The ISIS Ramadan Massacre in Orlando

It’s interesting watching the Main Stream and alternate media “world view bubbles” vie for the narrative following the ISIS Ramadan Massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The Drudge Report, likely due to Drudge’s ties with the LGBT community in Florida, the UK Media, and blogs like THE LAST REFUGE (AKA The Conservative Treehouse), GATEWAYPUNDIT, AND DAILYPUNDIT drove American television media coverage in a way that effectively removed two days of official denial of Muslim terrorism in the previous San Bernadino ISIS attack time line. During this “vying for narrative” the Institutional Media and Official Government mask slipped and showed that this election is no longer about merely who will be President, but whether American political freedom will survive.

These are the facts of the ISIS Ramadan Massacre in Orlando, as best I can gather.

We know now from the 911 and a Bright House cable News 13 in Orlando call audio that some time before his 2:00 AM Sunday morning attack, OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN announced he was pledging his allegiance to ISIS for the atrocity he was going to commit. Some time later (hours?!?) MATEEN began shooting his way past the police officer hired by Pulse Nightclub to guard the entrance to the club. This officer and two more who “rode to the sound of the gunfire” engaged MATEEN and were driven away by MATEEN’s superior weaponry, an AR-15 with “high capacity magazines” and apparently MATEEN’s superior marksmanship (more on this below).

You cannot tell with media and police sources this early, but this implies that MATEEN’s magazines were something more than the US Army standard 20 and 30-round box clips. Aftermarket AR-15 large capacity clips and drums can be had with up to 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition. MATEEN’s ability to drive away three trained police officers, two of which arrived in a squad car that very likely had an AR-15 in the trunk, per mass shooter protocols, argues MATEEN ran the three police first responders out of ammunition.

MATEEN then proceeded to kill 50 and wound 53 more people inside the crowded venue, and then, finally, to take hostages. It was unclear if the three police officers above engaged MATEEN inside PULSE or not. It is clear they were driven out of the Pulse, leaving those inside the venue to MATEEN’s mercy.

And MATEEN had none.

A three hour standoff ensued where MATEEN communicated demands and may have been executing wounded Pulse patrons on the floor of the nightclub while Orlando Police SWAT Team waited outside.

Law suits similar to the ones after the Columbine Massacre — by the next of kin of the teacher who died of blood loss locked in a closet while Columbine police waited outside — will clear up the facts of whether and how many MATEEN executed while Orlando police ignored post-Columbine Massacre active shooter protocols.

Active shooter protocols that direct for every police officer available piling on as fast as they can to feed officers into the fire fight. Engaging the shooter and drawing his gunfire away from civilians at any cost until the shooter goes down.

That this active shooter protocol was cut short suggests a leadership failure in Orlando law enforcement. A leadership failure that occurred in the lull between the three police first responders losing the fire fight with MATEEN and the appearance of various law enforcement organizations’ SWAT teams.

My Pure Speculation based upon UK Daily Mail videos — Orlando law enforcement was unnerved by the sheer volume of MATEEN’s gunfire and intelligence that they were facing an ISIS terrorist with a suicide vest. One who might also have wired entrances of the club with tripwired improvised explosive devices (IED) during the lull.

The following are the links to three videos on the UK Daily Mail Web site. (#2 below has a title I gave it as the sound of the gunfire appears to be that of a legally purchased rapid fire trigger.) Listen closely to the sounds of gunfire.

1. 24 rounds in 9 seconds: Orlando massacre.
2. Sound of OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN AR-15 (using rapid fire trigger?) inside PULSE Nightclub
3. Moment SWAT team engaged Orlando club shooter.

Orlando law enforcement had good reason to be intimidated. Based on the sound of gunfire in #2 above, they were facing a bootleg light machine gun in terms of firepower.

At 5:00 AM Orlando SWAT staged a “controlled explosion” — breaching the wall of Pulse — to draw MATEEN away from hostages and then killed him in a gun battle. A gun battle where MATEEN, outnumbered and outgunned, managed to hit a SWAT officer square in the part of his forehead covered by a the bullet proof helmet (hence my marksmanship statement above).

Before the facts I laid out above were established, the spin of the shooting began. Remember that MATEEN specifically alerted both the Orlando police and local Orlando cable television media that he was committing his shooting “for ISIS.” So when Orlando authorities trotted out a local Imam who called on the media “not to sensationalize” the Muslim connection, followed by a call for gun control, Orlando authorities had known for hours that MATEEN was ISIS.

This was rapidly followed by a presidential speech and an incredible media echo chamber of the same call for gun control…from people who were all aware of MATEEN’s pre-shooting statement.

Too say that this media “narrative theater” was credibility destroying is too kind. Ed Driscoll posted the following Main Stream Media Credibility Implosion list on Instapundit Sunday, June 12, 2016.

Tom Brokaw: ‘In this County,’ ‘Everything Seems to Get Settled by a Gun.’
ABC Blames Orlando Terror on Election Rhetoric and Guns in America
AP Calls Orlando Terrorist Massacre ‘Just the Latest Mass Shooting’
Media Matters: “The NRA made anti-LGBT attacks during their annual meeting just weeks ago.”
Yahoo: “Bernie Sanders Just Nailed the Real Culprit Behind the Mass Shooting in Orlando…Sanders explained to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, the real culprit, according to Sanders, is gun control — or more precisely, lack thereof.”
Jeffrey Goldberg: “Obama cautious on motive of shooter because caution is required until the investigation advances.”

Effectively we saw a rapid, nation wide, coordinated conspiracy by governmental authorities at every level and the Main Stream Media to subvert American civil rights — specifically the 2nd Amendment — in response to radical Muslim terrorism.
Essentially, this leftist combination of federal, state, and local government plus the institutional media said:

“We won’t protect you, and we won’t let you protect yourself, because….POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.”

And this assault on American Civil Rights was not just limited to the 2nd Amendment. The 1st Amendment was assaulted as well.

Facebook, Google and a number of other Internet search engines modified their search results to keep the ISIS Ramadan Massacre in Orlando from “trending”, that is, from appearing to the American people.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook site went even farther. It not only removed Pamela Geller’s 50,000-strong Facebook group, “Stop Islamization Of America”, Facebook banned Geller for 30 days from posting on their platform.

As Brietbart put it

The suspension of one of the most prominent conservative critics of Islam, one day after the deadliest act of Muslim terrorism since 9/11 is extraordinary behavior for Facebook, particularly given that they spent much of last month trying to convince the public that they aren’t biased against conservatives.
In a post on her personal website, Geller slammed Facebook for their sudden censorship of her posts and her group.
“Facebook has enormous power, and implements fascist sharia-compliant policies on free speech in the wake of unfathomable slaughter” wrote Geller. “Every freedom lover should be outraged.”
Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

Color me outraged.

Nov. 2016 is now about American Freedom, with Hillary, and everyone standing with her, being on the side of leftist political tyranny.



BREAKING Overnight – Terrorist Shooting In Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub – FBI Affirms Terrorist Motive – FBI Affirms Probable Islamist Intent – Lone Attacker With Explosive Device…
Florida Officials Bring Muslim Imam To Press Conference – Promptly Blames Guns…
Death Toll Climbs – Terror In Orlando – 50 Dead, 53 Injured In Terrorist Attack at Gay Nightclub…
BREAKING – Florida Senator Bill Nelson: “The Orlando Nightclub Attack Was ISIS Inspired”…
Orlando Jihadist Worked for Security Firm Contracted By DHS – Known Entity To FBI – Ex Wife Says Violent…
Whoa “Jihadi Dad” – Orlando Terrorist’s Father Seddique Mateen Visited State Dept. – Political Activist, Taliban Sympathizer…
Update: FOUND HER – Omar Mateen’s Hidden Wife – Noor Zahi Salman (30)
Here We Go – Orlando Jihadist Was Radicalized By Prison Trained Black Panther Marcus Dwayne Robertson

49 thoughts on “The ISIS Ramadan Massacre in Orlando”

  1. The police gave the shooter HOURS to finish people off. Their SWAT team should have gone in within five minutes of arrival.

    From Richard Fernandes’ _Belmont Club_ post today:

    “… The administration’s demand for more gun control crucially rests on the claim the claim of competence. The argument is it is better to rely on state protection than on individual self defense, on the regulars than the militia is true only if things work as advertised. But if the administration fails to push back against hostile ideologies, screen refugees, opens the borders and refuses to heed obvious danger warnings the administration has effectively disabled the regulars and you are left with the militia.

    … If the 2nd Amendment didn’t exist it might have to be invented to meet the current situation. Just as when the commander in chief allows hostiles to get inside the wire where each foxhole must look to its own protection, the more incompetent the Obama administration becomes the less convincing its demand for public disarmament will be. Conversely the more competence the administration demonstrates the more likely the public is be to entrust its safety to it.

    Historically it is state failure which drives civilian armament and not the other way around. Perhaps the clearest example of this trend is Lebanon where the inability of the central government to protect the sectarian communities has led each to protect itself.”

  2. Paraphrased from elsewhere on the Web (can’t remember where):

    If we need more gun control to stop killings by guns, doesn’t it make just as much sense to have more Muslim immigration control to stop killings by Muslims?

  3. There is also an interview at one of the CTH posts, with a guy who went to school with him. They rode the bus together and were in school during 9/11. Apparently Mateen was very pleased with the results and made no secret of it. He was removed from the school after a number of incidents. That was a while ago.

    In these parts, those around me that voted for change are remarkably silent. Even those I know that fly the rainbow brand. Nothing, nada, zip. Not a new phenomenon by any means, but once again, I’ve got to marvel at selective outrage.

    Another video interview with a witness describes Mateen talking on the phone, and allowing victims to escape based on their race. Also, he believed that their were a number of participants, including a female, based on what he overheard while playing dead.

  4. From this morning’s press conference, the police chief said the first shootout with the police and off duty officer was inside the club. He also said the gunman had hostages inside the bathroom, some of whom made it out when they punched the hole in the wall. A question was asked about whether people were struck by the crossfire. Judging by the sound of the various gunfire, I don’t see how it could have been avoided.

    A question comes to mind about the 100 round magazine. My understanding is they aren’t too reliable and have a tendency to jam, which is what happened with the Aurora CO ‘Dark Night’ shooter a few years ago?

  5. Tom H,

    The problem here boils down to a collapse in government credibility.

    If the government is not seen as credible at protecting you, and actively seeks to block your protecting yourself, the public is going to get down right picky in which laws it will observe in pursuit of self-defense.

    By credibility collapse, I mean the following passage from Sundance’s latest post over at the Conservative tree house on FBI Director James Comey’s press conference —

    …NN’s (“No Notoriety”) use is targeted for deployment when the motive becomes uncomfortable.

    The discomfort of Mateen’s Islamist motive stems from the reality of an actual jihadist working for the Department of Homeland Security, via G4S. G4S is responsible for the security of most federal buildings and agencies.

    Put it all together and you have:
    o a known Islamic security risk,
    o who was interviewed by the FBI three times previous for troubling relationships and behavior,
    o who was cleared for security work by DHS,
    o carrying out the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 (killing 49),
    o after the FBI was given three days advanced warning of a pending attack stemming from the East coast of Florida….

    After absorption, what you end up realizing is the safest place to be if you are jihad-minded terrorist is inside the apparatus that’s looking to stop you.

    AKA “We, the FBI, are too incompetent to protect you from Muslim Terrorism.

    We are also going to lie about it, and still enforce laws on “little people.”

    The problem for law enforcement and the judiciary in that approach is that the system only works when the people consent.

    If we have a massive disobedience campaign with regard to observing “Gun Free Zones” by concealed carry holders.

    Disobedience that includes wide spread refusal to find guilty otherwise law abiding people, then the concealed carry law will fail, just like alcohol prohibition and pot laws have failed.

    And once people go there for “law-optional” concealed carry, they are going to carry the most lethal firearm with the biggest capacity magazine they can get consistent with being concealable.

    It is going to be really tough to be a Cop at any level of government very soon…or elected official, come to that.!

  6. @Grurray – guarantee you there were friendly fire injuries/deaths in this one. Too bad that information will never see the light of day as it would be interesting and something to learn from.

  7. >> Too bad that information will never see the light of day

    Unless Orlando signs 49 seven figure settlements with secrecy clauses, you damned well will see that information in civil trial.

  8. It appears that Mateen intimidated Orlando SWAT into not attacking while he killed further victims.


    John Mina, chief of police at the City of Orlando Police Department, said Mateen barricaded himself in a toilet with around four or five hostages after shooting some of his initial victims and called the police, speaking in a ‘cool and calm’ voice with crisis negotiators.

    When he spoke about ‘bomb vests, about explosives’ and made threats of an ‘imminent loss of life’, police made the decision to blast through the wall with an armored vehicle, which Mr Mina said saved ‘many, many lives’.

    FBI Director James Comey added in a statement on Monday that the shooter was involved in precisely three calls to a 911 dispatcher at approximately 2:30am.

    Comey said: ‘He (Mateen) called and hung up. He called again and spoke with the dispatcher and hung up.

    ‘And the dispatcher called him back and they spoke briefly.

    ‘During the calls he said he was doing this for the leader of ISIS, who he named, and pledged loyalty to. But he also appeared to claim solidarity with the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings and solidarity with the Florida man who died as a suicideb bomber in Syria for Al-Nusra Front – a group in conflict with the so-called Islamic State.

  9. In the aftermath of Ferguson, the militarization of police was attacked. One thing that came under particularly heavy criticism was the purchase of used military armored vehicles, including MRAPs. The Orlando police owned at least four such vehicles, but there is no evidence they were used Sunday: the fact that explosives were used to breach the walls suggests they were not. If they were used, that did not happen until hours into the standoff.

    What transpired on Sunday morning was precisely the circumstances that police departments use to justify their acquisition of MRAPs and other heavy equipment. Orlando authorities should be forced to explain their use, or non-use of their heavy vehicles.

    As you note, wrongful death suits will likely force disclosure of this information. But we shouldn’t have to wait for that.

  10. Trent,

    The vague, un-urgent tone of the possible future arrest makes it sound to me as if police are releasing that bit of info to pressure someone into cooperating. See the next line: “We have no reason to believe that anyone connected to this crime is placing the public in imminent danger at this time,” said US Attorney Lee Bentley.

    The 3:15 update in your same link stated that a law enforcement source put the *total* number of rounds fired at 202. This is almost unbelievably low, if all of the dead succumbed to gunshot wounds. Considering the venue, could some fraction of the dead be trampling victims? Without such a scenario, and with the multiple exits all modern nightclubs must have, it’s difficult to imagine one man alone could have murdered so many.

    See survivor interview:

    John Schindler @20committee tweets that there were indeed multiple shooters, and that the FBI is sitting on this information.

    Oh, and another social media censorship “flaming datum,” as you like to say: Yesterday the subreddit r/news started vigorously nuking/censoring threads about Orlando just after the police presser that named the shooter. This even extended to posts giving info about how to donate blood. For hours, the only subreddit carrying breaking news about the shooting was r/The_Donald , which had many of the most active threads on reddit, and numerous threads from r/The_Donald were displayed on r/all

    This did not go unnoticed by the user base. Thousands of users unsubscribed from r/news. Now the admins seem to be manipulating things to keep r/The_Donald from ranking so high again.

  11. Craig, my understanding is that Orlando SWAT breached the outside walls with an armored vehicle after the explosive charges failed to do so.

  12. P.Stanley, I don’t believe the 202 round figure either. AFAIK there were more than 100 victims, of whom 50 were killed outright or died since the event. Even at close range in a packed nightclub, some victims would have been shot multiple times. Just the number of known victims implies 350+ rounds fired, even if the OPD shot some of them.

    “Police Chief John Mina has also admitted that some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire.”

    Trent’s initial comments about magazine capacity indicate a very imbalanced and unwieldy, i.e., inaccurate weapon. Throw in his speculated rapid-fire add-on device and it was “spray & pray” for at least the first ten minutes. Up the probable rounds fired to @ 1000 +/- 200.

    OTOH, that amount of weight of in turn implies more than one shooter. So I suspect Trent is incorrect about both the magazine capacity and the rapid-fire mechanism. Another Daily Mail article indicates the perp had only recently purchased his weapons.

    IMO we’re looking at @ 450-600 total rounds fired, which would be 15-20 x 30-round magazines, or @ 25 x 20-round ones.

  13. Interesting that we need to use British newspapers for news about American events.

    I read them everyday.

    And I read Conservative Tree House.

  14. I think we need to acknowledge that gun control is working. Of over 100 people involved, only one had a gun….

  15. >>Trent’s initial comments about magazine capacity indicate a very imbalanced and unwieldy, i.e., inaccurate weapon


    AR-15 platform has vastly improved in the last few years in terms of magazine capacity and “bump fire” high speed semi-auto capability.

    See this site and particularly the video at about 3 minute, 6 minute and 15 seconds, and 7 minute 30 secondmarks. Surfire adapted the 5.45mm Russian quad load magazine design to the AR-15 platform.

    SureFire MAG5-100 | High-Capacity 100-Round Magazine

    See also an independent review here WRT the 60 round mag that states unreliable with steel case/non-AR-15 rifles and ‘somewhat reliable’ with brass cased ammo in the AR-15 platform.

    A Newer 50-round drum has scored a good MAC review

    X15 Drum Magazine 50-round drum

    These are videos that pop up with the “bump stop ar 15” search term.

    Bump Fire Systems Stock review and install on an AR-15

    Defend AR-15 Bumpfire AR15 Stock (a MAC review of improved all metal competitor design)

  16. Via an instapundit link

    NARRATIVE FAIL: Orlando Islamic Terrorist Did NOT Use An AR-15

    Posted at 7:14 pm on June 13, 2016 by Bob Owens

    The anti-gun politimedia wasted no time at all demonizing the most common rifle in the United States as being the real villain of the Islamic terrorist attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando.


    Judd Legume of Think Progress squeaked, “The NRA’s Love Affair With The AR-15, Weapon Of Choice For Mass Murderers, In 22 Tweets.”

    Always wrong Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post whined, “The gun used in the Orlando shooting is becoming mass shooters’ weapon of choice.”

    Here’s the thing.

    The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was not an AR-15.

    The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was instead a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, a modular, multi-caliber (able to swap to different calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62×39) rifle system that sometimes utilizes STANAG magazines common to more than 60 different firearms, but otherwise has no major parts that interface with AR-15s in any way, shape or form.

    This of course, will make no difference at all to the anti-gun politimedia, who don’t particularly care about factual accuracy and who likely wouldn’t be able to tell an AR-15 from a toaster oven if their lives depended on it.

    All the media cares about is that they’ve wrapped their anti-gun dreams on demonizing the most popular rifle sold in the United States, and they’re going to keep attacking it, whether or not it was used in any particular incident or not.

  17. It dos look scary, though. I was talking with a doctor friend yesterday. He is a Democrat who does not like and will not vote for Hillary.

    He was saying “Who is the world would want an assault weapon like the AR 15?” I tried to tell him a bit about the definition of assault weapons, etc, but he was not interested. I finally offered to loan him mine and he was a bit shocked. Then he admitted he was afraid of all guns and had never fired one or even held one, of any type.

    He is Jewish and I think that might be more common in that community. I know people like Robert Avrech have talked and written about their decision to learn about guns and to buy one and learn to use it. Avrech mentioned an anti-Semetic shooting some years ago when he realized he was defenseless. I’ve forgotten the story but it may be on his blog somewhere, which I read several times a week.

    Anyway, my friend accepts all the left’s propaganda about guns and “assault weapons” because he knows nothing else about guns. He teases me about Trump but I could see his conversion, especially if a Muslim incident involving Jews occurs, which I think will happen before the election.

  18. I started following the Daily Mail during the too-close-to-home Marathon horror. It had images that even the local papers did not. Why is that? Predictably, there’s a tie-in with this most recent attack.

    Mr. Haney reminds us of the “Third Man”, (anyone remember the Third Man in Oklahoma City?) and how information is scrubbed and disappeared. As with that event, it seems there was ample evidence here, but that something was blocking the investigation. Boston, San Bernadino and all the others, still so many unanswered questions.

  19. That 202 round figure is laughable. You can hear more than that in the simple few videos that Trent provided in the original post. I’ll take a WAG that the murderer put out at least 250 and the OPD (and whoever else) at least 500.

  20. So let me get this straight. We’ve got an unstable wife-beater that the FBI interviewed twice as a potential danger, and he is able to walk into a gun store and buy an assault rifle and some 1,000 rounds of bullets and you think there is something wrong with the idea of examining whether this is a good public policy?

  21. According to the timeline, the initial call for help from the off duty cop working security was at 2:02 AM. The “law enforcement source” needs to be more creative when making up numbers.

  22. One must keep in mind the rationale for the (still cloaked) Fast n’ Furious operation. If the FBI had picked up Mateen they wouldn’t have this massacre to point out that “guns” are the problem. “By any means necessary” said that famous cat, so long ago. He also said the “chickens were coming home to roost” after another famous shooting, but hey, let’s not connect too many dots.

  23. Tom, Thanks, but doesn’t address my question. Is it healthy public policy to allow a man such as this to be able to walk down a street carrying 1,000 rounds and a gun to shoot them with?

  24. Hurling:

    #1: Penalizing every honest gun owner in America will not stop Islamic lone wolf syndrome.
    #2: Any tightening of background checks, open carry, etc. will target honest gun owners and not the violent or the crazies, or the violent crazies.
    #3: There is no statistical menace from ‘assault rifles.’ We probably lose more people to bee stings, as you can see below:
    Expanded Homicide Data Table 11
    Murder Circumstances
    by Weapon, 2011
    Total: 12,664
    Total firearms: 8583
    Handguns: 6220
    Rifles: 323
    Shotguns: 356
    Knives or cutting instruments: 1694
    Personal weapons (hands/feet): 726

    #4: AR-15’s account for half of all rifles currently sold in the United States. We know that from manufacturer’s records.
    #5: This is not about ‘public policy’, or ‘public safety’. And gun owners are not some sort of special interest group. If you try to make yourself safer by throttling everyone else’s Constitutionally guaranteed birth liberties, you are a fascist swine. Full stop.

  25. Hurling Dervish,

    When you have a government terrorist surveillance system that self-lobotomizes itself, no amount of gun restriction means beans.


    BREAKING: Disney reportedly warned FBI of Omar Mateen and Noor Salman in April
    Posted at 1:11 pm on June 14, 2016 by Greg P.

    Those 49 Pulse-goers died unnecessary and preventable martyrs on the cross of Democratic Political Correctness.

    Trump will use that in the debates with whomever is the Democratic nominee. Trump has never missed an opportunity to go for the jugular.

  26. Hurling, no laws can fix willful blindness. The perp should have been picked up the first time the FBI checked on him, but they weren’t allowed to connect the dots. The same willful blindness brought on 9/11.

  27. Hurling Dervish,

    Muslim Lone Wolf terrorists aren’t.

    They are “Known Wolves” with dens of Muslim associates and enablers that get them guns and explosives.

    These Muslim Terrorist “Wolf Dens” have patterns of behavior that a police & intelligence system can pick up on and disrupt such dens…but only if Political correctness is held at bay.


    Wolf dens, not lone wolves, the norm in U.S. Islamic State plots
    NEW YORK | By Joseph Ax

  28. Existence of a spousal protective abuse order is one of the questions on the ATF form you fill out when you buy a firearm. If you answer yes, you are rejected. I suppose his first wife could have gotten one entered before her divorce, would it have been cleared when the divorce became final? Doesn’t really matter, as we have no reason to think she ever filed for one in the first place. His current wife obviously never had one entered, she was helping him get the job done.

    I have a case of 5.56 (1,000 rnds) on my lap as I type this. The shipper label says
    it weighs 28 lbs. The rifle was new to him. It likely came boxed with one 30 rnd mag. Additional magpul mags go for $13-16. If he had more than 6 total for the long gun, I would be surprised. He would probably have 1 or 2 spare mags for his pistol.

    Frankly, I am amazed that this relatively untrained schlub inflicted this much damage. I hope we don’t discover down the road that much of it was due to return fire. I can’t help but think of that fuster cluck that was Waco a year ago May.

  29. Orlando has a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit in its near future.


    ‘I was shot about three times in my leg, so I had fallen down. I tried to get back up, but everyone started running anywhere. I got trampled over, and I shattered and broke my bones on my left leg. So by this time I couldn’t walk at all,’ he said.

    He briefly thought he had escaped death, when the shooter turned his weapons on victims in another part of the club.

    ‘He goes into the other room, and I can just hear more shots going on. I thought I was a little safe at this time because, you know, it’s giving everyone time to tackle him down or get him down,’ he said.

    ‘Unfortunately, I hear him come back, and he’s shooting everyone that’s already dead on the floor. Making sure they’re dead,’ Colon said.

    ‘I can hear the (gunshots) closer, and I look over and he shoots the girl next to me. And I’m just there laying down. I’m thinking, ‘I’m next. I’m dead.”

    The gunman shoots the already wounded Colon twice more, but somehow, the survivor said, ‘by the glory of God, he shoots towards my head but it hits my hand.

    ‘Then he shoots me again and it hits the side of my hip,’ he recalled.

    Colon was careful not to give away the fact that, despite having a half-dozen bullets lodged in his body, he was not dead.

    ‘I had no reaction. I was just prepared to just stay there laying down so he won’t know that I’m alive,’ he said.

    ‘And he’s just doing this for another five, ten minutes. He’s just shooting all over the place.’

    The shooting continued, Colon said, until police who burst into the building traded fire with the gunman and rescued the survivors, three hours after the start of the ordeal.

  30. Hurling, also read this:

    Note in particular this statement (my emphasis):

    “Myers said the Orlando attack was a “catastrophic failure” for the FBI and showed its policies, procedures, and resources are inadequate to the mission of homeland security.

    “This has to change now or a new organization, mandated to defeat this domestic threat, must be organized and fielded,” he said.”

    The FBI is about to lose its counter-intelligence & national security missions for two reasons – repeated incompetence in those missions plus failure to recommend the indictment of Hillary Clinton for criminal violation of national security regulations.

  31. I don’t know how current this bit is, but apparently he was associated with another volunteer for the cause:

    With so much conflicting information and secrecy, uh, they categorize it as “sensitive”, plus the violent mob following the presidential candidate, egged on by celebrities, elected officials, etc. and, with the normal nationwide criminal/thug state-of-affairs, I’m not so sure I want to go with the disarmament option.

    Even the normal, house-trained MSM seem to be suggesting that someone in authority is deliberately not doing their job. Did you see Comey’s sad-faced presser?

    We’ve got two active hives close by, and there are three very large ones in the next big city. How’s things in your neck of the woods?

  32. It looks like the Orlando shooter was also the full beneficiary of his Muslim privilege – just like that Fort Hood shooter, Hussein. Or the Beantown Blaster Brothers, who were all but handed on a plate to the US security authorities by the Russians. (I will not dignify the first or the third instance of Islamo-terrorists with their names, or the second with the Army rank that he disgraced.) That is – the first and the third gave off all but a neon-strobing signal that they were hostile, unstable and dangerous. But no one wanted to come out on the record because “Islamophobic!!! Eleventy!!!” and take a hit to their military or law-enforcement career by saying so on the record.
    CAIR and their sympathizers at the higher levels have a hell of a lot to answer for, in the pile of dead bodies. In Boston, at Fort Hood, in Chattanooga, and now in Orlando.

  33. Mom, you know perfectly well that no one — CAIR for their whitewash, the FBI for their lethal dropping of yet another ball, the Orlando PD for spray and pray tactics — will be held accountable for anything. Not even the queer that barred the door behind him while people were pounding on it in a frenzy will face any sort of legal or moral penalty. We will all be called upon to show our sympathy and solidarity towards the sexually dysfunctional, and ostracized if we hesitate. This will go on for weeks and no one will dissent. They are protected.

    If you want to know most emphatically who is *not* protected, go read the comments section of the story in any mainstream media outlet. Here is an instructive sample:

    ‘Horror after murderous horror, Yet we change nothing. Already I’m hearing what will surely be a rising crescendo of cries about “Islamic terrorism” which will deafen us to reason, and lead us to ignore both the long, horrific history this country has of “Christian terrorism,” particularly against LGBT people, and of how the ready availability weapons of mass murder and the ease of their transport facilitate such horrors. We must keep in mind that the problem isn’t this or that religion, but mindsets and weapons that foster and enable such outrages to serve one or another ideological or religious zealotry. Violence is never a legitimate weapon in the battle of ideas, while the sorts of weapons that this killer apparently used have no place in civilian hands.’

    That’s Jim C. commenting on the NYT coverage, from Flagstaff AZ. This fine piece of oratory has 2804 thumbs-up from his fellow Americans. It, and he, are typical.

    Now. Go buy another chest freezer and several hundred rounds of ammunition for every firearm you own. There is still time to insulate yourself and your family from whatever real-world consequences our national fit of ideologic insanity brings.

  34. Phil Ossiferz Stone,

    Yet we also have this —

    Over the last two days, the deference of the liberal Left to Muslims over the LGBT community has been excruciating to watch. Unable to reconcile the two causes they champion, they have an awkward inconvenience they dare not face. An ex-wife at a wedding, acknowledged with an invitation, but sat at the back, facing the air-con unit.

    Predictably they have chosen Islam.

    And don’t tell me the ‘acts of a few extremists do not represent Islam’, because I am sick of hearing it. Every time another Islamist takes down a club, knocks out an airport or wipes out the subway, we are supposed to embrace Muslims and spread the love.

    Obama saunters off a golf course and refuses to even acknowledge the role of religion in the debate. Hillary Clinton wants to be clear Islam is not the enemy. But that’s precisely where she is wrong.

    Trump’s real masters gift as a politician is getting his GOPe and Leftist enemies to reveal their true selves by shining the light of reality upon them and making them choose.

    The Left chose bloody handed Islam with the bodies of their murdered by a Muslim Terrorist LGBT allies not yet cold.

    This will be remembered and underlined — again — in the blood of future Muslim Terrorist attack’s in America that Obama’s fecklessness and political correctness have brought upon us.

  35. I’m surprised that the company that hired him as a guard didn’t see a problem; of course, our army didn’t see a problem with Hassan as a psychiatrist advising soldiers back from the front. To call such blindness political correctness seems tame – clearly it is denial of the worst kind.

  36. Ginny,

    Mateen’s security firm is a major Federal contractor.

    Their livelihood is moving illegal aliens for DHS.

    Busting an Islamic fanatic security guard during the Obama Administration would be very bad for their bottom line.

    The Obama Administration has repeatedly made clear in words and deeds that Muslims are the most protected class is the Leftist pantheon of “Diversity.”

  37. “Myers said the Orlando attack was a “catastrophic failure” for the FBI and showed its policies, procedures, and resources are inadequate to the mission of homeland security.

    The cause of the failures is the way they are being trained by CAIR.

    “The fact is that the FBI did recognize Omar Mateen, twice in fact, but as a matter of official policy under the Obama administration’s politically correct ‘countering violent extremism’ policies, the institutional rules of our national security agencies as a matter of intentional design ensure that investigative clues are obscured,” Patrick Poole told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    They are being barred from seeing what is in front of their eyes.

    Among the most controversial of the five factors Poole cited was a 2011 decision by FBI officials to remove from its counter-terrorism training materials references to all terms found objectionable by a team of Muslim experts retained by the Department of Justice. Despite congressional protests, the material was never restored.

    For “Muslim experts” read CAIR, the Obama source for all material pertaining to Muslims.

    While this is going on, The College Board is dumbing down European History like they dumbed down US History.

    APEH omits key figures ranging from Christopher Columbus to Winston Churchill. It seems impossible that Churchill would be airbrushed out of a European History course until one remembers how inconvenient he is for leftists.

    I know that many British schoolchildren are not taught about Churchill. Of course, Mohammed is more important for many of them.

  38. The DC elites would rather see a lot of Americans die than change the “open borders” immigration policy, even in the face of repeated domestic Muslim terror attacks.

    This is why Pres Obama is struggling with “Radical Islamic Terrorism” because it’s use by him would “virtue signal” that immigrant Muslims are no longer the “top dog” of the Leftist “Open Borders Diversity” pantheon.

    I wrote this as a comment back in December 2015 on San Bernadino —

    San Bernadino, Obama’s tepid speech and the media/political reaction to Trump’s Muslim Immigration Pause proposal all in response to San Bernadino, plus Trump’s public doubling down his immigration pause in the face of elite disdain, have given Trump the Republican Presidential nomination and likely the Presidency.

    Rewriting it for today —

    Orlando, Obama’s tepid speech and the media/political reaction to Trump’s Muslim Immigration Pause proposal, all in response to Orlando. Plus Trump’s public tripling down his immigration pause in the face of elite disdain, have given Trump the Presidency.

    Pres Obama’s politically correct CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood written counter-terrorism program will not begin to change until he is gone, guaranteeing that there will be repeated Muslim Terrorist attacks in America for months if not years into a Trump Administration.

  39. This is an older thread I am resurrecting, but the link to Bob Owens is worth reading

    The shooter was re-charging his mags from boxed or bagged ammo apparently. With a proper sling and holster set, maybe using a mag loader, it is not too hard to imagine.

    I can’t blame the rank and file for not rushing to their possible death. Maybe their leadership. Mostly though it is a culture that teaches that there is no higher purpose worth dying for. What happens when our military reaches that point?

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