Hurricane Prep

A friend of mine sent me this text message:

Fred neighbor asked if I was ready for biblical storm, if I had basics like wine, weed, porn, gold bars, DNA testing and foreign currency. I said, all set!

No worries.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Prep”

  1. Stay safe. I would go for about a dozen or two Imperial Stouts and the last ten or twenty books I’ve bought but haven’t read yet, but was planning to read if I ever found the time, which a storm of biblical magnitude just might provide.

  2. In one of the groups I’m on the fellow said it’s still 100 miles offshore and the winds are 12 miles an hour on the coast. Is it possible the weatherman are over hyping it for ratings?

  3. ” Is it possible the weatherman are over hyping it for ratings?”

    That’s what they said in Galveston in 1900.

    Be safe.

    And I hope my daughter in Charleston is bundled up.

  4. The media are always over-hyping these things. This storm could be very destructive. Both of these statements are true. The pols and media are responding to their own incentives. The media-political pro-evacuation drumbeat may get a lot of people killed one day if a storm overtakes them as they’re stuck in traffic on I-95 or the FL Turnpike. As always it’s up to individuals to make plans based on their own unique circumstances, and to disregard official advice that contradicts common sense.

  5. If you go on you can see the animation of the wind patterns. They also have some cool measurement tools and info about wind, precipitation, pressure, etc. I’ve been checking the hurricane and was hoping it would lose steam once it cleared the islands. No such luck. Even though the eye is offshore and the strongest winds are 45 degrees to the northeast, it’s still battering Cape Canaveral with 125 mph wind gusts. This thing’s a monster.

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