Asia are all examples of “market-dominant minorities” (MDMs).

    MDMs outcompete locals in business. They are better at handling money, and often become creditors.

    Nobody like creditors. So MDMs become resented scapegoats.

    This has little or nothing to do with anti-Americanism. The irritating contact with MDMs is personal and local. Americans don’t participate in local economies; they don’t form an ethnic group.

  29. Amy Chua makes the point that Americans are not an ethnic group but hold a position like an MDM on a global scale. Hence the resentment. Don’t worry though, our political class, academia and the MSM are actively working to destroy that position. Those groups are deeply anti-American.

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