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  • The 7-7-2016 Ambush of Dallas Law Enforcement

    Posted by Trent Telenko on July 8th, 2016 (All posts by )

    Dallas just suffered the largest law enforcement mass murder since 9/11/2001.  To date, there have been 14 people reported as shot, 12 law enforcement and two civilians.  Five of the law enforcement offices who were shot have died.  One Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer and four Dallas Police Department officers were murdered.

    The murders occurred during a 7pm to 9pm Black Lives Matter associated protest (the association is disputed) in down town Dallas.

    The chilling execution of a law enforcement officer was caught on digital video and broadcast by the Dallas Fox News affiliate whose vantage point is on the map below.

    <strong>Google map of shooting area in downtown Dallas. </strong>

    Google map of shooting area in downtown Dallas.

    As I worked a few blocks away from the shooting scene until last week, this hits close to home.

    The usual caveats about you cannot trust any reports — other than the casualty count — in the first 24 hours apply.  These seem to be the best reports to date:

    Dallas mass shooting is the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11

    .‘He wanted to kill white people, especially white officers’: Police kill sniper after twelve cops were shot – and FIVE killed – during furious nationwide protests over U.S. police shootings of two black men that ended in a four hour stand-off

    ‘Shots fired, shots fired, officer down’: Videos show the shocking moment all hell broke loose during deadly Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas

    Terrifying moment brave cop’s bullet bounces off armored vest of Dallas gunman who then shoots the officer in the back before executing him at point-blank range with assault rifle

    There may be updates as events require.


    The Dallas EOD robot- bomb terminated perp has been identified as Micah X. Johnson via the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report.

    See also:


    61 Responses to “The 7-7-2016 Ambush of Dallas Law Enforcement”

    1. Trent Telenko Says:

      The Dallas Police Department DPD REALLY wants to keep the FBI out of the 7-7-2016 shooting investigation. More than one shooter = FBI Terrorism jurisdiction.

      So DPD has a huge institutional interest in saying it was one shooter, and not a conspiracy, as it means means DPD retains primary investigative jurisdiction.

      DPD also made a huge point that they killed the one confirmed shooter with a EOD disarm robot turned into a killer-droid bomb, rather than the shooter killing himself.

      There are a lot of implications in these thoughts.

    2. Mike K Says:

      Who are the other three in custody ?

    3. Trent Telenko Says:

      Mike K,

      The DPD is giving out no information on them.

      Local Dallas rumors have it they are relatives of Micah X. Johnson.

    4. Trent Telenko Says:

      There is a reason for the high death count of lawmen in Dallas.

      It turns out that the Dallas police chief ordered the officers not to wear protective gear go that BLM would not feel “intimidated”!?!

      This was a part of the Dallas City/Police “De-escalation program”.

    5. Grurray Says:

      I was reading this earlier today

      1. TACTICALLY PROFESSIONAL: Shooter uses military Combat Glide, fire-on the move & tactical flow techniques.
      2. He maintains weapon in position w/o lowering it while moving. Engages. Covers himself No panic even under fire.
      3. Shooter covered angles. Did a post shoot rear clearance & turned. Took solid cover.

      He was in the army, but it looks like he served in the Reserves in the Corps of Engineers as a carpenter. I doubt he received a whole lot of shoot-and-scoot training while serving. He must’ve been practicing recently, maybe with his black power group?

    6. dearieme Says:

      How many distinct categories of mass murderers does the US now host?

      (i) Random lunatics: too many to list.

      (ii) Federal government terrorists – Waco, Ruby Ridge, and others e.g. the bumping off of the alleged witness to the Chechen alleged Boston Bombers.

      (iii) Reaction to Government terrorists – I’m thinking of the Oklahoma City bombing. Have there been any others?

      (iv) Moslem terrorists: too many to list.

      (v) And now black, racist terrorist or terrorists. (Funded by whom? Organised by whom? Stirred up by whom? Or just spontaneous?) But he/they might view themselves as category (iii) for reasons that are not entirely irrational. Others might put him/them into category (i).

      Oh well, the Clintonistas will find a way to exploit it e.g. it’s all Trump’s fault for using adverts that alluded to a sheriff’s badge.

    7. Trent Telenko Says:


      America is not facing mass murder here. Or rather, not -just- mass murder.

      It is the collapse of the US law enforcement model in the face of the gust front of a growing domestic insurgency.

      A domestic insurgency where the imported political ideology, race and religion of the insurgents are shared by the highest levels of the Federal executive branch.

      This sophisticated CQB shoot-and-scoot training takes practice, practice, practice you don’t get in the US Army Reserves.

      High end paintball athletes can do this.

      Otherwise this is ISIS getting CQB training to radicals in the USA.

      That the Dallas Police Department is doing everything possible not to declaring this mass murder terrorism, despite all markers for same should be seen in that light.

    8. Trent Telenko Says:

      Robert Spencer has written twice today about the Black Lives Matter & Radical Islam connection ties in light of the Dallas tragedy:

    9. Trent Telenko Says:

      We have a ping on the equivalent of high end paintball training

      Johnson formerly attended the “self-defense and personal protection” gym Academy of Combat Warrior Arts in Richardson and Fort Worth, Texas, gym owner and CEO Justin Everman told The Daily Beast. The gym’s Twitter account says it provides “reality based training for today’s Urban environment.”

      Along with more traditional martial arts classes, the gym also teaches seminars in “Urban Everyday Carry and Improvised Weapons” and “Weapons Defense.” Everman said many of the gym’s members are police officers and stressed that “we have completely no affiliation with him whatsoever.”

    10. Grurray Says:

      More on the killer’s service record. I can’t find much on the 420th deployment in Afghanistan during that period other than public affairs pieces in Kandahar working on the handover of the base to Afghanis (still ongoing, by the way, with no end in sight). I still don’t think he saw much combat training. It would be helpful to know what he had been doing since his discharge.

    11. Grurray Says:

      “We have a ping on the equivalent of high end paintball training”

      Ah, good find. Looks like the SJWs need to ban marital arts

    12. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      There is another key reason for Dallas to NOT want FBI involvement. For years the FBI has been culpably incompetent in working terrorism or other criminal actions by members of protected classes [based on ethnic background, gender and preferred use of plumbing, being a foreign invader, or being a Muslim]. The last couple of weeks has made it undeniable that as far as the Federal government is concerned, there is no law. Any involvement of the FBI means that those who made this attack will be protected by the Federal government to enable further attacks.

      The enemy forces have indeed received tactical training. Almost surely at compounds in this country.

      dearieme Says:
      July 8th, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      I believe, subject to correction, that you are a Brit. So you are not as close to the events as we are. It is more than arguable, though we don’t have room here to rehearse the details, that your iii. should actually be in number ii. as a false flag that got out of control. I fall into that category, YMMV.

      Given the ties of the organizations consistently involved with your v. it is seeming more and more that your v. is actually a joint action of ii. and iv. Once again, YMMV.

    13. Trent Telenko Says:


      I suspect we are looking at hours and hours of laser tag and many more hours of 1st person shooter “twitch” games, particularly “America’s Army**” in plus exposure to CQB technique via training manuals.

      **America’s Army is a multi-player, first-person shooter game simulating the Army experience from basic training to the battlefield.


    14. dearieme Says:

      “your iii. should actually be in number ii. as a false flag that got out of control.” That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ve never paid much heed to allegations of false flag operations, but I did wonder recently about alleged racist slogans painted by Brexit enthusiasts – some of those could easily be false flags by Remain enthusiasts. Who to trust? Nobody, really, just nobody at all. Not the FBI, certainly.

    15. Sgt. Mom Says:

      “There is another key reason for Dallas to NOT want FBI involvement.”

      After this week, who has any reason to really trust the FBI? J. Edgar and Eliott Ness must be revolving in their graves like Black & Decker drills.

      Dr. K – does your daughter have any interesting insights that she can share?

    16. Grurray Says:

      What a gutless, dirty scumbag. Everybody else at that self-defense school is there to protect themselves against people like him. Of course he goes to a peace rally with the cops are disarmed. That’s the last place the only people trained to stop him – the self-defense advocates he trained alongside – would be.

    17. Sgt. Mom Says:

      And hold up your hands, all Chicagoboyz and commentors here who were NOT expecting a long, hot and violent summer…

    18. Will Says:

      I don’t see much daylight between Islam and Black Nationalism. NOI are often dismissed as lunatics, and indeed they may be, but harmless they ain’t. Many are in positions of power in large urban areas, including police departments and have been for decades. Remember that Ahmadinejad met with Farrakhan and the Black Panthers while in NYC after his infamous UN address.

      I believe Saudi Arabia is involved with quite a few urban banks, rumors persist that’s where the bankrolling of the 44th came from. Omar Mateen’s online instructor was involved with the blind sheik, and was a former Marine. We’ve got a “compound” about twenty miles up the road from us, supposedly affiliated with the one in upstate N.Y. The list goes on and on and on. Plenty of training available. This lineage of armed insurgency goes back forty years at least, active or not.

      As Herschel Davis said “It’s a really great country with a lot of bad people in it”

      Texas may be a free state in many ways, but it’s got it’s share of rats as well:

    19. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:

      Lest we forget, the same FBI that turned Hillary loose is rounding up every armed suspect they can identify at the Bundy ranch standoff, more than two years ago:

      Black lives matter. Rich well-connected democrats matter. Rural red-staters desperately trying to hold the regulatory leviathan at bay through armed civil disobedience do not. WE WILL GET YOU EVENTUALLY, is the message here. Union members of the Democrat-controlled law enforcement cartel are somewhere betwixt and between. Useful servants, yet expendable it seems.

      Every time I think I have plumbed the depths of despair for my raped and battered Republic I get punched in the gut again…. and then I order more heirloom seeds, more mason jars, more ammunition.

    20. Tom Holsinger Says:

      This is urban guerilla warfare incited by Americans – the media and other leftists. It won’t stop until the incitement does. That will very likely be done, eventually, by forcible means. But the incitement will end.

      Start thinking about what it will take to shut down this incitement because it’s gonna happen. Many, MANY, other massive cultural changes will be necessary to do it by force.

      The Spanish Civil War is coming.

    21. Will Says:

      It’s very unnerving. My feeling is that they have already gone so far, they can’t possibly allow someone else come into office and begin examining their deeds. The Attorney General egging on the protesters today? Bad news. yet more bad news. Incitement indeed.

    22. Trent Telenko Says:


      The issue here is that the people doing the inciting are acting from self-identity issues.

      They would literally rather die than stop inciting, because it is who they are.

      The problem for them is that what can’t go on forever, won’t. Americans will not put up with such violence and will act independent of government to put an end to it if that is what is necessary.

      Tom H’s point is that if it really takes killing these inciters to stop the urban guerilla violence violence they are fomenting. What ever cultural and political changes in America necessary to end that incitement will happen.

      Hence, “The Spanish Civil War (TSCWIC) is coming.”

    23. Trent Telenko Says:

      >>This is urban guerilla warfare incited by Americans – the media and other leftists.
      >>It won’t stop until the incitement does.


      Consider that Micah Johnson was a quality inspector & driver for MRAP armored trucks for several years for a defense contractor in Garland Texas after his tour in Afghanistan.

      Johnson had a full time job with Army Reserve money coming in.

      Johnson had everything needed for a middle class existence and was in the top 10% of black men in the DFW area.

      Instead of using the “eff me money” to chase women like most men in their 20’s, he used it to buy guns, body armor, explosives, and combat training while mainlining “Hate Whitey” BLM social media incitement.

      IOW, Johnson got a bigger dopamine hit from hating whites than sex.

      That ought to scare the living Crap out of you because the incitement that set off Johnson is getting much worse.

      And the parallels between the ISIS social media incitement of Omar Mateen and the BLM social media incitement of Johnson are just as close as the social background of 9/11/2001’s Saudi upper middle class attackers to Johnson as a African-American upper middle class suicide attacker.

    24. Will Says:

      I saw this earlier:

      Excellent question. My wife’s evening commute was seriously impacted by “protesters”. She took umbrage at my suggestion that the Dallas assassin and the people that endangered public safety last evening were on the same team.

    25. Trent Telenko Says:

      Trust the UK Daily Mail to report on “politically incorrect” Dallas current events better than the Dallas Morning News does.


      Dallas sniper was sent home from Afghanistan for sexually harassing a female soldier who said he bought her Victoria’s Secret underwear – then ‘got in touch with bad folks and went all Black Panther’

      Read more:

    26. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Pathetic, how we have to go to British newspapers to get up to the minute news, but I guess that is because they still have reporters — who, you know, go out there looking for the facts — not party activists with bylines.

      My daughter rather suspected that Johnson was a problem troop, when on active duty; resentful, disruptive, not a team player. A sexual harassment complaint was just the final straw for his commanders.

    27. PenGun Says:

      “I suspect we are looking at hours and hours of laser tag and many more hours of 1st person shooter “twitch” games, particularly “America’s Army**” ”

      That’s a terrible shooter. No one plays it. Right now tactics is best practiced playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. The most widely played, team based, shooter in the world. For true fanatics the Arma series of games offers very realistic physics and closely modeled game play. The realest shooter out there perhaps.

      I spent last night playing Fallout 4 and after getting my Assault Rifle how I like it, I took it and did lay down many double tapped headshots in quite a few locations. I cut my teeth on Stalker the best of the lot. A terrifyingly real shooter that registers many ‘rage quits’ in the first few hours. It’s a bit too real and you die a lot till you figure out you cannot expose your self to any fire at all and expect to live. I learned to snipe from the back of the room there. I learned that if you face serious opponents, one shot is all you get from any location. My shoot and scoot is a work of art as it entails relocating them, as well as myself.

      Yeah, tactics are easily learned this way.

    28. PenGun Says:

      “What a gutless, dirty scumbag. Everybody else at that self-defense school is there to protect themselves against people like him. Of course he goes to a peace rally with the cops are disarmed. That’s the last place the only people trained to stop him – the self-defense advocates he trained alongside – would be.”

      He fought them to a standstill, with fire and maneuver. They killed him with a bomb robot because nothing else was working.

      Gutless really does not apply here. I thought the idea of everyone having guns was to stop the government from taking your freedom. He perhaps decided he would exercise that right as well. Police shooting black people in large numbers, is apparently what set him off.

    29. Trent Telenko Says:

      Note, Johnson was an MRAP driver for Navistar International before and not after his Afghan tour.


    30. Mike K Says:

      “Dr. K – does your daughter have any interesting insights that she can share?”

      We had an hour long breakfast this morning. She doesn’t have much to add. I try not to harass her about Comey. She still thinks he was right about intent and is sure there was more to the sub CPO who had photos of the engine room.

      One comment was interesting. She spent some time going to Dearborn when she was stationed in Detroit. She says the city is very clean and the homes are very well kept. It is because they are all earning a living and not on welfare. The Turkish kids in Germany all go to Turkish schools and never learn good German.

      She also spends a lot of time talking to Spanish speaking people who are on Medicare and Social Security after being brought here in “family reunification” immigration rules.

      She sounds almost conservative talking about immigration. She is working health care fraud now.

      “Police shooting black people in large numbers, is apparently what set him off.”

      Which, of course, is a leftist myth. The data is all the other way. Eight times as many cops shot by blacks as the other way round.

    31. Trent Telenko Says:

      >>That’s a terrible shooter. No one plays it. Right now tactics is best practiced playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. The most widely played, team based, shooter in the world. For true fanatics the Arma series of games offers very realistic physics and closely modeled game play. The realest shooter out there perhaps.


      That may be so.

      “America’s Army” was the game most likely to have been available to Johnson in his
      Afghan tour of duty down time.

    32. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:

      >Police shooting black people in large numbers, is apparently what set him off.

      You keep plumbing new depths for malicious bullspit, Penny. I don’t understand why you haven’t been banned yet.

      Expanded Homicide Data Table 3
      Murder Offenders by Age, Sex, and Race, 2011
      White 4,729
      Black 5,486
      Other 256
      Unknown 4077

    33. Will Says:

      Good ‘ol Daily Mail. During the Marathon massacre they had news and photos that none of the U.S. papers did.

      Gotta say, that Miles Davis sure looks good for his age.

      I was on ships during my enlistment and at that time there were no women aboard, so I can’t speak to the harassment situation, but I’ll bet it was more than that, that got sent him back. Good chance his “interests” were already an issue in the unit and that was the catalyst, but the negligee was the p.c. entry on the service record.

      I’ll bet morale has been horrible, Vietnam-era or worse horrible, these past eight years.

    34. Tom Holsinger Says:

      This is an inflection point.

    35. Trent Telenko Says:

      Again, the UK DAILY MAIL goes where the politically Dallas Morning News will not.

      The MAIL gives the name and picture of the woman soldier Micah Johnson harrassed in Afghanistan.

      Johnson fixated on Anna Ma, an American woman of Vietnamese heritage, sent her Victoria Secrets under garmants and he was also caught stealing women’s undergarments from more than one female soldier in his unit.

      The article states:

      According to legal documents, Anna begged for a ‘protective order against Johnson pertaining to myself, my family home and any other place of residence I may reside at’.

      Wells Newsome, who served alongside Johnson in Afghanistan, wrote on Facebook: ‘We all knew he was a pervert cuz [sic] he got caught stealing girls’ panties, but murdering cops is a different story.’

      Johnson waived his right to a military court hearing in the wake of the allegations. Despite the claims, he left the Army in April 2015 with an honourable discharge. Glendening said: ‘Someone really screwed up – but to my client’s benefit.’

      See headline and article link below:

      Pictured: The female soldier who ‘pervert’ Dallas cop killer sexually harassed as colleague reveals murderer used to ‘steal girls’ panties’

      Dallas gunman Micah Johnson was accused of stalking a female soldier
      Army reservist was sent home from Afghanistan after Anna Ma made claim
      She begged for a protection order after he allegedly sexually harassed her
      Johnson’s colleague said he was a ‘pervert’ and ‘stole girls’ panties’
      Despite the allegations, he left the Army with an honourable discharge
      Johnson shot 12 police officers, killing five, during rampage on Thursday

      Read more:

      It now looks like this series of events left Micah Johnson filled with rage, looking for someone to blame and vent his rage upon.

      Then came the incitement campaign known as “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, which gave focus and a target for this rage.

      IMO, there will be more Micah Johnson’s in our future.

    36. Trent Telenko Says:

      >>This is an inflection point.

      Micheal Yon seems to think so —

      Amid chaos, is suddenly uncorked the always-there lunatic fringe of society. Suddenly the actions of a serial killer look like the work of an insurgent or group. General criminality skyrockets, and what would earlier have been seen as just a bank robbery looks like part of a movement. (Whatever that movement is.)

      Groups or individuals who are honestly fighting for some cause — not just angry, or lunatics, or criminals unleashed — can have many separate goals, which often will be in opposition to one another. They will simultaneously fight the government while fighting each other.

      Some people just like to fight. Fighting is their cause, and they will latch onto any cause if it helps them get ammo.


      In the U.S., this could translate into the normal unleashing of the insane, of the criminal elements, of people who are merely fighting “the man,” ethnic divides of many sorts (white and black is the least of it), religious, and other motivations ranging from environmental terrorism to anti-globalism and endless sorts of backwater motivations that become wrapped in violence.

      Perfect breeding ground for militant Islam, and anti-Islamic violence also no doubt would raise its head.

      Nobody knows where this will go. It could quiet down from here and move on, or it might sink lower into a spiral of violence.

      If it increases to high levels, National Guard will not save the cities. They will be pop up targets. And every time they (are seen to) overreact, they fertilize the opposition.

      Law Enforcement and the government ultimately do not control the people. Control is an illusion, such as the illusion that the mahout controls the elephant. When the elephant loses his mind, the mahout gets flattened. Happens every time.


      The BLM movement has its own agenda and though not baseless is itself on the verge of terrorism. Meanwhile a completely different sort of people see the FBI as a puppet for the Clintons and other ‘elites’ who are not just above the law, they are the law.

      The problem at hand is straightforward: millions of Americans see injustice and disrespect for the population coming from the government, and the people arrive at this conclusion from different roads.

      Very important at this time that the government not overreact and draw more opposition.

    37. Trent Telenko Says:

      Aparently the 7-7-2016 shooter did not use a AR-15.

      He used a Sagia semi-auto version of the AK-74 type rifle chambered in the cheap to shoot and powerful 5.45x39mm.

      According to the article link below:

      The weapon reportedly had a 30 round magazine, single point sling, Magpul folding stock, and a rail system with a red dot sight.

      Red dot sights are extremely useful in urban CQB fighting and are used extensively in the US Army and USMC line infantry and various Special Forces units.

    38. PenGun Says:

      ““America’s Army” was the game most likely to have been available to Johnson in his
      Afghan tour of duty down time.”

      It’s available to anyone. I had a copy for a while. It’s just not very good compared to Counter Strike or many others. They are all available pretty well everywhere as well.

      “Police shooting black people in large numbers, is apparently what set him off.

      You keep plumbing new depths for malicious bullspit, Penny. I don’t understand why you haven’t been banned yet.”

      Yeah it’s a mystery all right. So why do you think he ‘went off the reservation’?

      It is interesting he chose a Russian weapon. The AK74 is widely used by their forces and in a game I would take it over an American weapon. The 5.45×39 is the standard Russian round, the gun would not need re chambering unless it had been chambered for the American market.

    39. raymondshaw Says:

      So Pengun’s fount of firearms wisdom comes from playing video games??

      If I were on the opposing side in that game, I would take a Barrett .50 cal (M107) and keep 1,500 yards between us. Who do you think would win?

      The only benefit of the 5.45 over the 5.56 that I am aware of is that the 5.45 has somewhat less recoil impulse. This makes some difference in full-auto, in semi-auto, not so much. For the civilian market, that benefit goes away. Let’s see if you can guess why.

      Ammo for both can be had for about $.25/rnd. But most people go with the 5.56, as the choice in firearms and accessories is vastly greater, plus most buy boxer primed brass ammo, which is easily re-loaded. Berdan primed steel case ammo can’t be.

      I don’t know why private hamburger chose
      a 5.45 for his flashy exit. For you, the reasons are obvious.

    40. PenGun Says:

      “If I were on the opposing side in that game, I would take a Barrett .50 cal (M107) and keep 1,500 yards between us.”

      You ever try to hit something with a sniper rifle? The main problem with a big gun like that is it’s fire rate and terrible handling. It’s a killer if you can hit anything, If you are just going to shoot someone from a long way away and they don’t know about it, it’s hard to beat, overkill for most things though.

      If I come after you with the gun the Dallas shooter used I’d probably kill you. Every time you fire, I have several seconds to maneuver. If I get within useful range, I can keep your head down as well.

      Now my tactics are good. My execution would be pretty poor in real life. I’m an old man, in surprisingly good shape, but not really up to the physicality of warfare. I was a good shot, way back in the last century, and can probably hit things with a scoped, or reflex sighted weapon, but I do not have the physical chops for war anymore. I do have good video game chops though, and enjoy them quite a lot.

    41. Will Says:

      The AK is the brand that Tupac had tattooed on his mid-section. There of course, is a tie-in. The shadowy Kahlid al-Mansour’s name has come up again, and his choice of hides is also very interesting. Did he move to the crowd, or did the crowd move to him?

      Looks as though details are going the way of the Orlando op.

    42. PenGun Says:


      Really for fun and jollies, I would take a Vintorez to that party.

      A silenced sniper, originally for the Russian special forces. It fires a necked out 7.62×39 round at subsonic speeds. The 9×39 round hits very hard and as it’s subsonic, it does it quietly. If he was as good with a Vintorez as he appeared to be with the AK74, there would be far fewer Dallas police alive today.

    43. PenGun Says:

      “The AK is the brand that Tupac had tattooed on his mid-section.”

      It’s on Hizbollah’s flag as well, could there be a connection?

    44. raymondshaw Says:

      “If I come after you with the gun the Dallas shooter used I’d probably kill you.”

      Only if you employed an ambush attack, as private hamburger did. And you would have to be close, within about 200m. It will wound beyond that range, but it would not be a reliable lethal round.

      If you are using subsonic rounds, then you have to be closer. The term silencer is a misnomer. Suppressor is a better term. They will reduce the sound level by about 30 decibels. From the perspective of the shooter, that is comparable to the difference in shooting without ear protection and shooting with ear protection. If you use a suppressor with supersonic ammo, you get the 30 db sound reduction, but you still get the supersonic crack. There are several gun stores in my town that sell suppressors. I have considered buying a couple, but I would rather not get my name on a BATF list. I don’t shoot much magnum or high-power rifle rounds, so don’t really see a need. I don’t generally wear ear protection either, and at just shy of 65, my hearing is just fine. Of course, I don’t shoot as much as I did when I was younger, but I do shoot.

      The M107 is a magazine fed semi-auto. It is sold to national armies all over the world. It is generally fired from the prone position, with a bi-pod support at the front. In Arizon where I live, there are many, many .50 BMG owners and shooters. The little trading post where I go for ammo sells .50 BMG is at least 6 different loads/brands. He sells bulk bags of spent brass for the reloaders.

      Private hamburger was fairly aggressive, but not very successful. In 1966, Charles Whitmn staged an ambush attack in Austin, Texas. He killed 16 and wounded 32 before his conversion into hamburger. This clown only killed 5 and wounded 7 + maybe 2 citizens.

      Do you still have that Daisy Red Ryder that you were such a crack shot with way back in the last century?

    45. Mike K Says:

      Whitman, like Oswald, was a Marine trained marksman.

    46. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that BLM (Black Lies Matter) has quietly become persona non grata in Texas, although they might be grudgingly welcome in Houston. The city administrators here (with the possible exception of Austin) are a pretty pragmatic lot. They’ll be looking at these fools, and the disruption and violence they encourage out of one side of their mouths while speaking civil rights out of the other … and quietly deciding – “No, not worth the candle.”

      There is a petition on to have them declared as a terrorist organization –
      – Which likely will not go any farther than any one of those petitions which the current administration finds embarrassing or inconvenient – but if the quiet majority of law-abiding citizens has already decided in their hearts that BLM is indeed a terrorist organization … well, that will make this long hot summer all the more interesting, won’t it?

    47. PenGun Says:

      “Only if you employed an ambush attack, as private hamburger did. And you would have to be close, within about 200m. It will wound beyond that range, but it would not be a reliable lethal round.”

      We are talking fire and maneuver. The last thing any sniper wants is someone who is stalking them. Their gun is designed to kill at a long range not for combat. They will normally run if they have any sense. Once you are located, your fire power is essentially neutralized as no one is going to give you anything other than a very fast moving, momentary, target. You will not know where I am once we are in combat, as I’ll hide. I will leverage your position and you will die.

      You don’t know much about modern assault weapons. They are deadly out to quite a range, but of course as combat weapons, not accurate out to those ranges. Certainly there are many 600 yard kills attributed to ordinary assault rifles. You miss the point though. If your gun is only going to fire every 3 – 5 seconds then any time you fire it there is lots of time to make ground. If that’s accompanied by judicious suppressing fire, the maneuver part will very likely succeed. You lose enough ground and you will die.

      As all serious shooter players have, I have spent my time holed up in the corner of a garage/bunker/etc, waiting for the enemies, to attempt an attack. I have piled up many bodies in these situations, to the point that they interfered with my line of sight. I would have sent the robot right away.

    48. raymondshaw Says:

      Pengun needs an intervention.

      But I have a way to beat him, no matter his skill set level of fiendishly clever killing schemes. “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.
      It’s the only way to be sure.”

      Glad to know that I am so ignorant of modern assault rifles. While I make no claims of superior weapon knowledge or skills
      to any man, I have at least a passing knowledge of firearms in general. I even have a few. More than can be counted with both your and my fingers and toes combined.

      As far as the accuracy of a modern assault
      weapon goes, lots of FN Scar 17 owners will tell you different.

    49. Trent Telenko Says:

      The UK Daily Mail has a photo of the dead perp.


    50. Trent Telenko Says:

      Things are escalating out of control.

      A BLM activist invaded a cop’s home, chased his family and got shot dead by the cop.


      Authorities said Gebhard, 20, and the officer were acquainted, and Gebhard made Facebook threats to the officer’s family and “uninvolved members of the community” in advance of the Saturday encounter with the unidentified officer.

      Gebhard threw a 50-pound concrete planter through the window and entered the Lakeshire residence as the officer’s wife, mother-in-law and two young children struggled to escape through a bedroom window, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. The off-duty officer shot and killed Gebhard.

      “I don’t think the officer had a choice — I honestly don’t,” Belmar told reporters on Saturday, labeling the situation “a very difficult position to be in.”

    51. raymondshaw Says:


      The sofrep link in your 9:43 AM post has a link to thearmsquide.
      Towards the bottom of the copy you will see the word ‘graphic’
      in bold. It is a link to non-pixelated picture of private hamburger. Commenter Rick D. at thearmsguide notes the the perp appears to be wearing a plate carrier in coyote brown. That is the real edge he had with the DPD. They needed to make a head shot, or else riddle his legs. I hope the robot didn’t get scratched when his charge detonated.

    52. Trent Telenko Says:


      Thanks. The Dallas police chief is most put out that those photos have been released.

      However, note that the DPD was unarmored in this gunfight per a “de-escalation” policy towards such events.

      The protest event was not planned as a march early on and “spontaniously” turned into one.

      The DPD is investigating that “spontaniously” facet very damned closely.

      To All —

      The very graphic and unpixilated phots of the dead perp here —

    53. Grurray Says:

      Ray, from that link: “The importation of rifles manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern in Izhmash, Russia was banned in 2014 by an Executive Order issued because of Russia’s aggression toward the Ukraine”

      That isn’t correct. Kalishnikov avoided that ban by spinning off their American subsidiary and selling 51% of it to American investors (who says protectionism doesn’t work?). Apparently business is booming for them along with the overall gun industry, so they made plans to keep operation going.

      Before this year they were importing rifles from Russia, but in January they announced they were opening a new factory in Florida for domestic production.

      A dealer search on their website shows several locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    54. Mike K Says:

      “You don’t know much about modern assault weapons. They are deadly out to quite a range”

      This, of course, is nonsense. There are many explanations about why the Army changed from target shooting for qualification to pop-up targets and quick reflexes in Vietnam.

      The principle one was that combat was taking place at short ranges and long range accuracy would be left to sniper-type weapons which the M16 is NOT.

    55. Will Says:

      Three shot in Michigan, at least one policeman dead. The push is on.

    56. Mike K Says:

      That courthouse is in St Joseph, MI and that is a resort town. Across the river is Benton Harbor, a largely black town with a long history of racial strife and riots.

      Just south is New Buffalo where we were two weeks ago and my sister was yesterday.

      Five will get you ten the shooter was a Benton Harbor type.

    57. Will Says:

      Steve Loomis lays the facts out, presumably in anticipation of the mob coming to town:

      Elsewhere, I saw that a Detroit detective was demoted for referring to BLM as terrorists. I guess the Chief isn’t aware of the petition at the White House calling for that designation.

    58. Will Says:

      Thank goodness the wife had that box of Kleenex by the chair…

      “two small towns whose only connections are two bridges and a powerful undertow of contrasts”.

    59. Will Says:

      Obama tells police “I’m your best hope” Spencer helps connect the dots.

    60. Trent Telenko Says:

      In the aftermath of the Dallas Black Lives Matter shooting, there is an electoral preference cascade in progress. A preference cascade that is -away- from Hillary.

      The latest Quinnipiac battle state polling of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania shows Trump ahead of Hillary in all three within the margin of error.

      The problem for Hillary is not Trump.

      It is that 3rd party candidates take more votes from her than Trump in those states.


      Hilarious Turn of Events – Third Party Candidates Hurt Clinton More than Trump…

      What remains is for Trump to seal the deal with the American public.

      I strongly suspect that the emerging BLM urban insurgency will have a great deal to say on that deal.

    61. Will Says:

      Firefighter was slashed at a Wal-Mart, and there are incidents popping up everywhere, and it’s only Thursday. Gun shop in California broken into, getaway car was believed to be from Oakland. I just read a post that Dallas Police had a warning a month ago of an attack, we’ll have to see if anything comes of that.

      I’m not sure that “Kleveland Open Karry” is a good move for public safety officials. They might want to re-think that.