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    Posted by Jonathan on August 10th, 2007 (All posts by )


    Chicagoboyz are color-coordinated.



    11 Responses to “Photo”

    1. Dan from Madison Says:

      Hey, you upgraded your vehicle! Glad to see it.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      And I got a great deal! Want a dog?

    3. Tatyana Says:

      I do.

    4. Lexington Green Says:

      You need a striking brunette in a black cocktail dress, either instead of or in addition to the dog.

    5. Jonathan Says:

      Tat, you will have to retrain him. He insists on being driven everywhere.

    6. Jack Coupal Says:

      When – if – he snarls, the color contast should deter the baddies.

      If you have kept up his dental work.

    7. Tatyana Says:

      Jon: no problem. Dogs are retrainable, unlike men.
      Lex: I’m already 3/4-qualified.

    8. Lexington Green Says:

      Tat, in that case, I suppose that means the car and the dog are rightfully yours.

    9. Jonathan Says:

      Dogs are retrainable, unlike men.


    10. Tatyana Says:

      Lex: I don’t drive. So it’s one or the other.

    11. subadei Says:

      I can’t see the front of the car but I’m guessing…. M3? Maybe a Volvo…