Chicagoboyz Physical Fitness Series, Part IV

Bicycling is healthful outdoor fun!

To make the most of your bicycling experience, check local forecasts before you go for that long, weekend ride you have been looking forward to. As in sailing, learning to “read the weather” is a crucial skill in bicycling, as many “old bicycling hands” will tell you. The weather-wise bicycler gains poise and confidence and becomes one with his environment, able to handle any situation that arises.

Example 1: “scattered showers”


5 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz Physical Fitness Series, Part IV”

  1. by gum, that looks like louisiana or mississippi; but, uhmm, not as upscale, if you know what i mean…still, check the forecast … because by light shower, they really only mean a twenty to thirty minute torrential downpour… not quite biking weather…but still, only a twenty to thirty minute delay … unless it becomes a tropical storm or a hurricane or monsoon … which they do, sometimes….

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