You are the someone.

tonopah shooting

I posted a bit on the role of the individual and terrorism last year.

We are a week from the Trump inauguration and there are all sorts of threats by the left to disrupt the inauguration.

What can individuals do ?

Tomorrow, my wife and daughter are going to drive to Tucson where we have bought a new home. They plan to leave early and about 10 AM will be passing the Tonopah turnoff on the way to Phoenix. Yesterday, there was quite a bit of excitement there.

According to Col. Frank Milstead, the director of DPS, the trooper was responding to the shots fired call when he came upon a single-vehicle rollover wreck near Tonopah. A woman had been ejected from that vehicle.

The trooper immediately stopped and began laying out flares.

DPS Capt. Damon Cecil said the trooper — a 27-year-veteran of the agency — was ambushed by the suspect when he got out of his vehicle at the scene of the rollover. The trooper was shot and wounded.

I have not yet heard if the suspect was crazy or what motive he might have had. A passerby stopped and told the suspect to stop his assault on the trooper. The passerby then went back to his car and got his gun. He told the suspect to stop or he would shoot him. He did not stop and the passerby shot and killed him.

Milstead, speaking from the hospital to which his trooper and taken, said an “uninvolved third party” who was driving by saw the trooper grappling with the suspect and stopped to help, eventually shooting and killing the suspect.

That civilian, using the wounded trooper’s radio, was the one who alerted DPS to the shooting.

“To the civilian on the DPS trooper’s radio, if you can hear me, I need you to let me know where the suspect is that got in an altercation with our trooper,” the dispatcher could be heard saying on the scanner.

“The suspect is … occasionally breathing or stirring. He’s been shot by a passerby,” the man with the wounded trooper’s radio calmly responded. “He’s laying right next to the officer.”

Arizona has been an open carry state since it was a state. The chief of the Department of Public Safety said his trooper would not be alive but for the passerby with the gun.

I am leaving a state that has become horribly corrupt since I first came here in 1956. I have much higher hopes for Tucson where we will be living after Monday.

It has been a hassle but I have high hopes for the new place in Tucson.

I am taking all my guns. California is Chicago with good weather. My niece who is a nurse at Rush medical center has a friend, another nurse with metastatic breast cancer but still working. Yesterday, leaving work, she was held up. She told the gunman, “Go ahead and shoot me, I have nothing to lose.” He robbed her but did not shoot her.

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  1. The passerby was more than a “good Samaritan”. He was more like an avenging angel.

    I wonder what that couple was involved in. You have to wonder if the suspect didn’t hijack the car.

    I don’t think California is as bad as Chicago yet but I hear what you’re saying.

  2. That area around UIC and hospitals was never the greatest, but it had been gentrifying over the past decade or so. Now it’s gone all to hell. The liberal war on civilization has forced the de-police-ization of all but a few Chicago neighborhoods. The mayor’s rob-Peter-to-pay-for-Paul policies have cut police officers, closed down the detective headquarters, and disbanded special gang units.

  3. disbanded special gang units

    There’s a conflict of interests betwen the law-abiding public and Chicago pols who cut deals with gangs for political support.

  4. For decades the biggest political racket was funneling federal funds earmarked for anti-poverty and urban development to gangs. Jesse Jackson built his organization doing just that. Here he is pictured here with Jeff Fort and Mickey Cogwell, the Al Capone and Frank Nitti of Chicago streel gangs. Cogwell is now dead, murdered in a hit, and Fort is at the Supermax.

  5. From the link —

    “…but authorities have reason to believe the suspect who shot Andersson was the driver of the vehicle involved in the rollover accident.”

    What the heck…?

  6. If you have armed robberies of a worker at a health center, then you have serious problems you have not faced. The profit/risk equation should be insane, yet he’s doing it anyway.

    Neglect at this level, would require an armed society. Well done.

  7. You would hope the risks would be high for the perpetrators, but they aren’t.

    There are fewer cops on patrol than there have been in years. The cops that are still on duty are afraid to arrest anyone because of the liklihood they would be blamed for any escalation.

    The fact of the matter is for the entire history of Chicago, order and stability were ensured by armed law enforcement. In the absence of it, criminal gangs fill the void. Always happens that we have to relearn the hard lessons.

    That’s just a fact. Maybe it’s different in the rural Canadian Rockies. I would expect it would be, with different cultures, ethnic makeups, and the sort.

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