Mark Steyn has company

As a defendant before the Canadian Human Rights Commission, that is.

Clive Davis links to an opinion piece by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald writes that hate speech laws are ‘oppressive and dangerous’ and quotes, among other sources, an article by David Bernstein at NRO:

…University of British Columbia Prof. Sunera Thobani, a native of Tanzania, faced a hate-crimes investigation after she launched into a vicious diatribe against American foreign policy. Thobani, a Marxist feminist and multiculturalism activist, had remarked that Americans are “bloodthirsty, vengeful and calling for blood.” The Canadian hate-crimes law was created to protect minority groups from hate speech. But in this case, it was invoked to protect Americans.

Now see what you did? You just had to keep calling for blood and get the nice professor lady into trouble. Tsk, tsk.

By the way, Mark Steyn himself reports that some of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s investigators are acting as agents provocateur, at websites such as Stormfront, among some others.

5 thoughts on “Mark Steyn has company”

  1. If you click through to Greenwald’s article, you can then click through to Ezra Levant’s youtube videos of his interrogation by the CHRC. Excellent stuff. Thanks for posting this Ralf.

  2. I think that the only way to short circuit this madness is to make Leftist the targets of as many investigations as possible.

    Leftist only support hate crime laws because they think themselves immune to them. Yet, Leftism is awash in hatred and stereotyping. If we quickly apply the same standards to Leftist as they apply to everyone else then this stuff will stop very quickly.

  3. The trouble is that the Leftists themselves are the police, judges, juries and executioners in this process. Can you say “double standards”, boys and girls?

  4. You are welcome, Dan.

    Shannon, leftism is indeed frequently fueled by the individual letfist’s resentment and vicious spite, but even so I hesitate to generalize. A lot of these people are misled by media bias and indoctrination by ‘educators’ and once they get a really good look at the hardcore followers of the movement they tend to see the light.

    Joshua, leftists periodically subject each other to purges, so it is only a matter of time until this process becomes cannibalistic. So take heart. ;)

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