“Louise Arbour Welcomes You To Administrative Unit 34B”

From Seth Barrett Tillman’s new post about western cultural confidence (and the lack thereof):

Our administrative unit’s official motto is: Health, Fairness, Environment, Culture. So it should not surprise you that we chose you among other applicants seeking to immigrate to our (now your) prefecture because you have (as far as we can discover) no strongly held views, on anything. We believe that (former) outsiders like you from distant regions add to our ever-growing cultural diversity, but we seek to do so in a way that guarantees our social cohesion.
In the event that you violate a minor domestic regulation (i.e., under Schedule 1 and its annex) and you are under 18, you will be assigned community service and ordered to apologize to any victims of your wrongdoing (should they remain alive). If you violate a major domestic regulation (i.e., under Schedule 2 and its annex) and you are over 18, you will be sent down for correction, but we cannot send you back to your former prefecture, as it is in political disarray and your human rights may be threatened by your return there. Your statutory right to residence vests after 60 days; your statutory right to vote in municipal elections vests after 6 months; your statutory right to vote in prefecture-wide elections and for an inter-prefecture delegate vests after 1 year…

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on ““Louise Arbour Welcomes You To Administrative Unit 34B””

  1. Weirdly, while I did not see the debate, I did read about it in the Spectator. Mark Steyn was given the credit for changing the most opinions based on pre and post debate voting.

    I also agree that many Progressives see themselves in the role of kindergarten teacher. You sit here, and you sit there, and we’ll get out the paints and then we’ll have lunch! It doesn’t occur to them little Mohammed and Fareed intend to cut her head off as soon as they are able. That assigning someone to a classroom and group doesn’t put in them in sync with your culture or values or goals. Especially when the school declares that it is post western civilizational and any culture you want to bring in and practice is fine with them.

  2. Youtube should be full now with Steyn closing arguments where he takes Simon and Louise to task for their rape apologies. Read Steyn’s latest at his website where he takes other columnists to task for their continued rape denialism. There’s simply no excuse for Steyn’s critics to be ignorant of what happened in Cologne. These morons are now willfully blind and because they have a soapbox, they are pushing lies as truth to their readers.

    What was depressing about that debate was the opening poll of the audience – 75% came in opposing Steyn and Farage. Good for Steyn for shifting the audience but, IIRC, that still left 55% disagreeing with Steyn.

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