Has Hillary Clinton Gone Full Cat-Lady?

Hillary Clinton is famous for the term “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” to “otherize” the conservative movement.

Yesterday she came out with the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0” — The Vast Vladimir Putin-led “Great Extreme Nationalist Conspiracy.”

Pardon me but...What the H*ll?!?

As Sundance over at The Last Refuge put it:

Secretary Hillary Clinton, campaigning to become President of the United States, actually gave a public speech claiming that Vladimir Putin was using mind-control to manipulate nationalist inhabitants of planet earth in a grand conspiracy against her campaign.

And if you don’t believe her, YOU are the conspiracy theorist.

Think about that for a few minutes.

Folks like Alex Jones at Infowars and Milo Yiannopoulos at Breitbart are delighted.  Hillary rewarded their troll-ish behavior with more eyes than they ever could have gotten themselves.

The first rule of the Internet is Do Not Feed the Energy Creatures.  It lets folks like Joseph Watson at Infowars post videos like this —

There is one more person that is thanking the All Mighty for Hillary’s speech…Donald Trump.

While Hillary’s campaign staff may have panned the speech as a way to duck a debate with Trump by painting him as “an extremist,”  it feeds the revived and remade by the Alt-Right  meme of the CRAZY CAT LADY.

The old CRAZY CAT LADY meme involved near senile old hags scaring small children at the edge of their picket fences.  This one has been around since Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

The Alt-Right CRAZY CAT LADY meme — which is borrowed from the pickup-artist/seduction  community — reshapes the old-hag meme to apply to college-graduate career women who have spend all their prime attractive years from 18 to 36 taking birth control and chasing bad-boy cads while leaving good but boring men behind.  Then discovering as they approach their ’40s there is no one out there for them to marry and settle down with, save for their cats.

Part and parcel  of that Alt-Right CRAZY CAT LADY meme is advertising scientific studies about the fact that hormonal birth control makes women act and smell different — act less sexy — during the most fertile days of their monthly cycle.

Making this study popular study is a huge indictment of feminism in general and first-generation feminists in particular.  It is intended as such.  Such offensive but hard-truth lines are intended as an opening move of a seduction routine for career women on the “cat lady track”.

That Hillary as a “first generation feminist” is parroted by Milo Yiannopoulos in a Presidential-candidate address citing that birth-control study shows that the Alt-Right is living in Hillary’s head rent-free.

It was Hillary’s Megyn Kelly moment.

That Trump, who Hillary accuses of being Alt-Right, recognizes that point goes without saying.

Trump is going to use this “Hillary the CRAZY CAT LADY” meme for all that is worth between now and election day.

29 thoughts on “Has Hillary Clinton Gone Full Cat-Lady?”

  1. Nationalism, i.e. loyalty to your nation, is now extreme and racist. I suppose this was the end result of the Left’s hatred of America. And Breitbart is supposed to be the leader of this White Supremecist movement, even though Breitbart himself was Jewish. This was a desperate move and counter-productive. It may be a significant turning point. It only highlights the unprecedented and expansive nature of Trump’s support. The old tired narratives that the Left used to employ in attacking the opposition don’t work anymore.

  2. I’m not particularly pro-Trump. What I am is extremely anti-Hillary, and anti-Never-Trump.
    No matter how flawed Trump is, the fact that he’s pushing back against her garbage speech yesterday places him far above other recent GOP nominees, who would have been sputtering apologies for how awful they are personally, and how horrible the vast majority of their party base is. Shrieks of “RAAAACISM!” need to be laughed at. Not reasoned with, because they are beyond reason. Not argued with, because they are attempts to shut down argument. Laughed at and mocked and shoved back in their faces. “That’s all they have left” is perfect.
    If only he were more serious. If only one could confidently believe he’ll be prepared for the debates.

  3. As I have said before, Vladimir Putin is one of the few adults in international politics. Very many of the rest, come across as petulant children.

  4. I didn’t see it but I’ve seen some postings of a video of Hillary ignoring questions from the media and offering them chocolate treats (I guess they earned their reward after being taught to sit, beg, and roll over) .. Trump needs to put that on an 24/7 loop somewhere.

    Why does it not surprise me that our friend Pennie has a hard0n for Putin??

  5. But Preposterous Pennie is right on this one: however much Putin is an unscrupulous ex-KGB thug, at least he seems to be rational, intelligent and “adult”.

    Has he been as reckless as W, as feckless as O, as foolish as Merkel, as corrupt and treasonous as Hellary? If so, he’s hidden it well.

  6. PenGun actually has a point. Putin’s a Russian nationalist, and is able to be open and honest about that. Most of the West is led by politicians who hate their own countries, and have to lie about their true goals and motivations, and even pretend up is down when reality intervenes.

    It was truly bizarre in 2008 to hear the “argument” made that if only we were nicer to Putin, he would come around to our goals and motivations, as if he were a child who had his feelings hurt by that mean old W, instead of actually just plain having different interests.

  7. Trent…” scientific studies about the fact that hormonal birth control makes women act and smell different — act less sexy — during the most fertile days of their monthly cycle”

    From the studies I’ve seen referenced…and I haven’t spent the time to read the actual papers…it goes beyond that. The assertion is that hormonal birth control can influence women to choose men that they otherwise wouldn’t have chosen, along two dimensions: (1) it is asserted that there are immune-system preference factors that choose women to subconsciously be more attracted to men with immune system characteristics different from their own…and that this factor can be inhibited by hormonal birth control, and (2) that hormonal birth control can influence women to choose men who are less ‘masculine’, as indicated by facial profile and testosterone level, than they otherwise would have preferred.

    Now, even if these influences are real, there would still be the question of how strong they are in comparison with the other 40 million factors involved in mate choice….but if they are real and significant, then there would be implications for both public health and marital happiness.

  8. Jocelyn Wildenstein would be insulted.

    Putin was a colonel in the KGB. The shadowy 44th is rumored to have family connections to the outfit. Hillary-Alinsky. I’m thinking more and more that Diana West is right. Bannon is now on the Trump train, and the “alt-right” is thundering along. He better give the internet away, hell’s a-comin’.

  9. In other news, the Kurds were tossed under the bus today. Kerry: “We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurdish initiative. Working with them, with some elements of the Kurdish forces, was conducted on a very limited basis ”

    Oh well. Biden was met by the deputy mayor in Ankara yesterday. He has little choice. ;)

    This Putin playing Go.

  10. “Vladimir Putin is one of the few adults in international politics.”

    I agree and Trump has been attacked for saying something like this.

    “Vladimir Putin is one of the few adults in international politics.”

    Yes, and Trump may be the only US nationalist in politics with a following.

    I have been saying for a year that is is going to really be interesting.

    I also agree about the Kurds being a victim of Obama and Kerry’s feckless love affair with Islam, Turkish and Iran style.

  11. I think HC may have bypassed the “cat-lady” phase and has gone full “Crazy cat lady” phase, its like the cat lady phase only the cats are imaginary…Russian, racist and purple.

  12. Putin isn’t so clever. He’s merely rational about his and (to some extent) his country’s interests, not pathologically risk-averse, and competent to accomplish his limited goals. We on the other hand have incompetent leaders with delusional goals. We also have a voting public that largely believes that delusional national goals aren’t a problem, because none of our international blunders can possibly affect them personally. Putin was a marginal international player, and Russia a basket case, until Obama was elected.

  13. Opening salvo to a deal. Take the money, fit the plan. Or die.
    It is interesting to watch the posers convert. The rest? Refugees, sort of. Of course, the spice must flow.

    I hear hell pays very well. Heaven, well no one much wants to deal with being in management.

  14. “Putin was a marginal international player, and Russia a basket case, until Obama was elected.”

    Jonathan, you put it very well.

    I am currently looking for a bolt hole if Hillary wins.

    I think it is a race between economic collapse and a war,

  15. Putin is in retreat on many fronts. All the cyberhacking of our elections has been to obscure his weakness at home and on his immediate borders.

    Recently he fired his long time Chief of Staff in what looks like a power struggle of sorts. The person he replaced him with has some rather odd qualifications


    Mr Vaino argues that the economy and society in general have become too complex to manage by traditional means. Governments need to seek new ways of regulating and controlling them.
    The article describes a new device called a “nooscope” which, it says, can tap into global consciousness and “detect and register changes in the biosphere and in human activity”.
    The “nooscope” bewildered many in Russia this week. Does the device really exist, they asked. What does it actually do? Is Mr Vaino really serious?

    Ummm… adults?

  16. Putin managed to kill 15,000 Russian servicemen and paid mercenaries (Per Gruz-200 counts) in Donbas and in artillery-heavy “medium intensity” wars casualties geerally outnumber wounded by 10 to 1.

    The Ukraine lost 1/3 as many _total casualties_, not dead…and boy, are they p*ssed.

    (Use this link http://stailker.livejournal.com/2040433.html with Chrome language translation on. It works marginally in Google’s Russian to English translation engine)

    Right now the Ukraine’s active service tank fleet is bigger than the German, British and French Army’s combined. (Note: This is not hard as the German Army only has four active duty tank battalions with less than 200 tanks)

    Ukraine is also fielding guided missiles to it’s heavy rocket launchers to counter Russian S400 SAM with the Olkha GMLRS program, see:


    o entirely new design.
    o Thruster controls.
    o Range comparable to the SS-21 SCARAB TBM i.e. ~120 km.

    See for reference:


  17. Trent, we have way better numbers, but you are welcome to yours. ;)

    The Russians gave leadership and some weapons, there were lots there already, to the Novorussian forces. It was the special forces leadership that made most of the difference. As we have historical evidence that the Novorussian forces basically sliced and diced the Ukrainian forces, creating numerous ‘boilers’ that killed large numbers and culminating with the Debaltsevsky fiasco, your claims are moot. The Debaltsevsky boiler killed 3500 Ukrainins. This was denied so they piled up the bodies and counted them, invited anyone to come do the same. The reason Minsk2 happened at this point is the Novorussians were about to break out, after this little massacre.

    Even the Russians did not want this so a deal was made. One that could never be implemented as Poroshenko would be killed if he tried to make the constitutional changes necessary.

    The present government in the Ukraine can be understood by simply taking everything they say as a lie. Try it, you’ll find everything makes more sense that way. ;)

  18. Pengun,

    In Dec 2014 the NGO “Mothers of Soldiers in Russia” rebroadcast a Russian military source claimed 7,500+ KIA RF Army regulars.

    Mothers of Soldiers, plus UA disclosures on the uniforms recovered from dead Russian soldiers, show that a large proportion of the killed and wounded troops were 45th Spetsnaz Regt, the 76th Airborne Bde at Pskov, and other Western VO Airborne units, likely the 98th and 106th Airborne. Other units UA reported as “chewed up” in Donbass are components of the Southern VO, mostly Motorized Bdes.

    Compare the units above to my personal list of Putin’s Russian Regime Security Forces not to be risked:

    45th Spetsnaz Regt,
    76th Airborne Bde at Pskov,
    98th Airborne Bde,
    106th Airborne Bde,
    Southern VO Motorized Bdes,
    MVD/FSB SWAT assault troops,
    FSB special forces,
    GRU special forces,
    2nd Taman Guards Armored Bde,
    Naval Infantry from Murmansk

    Of particular interest to me was the use of the 45th Spetsnaz Regt — which spearheaded the 1979 Afghan invasion — as the black masked troops during the take over of Crimea and in the uprising in Donbas.

    The 45th Spetsnaz Regt are the most politically reliable of the Spetsnaz Regiments and were roughly the equivalent of David Drake’s “White Mice” military police/special forces pathfinder/assassins in his Hammer’s Slammer’s military science fiction series.

    For background see:


    Short form —

    Umland and Galeotti show quite clearly that the Russians attempted to simultaneously launch a bogus uprising across all of the capitals in the NovoRossiya arc from Odessa near Moldova out to Kharkiv.

    The only place they had any success — even using “tourists” and 45th Spetsnaz Regt. — was in Luhansk city, Donetsk city, Slavyansk town, Snezhnoye, as in these urban centers there were sufficient numbers of ethnic Russian locals prepared to protest for money, and the local law enforcement was completely bought off with Russian money.

    The determinants of success were the concentration of ethnic Russians available to chant in the streets for payment, and the level of corruption in the law enforcement and other govt agencies. Donetsk and Luhansk city, and some of the other urban centers in central-eastern Donbas met that requirement.

    Everywhere else it flopped.

    The most socially decayed and rotten parts of Ukraine were the only places the Russian game worked, and that required active deployment of the 45th Spetsnaz SOF to do the heavy lifting.

    As a result of its work in Donbas, the 45th Spetsnaz Regt. suffered on the order of 200%(+) turn over. That is every man in the original unit and all their replacements were killed or wounded.

    You would have to look to USMC assault units on Iwo Jima and the 6th Marine Division’s on Sugar Loaf Hill at Okinawa to get that level of military unit blood letting.

  19. “You would have to look to USMC assault units on Iwo Jima and the 6th Marine Division’s on Sugar Loaf Hill at Okinawa to get that level of military unit blood letting.”

    Or US tank crews in Sherman M 4s in Normandy. Their casualties were 600% according to Belton Cooper’s “Death Traps.”

    I think Putin will try to take enough Ukraine to make a land bridge to Crimea. I doubt Russia’s capability to do more even with Obama’s help.

  20. We are delusional and have drunk the koolaid. About what I expected.

    Having followed the entire conflict with great interest, you can be sure I’ve tasted the koolaid that fills the western press. Taste’s like … starts wit p and ends with ss.

    After the coup, when it became apparent that the Donbass region would not be on side for this, the fascists involved sent the Ukrainian army to ethnically cleanse the east of the country. That is where the industrial heartland of the Ukraine is. This did not work out all that well as the Donbass and Lugansk had serious military bases and people ready to fight. The Russians supplied very fine leadership for this force, some weapons and quite a few volunteers. This is after all, the classic war against fascism, restarted. Some reading about Ukrainian fascists, whose roots go back to Bandara and his like, who fought for Hitler may be needed.

    As for the combat, it was generally one sided, as it had to be as the east was heavily outnumbered. I have watched the complete annihilation of moderate sized Ukrainian units, at the hands of these people, and many other engagements as well. The Debaltsevsky boiler was a work of art, but at that point they were starting to really work together well. I doubt the breakout would have got far as the Russians would not support that, for various reasons. ;)

    The actual combat was fascinating, remember, everyone has a phone that does video. Nothing flew. Well the Donbass rebels did field an SU 24, but that was really just to upset the Ukrainians who could fly nothing. The environment according to one US General, was toxic, as the EW the Russians gave the rebels was comprehensive.

    Tanks were protected, well by the rebels anyway. They were part of units and used as serious fire support. They were not exposed, and a small team of anti tank troops, armed with anti tank missiles always accompanied them, and did kill many vehicles of various kinds.

    Your sources are largely part of the universal western propaganda effort. Remember the US knocked over the freely elected Ukrainian government, to part the Ukraine from Russia, drag it into the western fold and put NATO bases in the Crimea, and it owns the media.

  21. “Your sources are largely part of the universal western propaganda effort.”

    You sound like a Russian troll now Pennie. Do you have multiple income streams ?

  22. I’ll go a little further. The part about the conflict that most impressed me is the power of modern weapons. Turrets 40′ from the MBT they were knocked of of. The complete destruction of serious forces in a matter of minutes, that kind of thing. It’s nothing like the play wars your forces have been involved with in the recent past.

  23. “You sound like a Russian troll now Pennie. Do you have multiple income streams ?”

    I wish. Just got through an especially tight month.

  24. FYI,

    Phil Karber was the foremost late Cold War analyst on the Central Front
    match up between the NATO and Warsaw Pact mechanized parks.

    He has been making a lot of visits to Ukraine’s Donbass front and below
    is a Radio interview by him electronically translated from Ukrainian to


    You can not judge generals for combat losses – US expert

    When civilians accuse officers over combat deaths and submit a claim to
    a court, the army can get thrown into the trash – Karber

    American military expert Phillip Karber doctor arrived in Ukraine the
    18th time. The first 17 times he went to the ATO area and prepared
    reports for the US military, and today at the invitation of its
    government collects materials on modernization of Ukrainian army and
    the possible use of NATO forces combat experience. Together with the
    generals of the General Staff Karber analyzes combat experience and
    points to necessary directions for improvement. The expert tracked
    combat in the east of Ukraine from the beginning, and that the
    Ukrainian military stopped the attack by Putin in the East, he calls a

    – What are you doing in Ukraine during this visit? How is it different
    from the past?

    – In my first visit to Ukraine, I was trying to
    understand what happens in a combat zone, and mostly was in the area of
    ​​so-called ATO. As you know, the US government forbade our military to
    go east, so it was a bit of information gathering. American politicians
    have vacillated – to support Ukraine or not, and vacillation and a lack
    of information are a bad combination. Phillip Karber

    In order to betterunderstand what is happening in the east, in the spring of 2014 I
    decided to personally go to Ukraine. I also called General Clark,
    former commander of NATO forces, we are friends since the 1970s. He is
    usually associated with the Democratic Party and the Republicans with
    myself, and I wanted the delegation to have representatives of both
    parties. I want to emphasize that the “Potomac” Foundation, which
    funded my trip – is an independent organization. We have not received
    funding from the Ukrainian or American government.

    We had a general in Ukraine about a week, and even then he said that military operations will increase in Donbass. As for the visit, a couple of months ago I
    contacted representatives from the US government and the US Army, and
    offered to write them a report on the Ukrainian army and fighting in
    the east, as well as recommendations about what they were. So this time
    I work in Kiev, communicate with the General Staff, analyze what
    happened in the last year and a half, and what to do in the future. In
    parallel, I think, as far as Ukrainian experience could be useful for

    – How do you assess the development of the Ukrainian army during the

    – It is very interesting to see how your army has changed. All
    visits I tried to be as close to your military – slept next to them,
    had meals with them and went on patrol. It is the only way to
    understand what is really going on – on the frontline.This is a
    miracle. Your soldiers managed to stop Putin!

    Given the state of the army in the war, the level of training of the
    troops, the number of vehicles and other achieve it – it’s a
    miracle. Your soldiers managed to stop Putin!

    Of course, he could have attacked with larger forces, but it’s still a miracle.The army has gone through several stages of development, particularly at first they were
    volunteers from the Maidan. But the war lasted, its intensity was
    increasing, and therefore their success became smaller – light infantry
    can not fight without communications and without adequate artillery
    support.I communicated with all commanders of brigades on the front,
    and there is none, under whom I or my son would not be ready to serve

    For eighteen months one could say the Russians trained the Ukrainian
    army, and now it is a different army! Of course, Russia can increase
    pressure, by using aircraft or even using nuclear weapons. But if they
    continue with present tactics, they will not advance. I communicated
    with all commanders of brigades on the front, and there is none, under
    whom I or my son would not be ready to serve.If people without military
    experience will accuse officers of military casualties, the country is
    doomed, and its armed forces will be to throw out the trash

    But there is bad news. In particular, the attacks on General Nazarov,
    Deputy Chief of the General Staff. People say that he has to answer for
    the deaths of soldiers in the transport plane, which was sent to
    Luhansk Airport to help. For me, this is nonsense – if people without
    military experience will accuse officers of military casualties, the
    country is doomed, and its armed forces will be to throw in the trash.

    -Are there precedents in the US Army?

    – I do not know of such cases. Yes,some officers do not carry out orders or make decisions that contradict the laws of armed conflict, but that’s another matter. The very essence of war – is the willingness of people to confront violence. If the
    General is sending a plane with 50 people, and the aircraft is shot
    down – is, of course, a tragedy, no less. But then what to do with the
    colonel that sends people to keep an important crossroads, and they
    fall under fire from a “Grad”? Court martial them? What to do with a
    sergeant who sends a message to the soldier at the headquarters, and he
    is ambushed?The army needed people to take responsibility for difficult
    decisions for the decisions that endanger the lives of soldiers. Even
    Machiavelli said that war is half luck, and if the officers will not
    make a decision until they are 100 percent sure, the enemy will take
    advantage of their passivity and win.Airports Holding was extremely
    important for several reasons. Any Airport would give Russia the
    opportunity to conduct military operations much faster and quickly
    change their vector

    The defence of the airports was extremely important for several
    reasons. First, if the separatists proclaimed autonomy, then
    international laws one of the indicators of this autonomy is an airport
    or seaport, which is why, incidentally, why the militants required
    Mariupol. Secondly, any airport would give Russia the opportunity to
    conduct military operations much faster and quickly change their
    vector. And thirdly, the separatists allegedly tried to create their
    own air force – Russia gave them a few planes.Therefore, it was
    important to keep the airports. When units at these sites get into
    envelopment must be addressed – pull them out or send in
    reinforcements. For example, in 1954 France during the war in Indochina
    lost the battle at the Điện Biên Phủ airport since adopted the wrong
    decision. In 1968 the US Army in a similar situation kept people on the
    base at Khe San for about six months , were sending reinforcements and
    won despite heavy losses. When you have to make military decisions, the
    likelihood of loss of life – is just one factor.

    – What military operations by the Ukrainian military did you judge successful and which not?

    Let’s start with the defence of Kramatorsk Airport. After that –
    liberation of Slovyansk, albeit with some reservations. Also successful
    was the raid by paratroopers under the command of Zabrodskiy – one of
    the deepest raids in military history.I would compare this attack with
    breakthrough tank Gen. Ariel Sharon in the Arab-Israeli war

    Another successful operation of paratroopers was the resistance against
    the attack by Russian troops in August 2014. Then the commander of the
    95th Michael Zabrodskyy broke through across the river Mius and the
    79th Brigade entered the Donetsk-Mariupol highway. I would compare this
    attack with the breakthrough by tanks led by Gen. Ariel Sharon in the
    Arab-Israeli war in 1973. I also believe a successful defense and
    retreat from Lugansk airport. Retreat is generally very difficult to
    conduct under pressure, and then on no one remembers them as a
    successful operation. Also successful were operations by the Air Force,
    for example, bombing equipment, which was sent to Russian separatists
    from across the border, or the evacuation of the wounded from the
    battlefield by helicopter units. The ruins of the Lugansk airport. July

    – And if we talk about the next stage of the war? Not on the
    offensive, but defensive?

    A successful example was the defense of Mariupol – the losses of the Russians in September-October last year in the sector were enormous when compared with the losses of the Ukrainian military. Then, the defense of Donetsk airport – in November and December the militants and the Russians did everything to capture it.
    I was told that one of the commanders of the separatist returned from
    another attack on the airport, shot his Russian curator

    They threw the elite soldiers of the 76th Pskov Division, an elite
    division from Chechnya, but all in vain. I was told that one of the
    commanders of the separatists returned from another attack on the
    airport, and shot his Russian handler. It was a successful defensive
    operation because the Ukrainian military stabilized the front and
    correctly used artillery – 85% of the casualties of the Russians and
    separatists – this is its job. As to the last day at the Donetsk airport
    – probably had to divert people when the control tower fell. But the
    decision not to withdraw troops from there was more political – would
    not argue with “cyborgs.” The ruins of the Donetsk airport. March
    2015 The Russians like the environment – they saw the conditional
    Debaltseve map pocket, tried to storm the bridgehead and lost
    soldiers. The Russians lost ten killed and wounded on each Ukrainian

    Regarding the defense of Debaltsevo, from September 2014 to February
    2015, it was a successful operation. The Russians like envelopments –
    they saw the opportunity for a pocket at Debaltseve, tried to storm the
    bridgehead and lost soldiers. By my count, the Russians lost ten killed
    and wounded for every Ukrainian. I myself saw their bodies lying in
    several rows. But, as Clausewitz said, war – a continuation of policy.
    Poroshenko went to negotiate with Putin, where the latter said that the
    Ukrainian army was being held hostage, and set a number of requirements
    that could be called a capitulation. Therefore, I think Poroshenko gave
    the Chief of the General Staff Viktor Muzhenko an order not to retreat,
    to not accept Putin’s conditions. When in Minsk they agreed to a
    ceasefire, after three days, Putin broke it. The goal was a Russian
    offensive in Kramatorsk, and Artemovsk further Kharkov. But they could
    not do it. Why? Because suffered huge losses!

    In Debaltsevo the bridgehead was several hundred vehicles – tanks,
    artillery, and so on. About 40% of them were left there, also blew up
    ammunition magazines, and the Russians took something from
    magazines. But the main thing that was saved were personnel. The goal
    was a Russian offensive against Kramatorsk, and Artemovsk, then
    Kharkov. But they could not do it. Why? Because they suffered huge
    losses! Also successful was the Battle of Marinka, which is discussed
    later by the Russian General Staff and changed its plans for the
    possibility of on offensive. Ukrainian soldier holding the flag of
    Ukraine mutilated by bullets at positions near the town of
    Marinka. June 2015

    – How can NATO and the US use the experience gained
    in eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainians?

    – We believe that our opponent will choose one strategy of military confrontation and did not exclude the possible use of nuclear weapons. But Russia has shown that
    individual elements can be used simultaneously – in one region there
    are separatists, in another – a full-scale invasion, and the third –
    threaten to use nuclear weapons. Understanding this – it’s very
    useful.While, as we have in recent years switched to special operations
    forces, Russia continues to develop massive offensive tactics

    Again shown the possibility of a high-intensity war – hence the need
    for battle tanks and artillery is important. While, as we have in
    recent years switched to special operations forces, Russia continues to
    develop tactics for mass offensives. SOF can destroy several tanks, but
    not stop a tank offensive.Also, a new trend was the widespread use of
    drones. We still have not come across with an enemy, who has so many of
    them. The use of UAVs, particularly for reconnassance in an “online”
    [Ed: realtime] regime, changes everything.Russian air defenses brought
    into question the possibility of widespread use of air power and the
    free world alliance today are very dependent on air support. We may use
    aircraft “stealth”, but that again will be attacks on individual

    – Do you still believe that Ukraine should receive lethal
    weapons from the US?

    – During the first trip to the East in the spring of 2014 I first found out that the US did not give Ukraine even body armor or night vision devices. So first we focused on them, and only later made ​​a list of the required assistance, which already had lethal weapons – Javelin and TOW-2 antitank systems . Also on the list
    were Harris encrypted digital radio stations, counter-battery radars,
    armored Humvee vehicle modification and unarmed MQ-9 Reaper UAVs. They
    can fly to a distance of about 700 kilometers for 20 hours. Ukraine has
    already received a number of vehicles, counter-battery radios and
    radars, and we still do everything so that Ukraine can receive
    anti-tank systems.

  25. Awesome. Ya know a cut and paste google effort simply defines ones lack of knowledge.

    In today’s news we have The SDF backed by the US fighting the FSA, backed by the US with Turkey, backed by the US supporting the FSA among others. The US is a completely flummoxed as it slams Turkey attacks on the SDF with “Unacceptable And A Source Of Deep Concern”.

    One might understand that some that some of us, who follow this every day, are quite amused.

    Judo … nah. ;)

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