My Big Fat Hillary Problem

So, it looks like Her Inevitableness is tottering on the way to her coronation, attended by throne-sniffing, lickspittle courtiers like Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who most notably got bent out of shape last night by Patricia Smith (the mother of former SEAL Sean Smith, killed in the 2012 mob attack on the US consular office in Benghazi) calling Her Inevitableness a liar. Such “lese majeste!” harrumphs the egregiously offended Mr. Matthews, whom I assume followed this up with a demand that those kids get off his lawn.

But I am not here to thump Chris Matthews, richly though he might deserve it; I am here to meditate upon my present big fat Hillary problem. I say ‘present’ because way back when she was the First Lady, and for a brief time when she was a former First Lady, and warming a chair in Congress as a remarkably lackluster politician – I didn’t really care one way or the other. Frankly, I would have had a lot more respect for the woman if she had dumped her horn-dogging hubby as soon as they moved out of the White House over his sexual games with interns – but then I am a woman who does not suffer being humiliated in front of a national audience. And then my problem with Hillary, Her Inevitableness really developed.

This problem of mine sprang from two sources, starting around the beginning of the 2008 election season. One – which I shared with my daughter, who was at college at the time – was that suddenly, it seemed as if everyone assumed that because she was a woman … and I was a woman (my daughter being a woman also, although that should go without saying) that OF COURSE we would support enthusiastically and vote for her. OF COURSE we would support the First Woman President EVAH! And the other was how totally, cynically, Third World it was that the spouse of a former president should even be seriously considered as a viable candidate for that office herself on the basis of … really, not much. Sorry – as I said then and say now; this is still not Argentina and she is still not Evita, although the increasing resemblance to the first is more than a little disheartening.

And between then and now is the ghastly disaster that was Benghazi; four dead, including the ambassador to Libya – a disaster for which Her Inevitableness bears a large part of the responsibility, as the Secretary of State. She left her people in the lurch, and then lied over their dead bodies afterwards. And then there is the matter of electronic security over her email account, while serving in that office. Military people have been all but crucified over careless handling of secure communications – and high rank has offered no protection or excuse. Likely every secret service in the world has read her emails by now; I can only hope that they might leak them to the rest of us, so that we can find out what the hell went wrong in Benghazi after all.

In sum, this adds incompetence to the towering edifice of cynical entitlement and corruption that is Hillary, and no, I will not vote for her. Through the support of tools like Chris Matthews and massive vote fraud, she might very well be elected, too. From that I extract a small shred of comfort, in that she will be at ground xero when all the various disasters launched by the administration in the last eight years come crashing down to earth.

Discuss, if you can bear the crushing depression of contemplating Her Inevitableness being sworn in to the highest office in the land.

16 thoughts on “My Big Fat Hillary Problem”

  1. There is a realization that we have two of the worst candidates in 150 years. It might just as well be the 1850’s again. Look at the legions of 70 year old politicians and hangers on bending their convictions in knots to grab a further chance at a cabinet position. There are momentous problems in the country and the world and the citizenry is not yet ready to be told they have to pay to fix them. A Hillary or Donald makes you think you can push the inevitable disasters off a bit more. Just make the rich or reclaim a little “waste and fraud”. We are entering a time of both a renewal of the Crusades and the Cold War with just as many perils.

  2. The Man on the White Horse seems to be the peace candidate, oddly enough: the gangster’s moll is the warmonger.
    So much for the idea of kinder, gentler rule by women.

  3. She’s still got Kasich and the Bush family pulling for her, and of course the aforementioned Matthews, who could be seen sniffing around Uniparty operative Unruh last evening on the convention floor. We may yet get another “first”.

    Of course, I’m hoping otherwise.

    She’s been signaling to the shock troops for more blood with her racist rhetoric, and that may indeed be in the cards. The revolution is going to have to “stay woke”.

  4. “Ah those crusades.”

    That name Mohammed keeps turning up !

    I wonder why ? The motive is still unknown according to the local magistrate.

  5. Here is the sad part. French authorities were looking for an attack, but they were expecting it to come from
    right wing gun owners

    But Mr Calvar, 60, warned there is evidence that radical Right-wing French groups have been massing arms in preparation for their own attacks on mosques and synagogues…

    Mr Calvar said he particularly feared ‘punitive expeditions in the suburbs’ to make immigrants pay collectively for alleged crimes by a minority.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll never get past their political bias against their own common folk, who are going to blamed one way or the other even if it means letting Muslim terrorism destroy the country.

  6. ” it looks like they’ll never get past their political bias against their own common folk”

    Why should they be different from us ?

  7. We elected the historic first black president. Several years later, relations between American blacks and whites are worse than I remember in my lifetime.

    I an not looking forward to what election of the historic first woman president will do to relations between American women and men.

  8. “radical Right-wing French groups have been massing arms in preparation for their own attacks on mosques and synagogues”: I love the creativity of “and synagogues”.

  9. Back in the day, some here might recall that when a woman was struggling with life in some way, one would hear the cliche, “Well. she’s just a poor woman.” This was meant as an expression sympathy. Now, I imagine it is read heard as condescending and various plastic “ist-ing.”

  10. Of course, I meant to add that Hillary is playing subliminally the “I’m just a poor woman”role.

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