Human Emotions and the Nuclear Codes

Two stories about Hillary Clinton:

1–Yossi Tzur, who lost his son, Assaf, in a terror bus bombing in Israel, described the meetings with a number of American officials that he participated in when he came to this country as part of a delegation including other families of terror victims:

“We were welcomed with warmth, with empathy, all heard us and gave us their attention, well, almost everybody.”

Tzur went on to describe the delegation’s meeting with Rudy Giuliani. “You could feel the warmth of the man, his humanity, his care,” he wrote. “You could see tears in his eyes when he told the stories. The meeting was scheduled for an hour, it took almost two hours and then he stood with us patiently taking photos with each and every one.”

From New York, the delegation went to Washington for a series of meetings, one of them was in the Senate with NY Senator Hilary Clinton. Tzur recalled that “we arrived at her office in the Senate and were shown into a small meeting room, it could hardly fit all of us, it was dark, crowded, it didn’t even had water on the table. So we waited.

“Time went by, 15 minutes, 30, an hour. Her aides were embarrassed saying she is coming any minute now. After an hour and a half Clinton arrived. 

“She looked as us seeing the group in the room, we could see she is not really there with us, we felt she was impatient and just looking to finish it and go. We felt really uncomfortable… Even before we could speak she said, you probably want a photo, come let’s go out, leading us to the stairs. There she asked us to stand on the stairs and one of her aides took the photo. We still wanted to talk to her, people came ready to tell her their story, she didn’t intend to hear, it looked she didn’t want to hear. With inhuman coldness she went out amongst us all and disappeared in one of the corridors leaving us shocked and disappointed.”

2–Linda Tripp, White House secretary during the Bill Clinton administration, describes the reactions of Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton while watching the horrible Waco “law-enforcement operation” (in which 76 people died, including many children) unfold on television:

“A special bulletin came on [CNN] showing the atrocity at Waco and the children. And his face, his whole body slumped, and his face turned white, and he was absolutely crushed knowing, knowing the part he had played. And he had played the part at Mrs. Clinton’s direction.

Her reaction, on the other hand, was heartless. And I can only tell you what I saw.”

Indeed, it seems obvious that Hillary Clinton does not possess the normal human complement of emotional reactions, that she is cold and robotic.  Something is definitely missing there.

Democrats and their supporters keep arguing that Donald Trump must not be trusted with the nuclear codes.  In my view–if a decision for or against a nuclear launch must be made, I’d prefer it to be made by someone that can understand at a visceral level what it means for real people.  Which would not be Hillary Clinton, who really does not appear to see other human beings as anything other than tools in her unending power games.

There has been much discussion lately about whether decisions in war can be entrusted to intelligent robots.  I’d rather not see the most important military decision of all time made by a human robot.


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  1. Let anyone believe Clinton a Hamas sympathizer, a very recent exposed leak reveals her regret the Gaza election which resulted in Hamas taking power hadn’t been rigged by US
    This kind of imperialist dirty trickster intervention she approves of and has engaged in from Libya to Kiev, Ukraine.

  2. The description of Hillary resembles the description of female terrorists from the 60s, which is when she was learning her role in the world. Think about Bernardine Dohrn who was queen of the Weathermen and is married to Bill Ayres.

    Read Fred Siegle’s book “Revolt Against the Masses,” which is about the radical left of the 60s. That’s where Hillary got her motivation and learned her methods. Bernardine Dohrn was the cold hearted leader of the Weathermen and Bill Ayres was a sort of goofy hanger on. The women ran the Symbionese Liberation Army. They were a group of radical leftist women who got involved with black prisoners by teaching reading in prison.

    Some activists within the New Left and the social justice movements compared the U.S. prison system to concentration camps designed to oppress African Americans. They believed that a majority of African-American convicts were political prisoners and that black power ideology would naturally appeal to them. Group member Willie Wolfe developed this ideology into a plan for action, linking student activists with prison militants.

    Wikipedia plays down the role of the women as organizers. They were the “new left” and the “social justice movement.” The women ran the thing. They were “the student activists.”

    She is as cold as ice and has always been more radical than Bill who is just a “lovable rogue” who likes women. He is also a skilled politician but that is kind of part of that personality.

    She is a sociopath and we will be very lucky if the voters recognize what she might do in time to vote her out, either by voting for Trump or staying home.

  3. Bill who is just a “lovable rogue” who likes [to rape] women. FTFY

    They are both sociopaths. And there are plenty more just like them in our political class.

  4. Stories of her horrific personality are legion. Yet I wager 95% of the public have never heard them.

    I browse AM radio stations in the morning. The last two morning The Steve Harvey Show has been pushing extremely hard to get people to vote for Hillary. I don’t know if they’re asking for skeptics to call in, or if that’s just what they’re getting. You know they didn’t have to that the last few elections. It makes one wonder if the Dems really are panicking. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on. Listening to the media one would still think that she has this in the bag. I’m amazed they don’t appear to have any final Friday bombs to drop on Trump.

  5. The day is young. I’ll be surprised if the media don’t put out at least a couple of manufactured/exaggerated revelations about Trump over the weekend.

  6. My daughter got a call this afternoon from some representing themselves to be from “Rock the Vote” – wanting her to vote Dem all the way. My daughter is even more conservative than I am. I leave it to your imagination what she said to the caller …

  7. What someone else had observed about the scarcity of yard signs for presidential candidates applies in my home city in OK.

    Just returned home from 16 day vacation which involved much driving. Chose more rural routes and avoided interstates in MO, TN, WV. But when I saw signs in “fly over” country, they were all, no exceptions, pro Trump. Hillary only showed in half dozen signs over the trip, signs saying “Hillary for Prison.”

    However, in destination area of Washington DC suburbs, saw almost no Trump signs in the neighborhoods, only Hillary signs.

    Later on trip back home crossed rural VA, NC, GA, LA, AL, AR. Again signs outside of major cities almost all for Trump, to my surprise including those in AR.

  8. A friend recommended two NYTimes articles that her son-in-law (a Syrian German) was impressed by; generally they disagree and some of the assumptions of the articles weren’t hers, but it did bring them to an agreement about the general fecklessness of Hillary. Here they are: “Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall” and “After Revolt, a New Libya ‘With Very Little Time Left,’”.
    As I was pulling them up to describe to my husband,I noticed the phrasing: “’We came, we saw, he died!’ she exclaimed.” Of course, I’ve heard that with her chortle several times. It had always bothered me; repeating them out loud I began to understand that gut reaction. Incapable of seeing American reasons for winning wars or conquering those who poison their own populations but taking a kind of cartoon delight in a foe’s death is personal, vulgar; it is what distinguishes the sociopath villain from the admirable hero – even in cartoons. The alteration of the old words of Cesar’s triumph to the personal are not the words of someone likely to take the role of Commander in Chief thoughtfully.

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