Worthwhile Reading and Watching

Makeup, mate choice, and political philosophy…an interesting piece by Sarah Hoyt.

Historical ignoramuses at American universities.  A professor has been quizzing his students for 11 years concerning their knowledge of some basis fact, and the trend is not positive.

Crybullies at Smith College…a student reports:

During my first days at Smith, I witnessed countless conversations that consisted of one person telling the other that their opinion was wrong. The word “offensive” was almost always included in the reasoning. Within a few short weeks, members of my freshman class had quickly assimilated to this new way of non-thinking. They could soon detect a politically incorrect view and call the person out on their “mistake.” I began to voice my opinion less often to avoid being berated and judged by a community that claims to represent the free expression of ideas. I learned, along with every other student, to walk on eggshells for fear that I may say something “offensive.” That is the social norm here.

The dark art of political intimidation.  A video by Kimberly Strassel.

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  1. “In a situation of complete control of ideology and public discourse and information blackout, the deployment of propaganda instruments to promote a policy and criticize its detractors created in the minds of ignorant youths a distinct and intense demarcation between right and wrong and love and hate that took the form of a desperate longing to put lofty ideals into practice. Any views opposed to or divergent from the object of this longing came under fierce mass attack.”
    Yang Jisheng, Tombstone–The Great Chinese Famine 1958-1962

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