2 thoughts on “Sixty-Five”

  1. Themistocles, Thucydides, the Peloponnesian War
    X squared, Y squared, H2SO4
    Who for? What for? Who we gonna yell for?

    Go atomic pile.
    Go atomic bomb.
    Go victory over Japan.
    Go saving a millions lives.
    Go victory in the Cold War.

  2. Times sure have changed.

    Can you imagine what would happen today if a bunch of physicist created a carbon pile reactor underneath a football stadium of if a contemporary Jonas Salk tested a new vaccine by injecting children in the elementary school down the street?

    Our forebears took risk that appear insane to us and yet we all benefited enormously. I wonder what we’ve lost out on in the last 40 years as we have grown progressively more timid?

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