Call for (Ex) Jurors

I invite anyone who has either served on a jury, performed jury duty without being selected or is simply interested in juries to contribute to the discussion forums at I need to generate a critical mass of discussions to get the site going, and it’s been difficult. If you can contribute your stories or opinions I would much appreciate it, and even if you’d rather not participate yourself it would help me a lot if you could spread the word. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Call for (Ex) Jurors”

  1. Several years ago in Maryland I was called to jury duty in Baltimore on a case of drug dealing (coke) by a fellow named Elvis Gray. He defended himself, and selected me from a line-up of potential jurors with the only voire dire being a printed questionnaire by the court – did I have any relatives who had been prosecuted for a similar crime? He did a piss-poor job of defending himself, although he managed to draw out a 30-minute trial into a two day circus. Which apparently was his intent,a s the judge informed me after trial that the defendant had used every trick in the book to delay his trial again and again. Seems the defendant was simultaneously serving time on drug distribution charges in county jail, and must have seen this as a chance at a vacation, or at least a change of scenery. I had no trouble voting guilty on all three counts, each of which had a 10 year mandatory sentence. I can only wonder if he is still serving them consecutively or concurrently, or if he had to finish his county time first.

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