8 thoughts on “Dream Car”

  1. @Michael – the trouble with those cars is that they tend to own you. You cant exactly leave them at a shopping mall parking lot, or get a burger.

    And, a Rochester FI that gives no trouble?

    Mere puffery, as the lawyers would say.

  2. The best Corvette was the ’63 with the split window fastback. It was such an exciting update. It ushered in the “Sixties” just as much as any other cultural change.

  3. I looked at that corvette and then at a 55 corvette, which a friend had when I was in college. I found a few restored 55 corvettes and they were each about $165,000.

    In the mid 1970s, A BMW dealer here had a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster for $6,000. I was thinking about buying it because it was in good shape and I had another friend who had one when we lived in adjacent apartments in college. Then another friend had a restored 300SL he was trying to sell for $19,000 when he was going through a divorce.

    Naturally, I did not buy either of them. I looked at prices a couple of years ago. Yikes !

  4. @Grurray – I agree! For some reason I remember in ’63 riding in the back of a station wagon – seeing a new Corvette behind us and asking the the driver to flip up his headlights – which he did.

    Can you believe in 1964 with the change of the window to one piece many 63 owners were cutting up the center post and putting in the “new” window?

    @Mike K – if you want to laugh look at a late 60s Road and Track in the back at the classifieds.

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