The Art of the Remake, XVIII

Remember the standard:
“If you are going to cover a song, rip it apart a bit and make it your own.”
Changes, by David Bowie:

And a remake by Lewis and Clarke:

I saw this one while perusing Jeff Carter’s excellent blog, Points and Figures, which you should take a look at every day. It particularly struck me today as I am going through some big changes in my life right now. Some good, some bad, but in the end, as my daughter keeps telling me, “everything will be just fine”.

3 thoughts on “The Art of the Remake, XVIII”

  1. Amazing the things you can get done in a canoe. Nice remake. The Ziggy Stardust thing always made me a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps buckskins will draw a wider audience.

  2. I found an item for PenGun, who has been absent for the discussion for a few days.

    I ws looking or the story of an English officer who, during the 1920s, became a Buddhist priest and walked from India to Burma.

    It seems there are two Major Fletchers who became Buddhist priests.

    The one I had in mind was named Frederick Fletcher and is mentioned in this book.

    Neville Shute wrote a fictional version of him in one of his books.

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