I suppose that the most horrifying aspect of the Trump rally in San Jose last week was not that there were obnoxious and semi-coherent protesters outside the event, or even that they became violently abusive to those attending the Trump rally. It was that the San Jose PD, and the civil administration appear to have at best sat back and watched ordinary citizens be chased down and physically abused – and at the very worst, facilitated, enabled and afterwards blandly excused such attacks. The civil government of the city of San Jose apparently decided that it was okeydokey for the agents of law and order in San Jose to sit back and allow law-abiding citizens exercising their rights in attending a political rally to have the c**p beaten out of them … because they didn’t approve of the particular candidate.

Well, at least those police supposedly keeping public order after the Trump rally didn’t send for popcorn and cheer on the beatings, or participate in the active part of the thumping themselves, so I will give them props for a few lingering shreds of professionalism. But this is not a good thing – it is in fact, the second step on the way to a new civil war, or at least, to Single Party-Ruling Hell. It sends a very clear message, when thugs on one side of a political divide can routinely beat the ever-living-snot out of citizens exercising their right to be politically involved, or at least politically interested, in the face of a massive police presence … and the police just shrug and look away, while the local civil authorities essentially say in response to criticism, “NOKD and they richly deserved it.”

That was the Second Step. The First Step on the downward-leading path to Single Party-Ruling Hell is the routine “othering” of a political element, or a portion of the citizenry, on the part of not just an ambitious political class, but becomes especially noted when the political punditocracy and popular media join in the fun. This process has been going on for some time, but I noticed it particularly with regard to the Tea Party. Earnest, responsible middle-class (for the most part) good citizens, newly engaged in the political process, championing fiscal responsibility, fidelity to the Constitution and free markets … and for all of their efforts and evidence to the contrary, got painted by politicians, the punditocracy and the popular media as dumb, racist, stupid hicks. And this ‘otherizing’ stuck – I have the evidence of my own family to confirm it.

So, this “othering” was accomplished, and has proceeded at a break-neck pace with all the fuss about Black Lives Mattering (but only when they have been killed by a Policeman of Pallor), the academic ruckus about so-called White Privilege (which somehow never seems to accrue usefully to working-class and rural residents of fly-over country who happen to be of a pale or lightly-freckled pallor.) and by the animus poured on … well, non-coastal, red-state conservatives of every class. I had only to look at the comment threads on major news sources when they posted stories about the Bundy Ranch imbroglio, or about the stand-off in Oregon with regard to the Malheur location … as an aside to various liberal commenters on that matter – My god, people – do you comprehend how ugly you sound, when you urge the elimination of rural ranchers and their sympathizers? By whatever means possible?

So, Step One – the “otherizing” of those judged by the righteous and the good to be … beyond the pale. Infra Dig. NOKD (Not our Kind, Darling) They deserve what is coming to them, by the actions of the righteous and just. That has already been concluded, as far as I can see. Step Two – seems to be in train, by the example of San Jose and the Trump rally last week.

Step Three … ah, that is the use of civil law against those previously ‘otherized.’ Really, whichever law can be utilized. Step Three seems to be in the formative stages at this point. The motion in the California legislature to criminalize doubt with regard to global warming. Weaponizing the federal bureaucracy – the EPA, the IRS, ATF – against perceived enemies of the state has already been done, through selective investigation and enforcement of existing laws.

Step Four involves locked boxcars, and distant reeducation camps, and ordinary citizens looking away and murmuring things like, “Oh, too bad … but they had it coming.” And no, we really don’t want to go there, as much as leftists like Bill Ayers and his Weatherman friends fantasized over that very prospect, back in the 60s.

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  1. I can guarantee getting to step 4 will result in a massive rebellion. The lefties will learn who is not on their side and the true reason for the 2nd amendment. Also,if they force it to that point, who will grow, process, and deliver their food to the coastal cities they infest? I could see some hungry times coming quickly as most places do not have more than a 3-4 day supply at most. Their drones in the ghettos/barrios will be in even worse shape.

  2. Violent political scenes are a staple in 3rd World South America. Having imported millions of unassimilated illegals, could we expect them not to practice the only politics they are familiar with?

    The American Left has tired of trying to carry voters with their arguments and are replacing them with a more pliable and reliable group.

  3. Typed ‘Trump San Jose’ into Google
    Google returned ‘They totally deserved it!’ as a search result

  4. Michael Hiteshew Said —

    >>Typed ‘Trump San Jose’ into Google. Google returned ‘They totally deserved it!’

    Google is a Leftist institution.

  5. Sgt. Mom,

    The Left is extremely vulnerable to its own tools being ued against it.

    The GOP base voters have been looking for a candidate who will fight the Left with the Left’s tools “twice as hard” as the Left.

    Hence, TRUMP.

  6. “San Jose police department”….of course, in Weimar, authorities *sometimes* overlooked violence by those of whom they approved, generally the Right…and after the Nazi takeover of power, on Kristallnacht, police were ordered to stand by and do nothing as the arson and looting progressed.

  7. Most significant, I think, is the fact that the route from the rally to the parking structure was changed by the police. They moved barriers to force participants to run a gauntlet of thugs.

    This is evidence of premeditation.

    I’d like to know who. Maybe a lawsuit by one of the injured will smoke out a whistle blower.

  8. Sgt. Mom,

    The San Jose PD _set up_ the Trump supporters to be attacked by leftie thugs, and violated its own procedures in doing so. The same thing happened in Chicago.

    This was planned.

  9. After San Jose, and after the collapse of the “Vichy” French alternative candidate, either the Republicans are going to change the rules of the convention to deny Trump the nomination, or there will be an attempted [hopefully only attempted] assassination of Trump. In the latter case, I suspect it will be a cooperative effort between both wings of the UniParty.

    If they change the rules at the convention, they are going to discover that if #NeverTrump is a valid stand, #NeverVoteRepublican is too.

    And, of course, it could be both. When the State, the elites, and the underclasses conspire against the middle class, things come to a stop right smartly.

    Trent Telenko Says:
    June 11th, 2016 at 10:46 am

    The first resistance to the UniParty was the TEA Party. Polite, middle class, orderly, followed the rules and won by the rules. They were betrayed by the GOPe.

    Trump is the second attempt at resistance. Still follows the rules and wins. Somewhat less polite, and in fact at times downright rude and disrespectful to the GOPe, the Democrats, and their cultural allies. Being betrayed by them as we write and the issue is in doubt. And being subjected to violence with the assistance of the forces of the State.

    I suspect that if a third attempt is necessary; there will be no rules, there will be no mercy, and violence will be two sided and open.

    “Be Thou then Truly Resolved . . . “

    Subotai Bahadur

  10. A couple of weeks ago, Office Depot and Staples were denied the ability to merge because of anti-competitve concerns, even though there is Amazon, Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. Google has 85% or more of the search engine market with no objection from the Justice Dept. at all. Could it be that Google is on the “right” side of politics?

  11. “The San Jose PD _set up_ the Trump supporters to be attacked by leftie thugs, and violated its own procedures in doing so. The same thing happened in Chicago.”

    “>Typed ‘Trump San Jose’ into Google. Google returned ‘They totally deserved it!’”

    These civil authorities/SJPD appear to have no notion of how badly this will reflect on them – nor do the pundits and private commentors holding to “They totally deserved it!”. They are essentially signing up to be the Uniparty’s brownshirts. They’ve already got the uniform shirts, or something close to uniform – when do they mean to start wearing the snazzy Uniparty armbands and put on their jackboots?

  12. “Could it be that Google is on the “right” side of politics?”

    I think Schmidt is snuggled up to Hillary, Inc. and Jeff Bezos bought the WaPo for protection.

    We have a corrupt ruling class and they are not going to let a little thing like Trump and 50 million voters break their rice bowl.

    This may, and probably will, get very nasty by November. I just hope nobody gets killed.

  13. >>These civil authorities/SJPD appear to have no notion of how badly this will
    >>reflect on them – nor do the pundits and private commentors holding to
    >>“They totally deserved it!”. They are essentially signing up to be the
    >>Uniparty’s brownshirts.

    Yes, they have.

    The whole point of the police and media to the left is to disarm and hold in place the victims of the Left’s bully boys.

    Hence, gun control and subversion of the 2nd Amendment.

    The problem here is that the Left (and GOPe come to that) are dealing with the tens of millions strong American gun culture and that culture is not going anywhere.

    The stark difference in outcomes between Waco under Bill Clinton and the Bundy Ranch under Barrack Obama makes that clear the Left does not grasp that the Feds alone cannot play internal security games for the Left, not without strong state and local government support.

    The Left requires the protection of the entire American Federal state right down to the local government level to do its Chicago & San Jose class evil.

    The Left does not understand what happens to them when the middle class withdraws support of the state and stands aside as the American gun culture activates.

    Hint — the Left are not the ones who have bought close to 100 million fire arms in the last 10 years.

  14. “the Left are not the ones who have bought close to 100 million fire arms in the last 10 years.”

    Yes, and I fear they may need a lesson or two before it becomes clear.

    I hope the “Black Lives” movement does not consider itself to be shock troops for this purpose.

    It is appalling to me that in 1956, I could spend most Friday nights in a black owned bar where my best friend and I were the only two white faces.

    We would play bumper pool with the guys there and we got to be very good at bumper pool. They would line up to play us. We won almost every game and would leave after midnight having hardly bought a beer as we were playing for beers. We took some of the guys with us on a our high school graduation beach party at Indiana Dunes State Park.

    I would not dream of doing that now.

    It is so sad that my children, even those who consider themselves leftists, are far more racist than we were. We sometimes told racist jokes but we also told Polish and Irish jokes.

    My children pretty much assume the mental inferiority of blacks while they celebrate the achievements much as Samuel Johnson celebrated the ability of a woman to preach.

    I told him I had been that morning at a meeting of the people called Quakers, where I had heard a woman preach. Johnson: “Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”
    Boswell: Life

    Bill Clinton put it into words in 2008.

  15. The problem as I see it, is that the left is highly organized and has fantasized and war-gamed these scenarios for decades. Individuals like Ayers have engaged in terrorist actions and are unrepentant. They’ve been coddled and represented by elites and continue to work towards anarchy.

    The average well-prepped civilian or even an organized group cannot withstand the legal and personal costs that will ensue. They have been busy forming families and relationships, acquiring property and just living life. Kathy Boudin did twenty-plus years and is harder than ever. Upon her release, she was given a professorship at NYU. Nobody from a patriot group will get a decent job, or a job at all, they’ll be felons, if they live. I see these BLM/anti-Trump mobs as dry runs for the big push they have wanted for fifty years. I also feel that the Fast n’ Furious caches may not be over the border, and staged elsewhere.

    It’s mind boggling as to who these people are connected to, and that they aren’t in the dustbin of history.

  16. Remember the last time the mobs took over? The French Revolution dissolved into the 10-year reign of terror that only ended when a young general fired his cannons into a Parisian mob. No more mob violence. The young general instantly became the most popular man in France. A few years later, he was ruling the country by popular demand, and several years after that, he was Emperor of most of Europe. This is how democracy dies.

  17. Sgt. Mom: You are not the one who notices the ugliness. I have a ‘Liberal Fascism’ folder full of horrifying snapshots of comments on mainstream media outlets like WaPo and the NYT. I keep them as a sort of mnemonic aid.

    Craig: The French peasantry was no nearly so well educated or so well armed as ours. In that sense — the recent appalling and predictable ruling of the 9th Circuit notwithstanding — we are in uncharted waters.

  18. Will,

    The extreme lefties may be well-organized and maybe they have wargamed their scenarios numerous times, but they have ignored the fact that damn near all of the men who form our infantry and front line combat troops are not from their world. Not only are most of the troops currently in uniform from “flyover country”, so are most of the veterans. The lefties live in a fantasy world where inconvenient facts are ignored as irrelevant. This will bite them in the ass big time. I mentioned another inconvenient fact earlier. All cities have only a 3-4 day supply of food and fuel. Who will grow, process, and deliver it to them?

  19. Craig Said:

    >Remember the last time the mobs took over? The French Revolution dissolved
    >into the 10-year reign of terror that only ended when a young general fired
    >his cannons into a Parisian mob. No more mob violence. The young general
    >instantly became the most popular man in France. A few years later, he was
    >ruling the country by popular demand, and several years after that, he was
    >Emperor of most of Europe. This is how democracy dies.

    The hard core truth is that the American Republic is dying.

    It’s decay started in 1973 with the Roe v Wade case where the SCOTUS chose naked power over Constitutional jurisprudence. SCOTUS lawlessness accelerated sharply with Judge Kennedy and the Hamdan decision during the George W Bush Administration via overturning decades of executive power president on the handling of unlawful combatants.

    Obama’s flouting of Federal judicial rulings during his two Administrations is as much a direct institutional response by the Executive Branch to the SCOTUS growing unlawfulness as a naked grab for power.

    In the time since Roe, the Supreme Court has become a vehicle of power to enforce social change with the minimum of Congressional accountability for special interest sell outs. Massive Congressional corruption followed. The result is a thoroughly corrupt Federal political system that has been captured by Transnational Progressives.

    Trump is riding a decades building Jacksonian nativist-populist wave in reaction to all of this and will take all of the Obama executive power grab precedence’s and ram it down the Transnational Progressives throats to close the borders and ban Muslim immigration.

    The Transies will go completely ape-s**t in response — it is an identity issue for them — and this plays directly into Trump’s hands. Those that destroy the law for power lack it’s protection when the wheel of power rotates and puts them on the bottom. This process is why I see Trump as the coming of an American Sulla.

    There is a minor chance that we will see a reboot of the American Republic — to provide a new set of checks and balances in the Federal system after the constitutional collapse of the Judiciary — via a Constitutional Convention of the States. If Trump has both the nerve and the willingness to go there.

    I am doubtful on this score.

    NB: Welcome to the world of the Tom Kratman’s book “Caliphate”, the world of an anti-Islamic American Empire.

    “Caliphate” is available at the Baen free e-book library here:

    In particular read chapter nine about “Pres. Buckman’s” use of the Constitution’s Presidential pardon power as a tool of proscription.

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