12 thoughts on “What? <photo>”

  1. I like the misplaced question mark, since that makes the message read as follows:

    Who is?
    Ron Paul

    The meaning of that message is not certain, but one interpretation is that some one named Ron Paul is asking, “Who is?”

    Or, possibly, the message should be read:

    Who is ?
    Ron Paul

    In which case someone named Ron Paul is asking who blank is. That’s sort of grammatical, but still puzzling.

  2. Academics look for errors in writing (it is punctuation and not grammar error you refer to). But clearly the person putting up this “message” was–pardon the word–liberal in his work and wanted enough space for the name so put the question mark at the top, assuming the message more important than a quibble over placement of punctuation mark.

  3. Dan–that is what I had in my unstable mind and you said it for me, for which, thanks…it is always tough to be an artist and have to work quickly lest the cops catch you defacing property…ah, the risks of art!

  4. Well, this seam is pretty well mined out. Unless Ru-Paul came home in he early hours and found a name and phone number scribbled on a piece of paper (would have been a matchbook in the old days) and says, “Who is Ron, Paul?”

    “What are you suggesting, Ru-Paul?”

    “That boy Ah Doo-Ron-Ron-Ron, A Doo-Ron-Ron, Paul?”

    “I swear, Ru-Paul! I tol’ him to ron-ron-ron-run-ron-away!”

    But the guy with the car didn’t have space for the whole message. He didn’t even have space for the question mark. He needs a bigger car.

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