2 thoughts on “An Excellent Summary of the Iraq Situation So Far”

  1. Though I enjoy reading Strafor intel reports, the conclusion is just plain poor writing: things can go either this way or that way. Now that is really helpful.

  2. Right about the ending to the Stratfor assessment. Of course the ending depends on whether we make something of this hard earned knowledge. Any chance that Bama or Hilary reads this report? They seem to both continue the Kerry line that we can eliminate this problem by simply withdrawing and washing our hands of the situation and “talking earnestly” (and I guess, by implication, via the Jim Miller quote of the day, “listening earnestly,” which will make up for our bad deeds and perseverance in an error ….). But also a big ‘bah humbug’ to “stay with the conservative base” Rush Limbaugh line … if McCain represents an enlightened stay the course in Iraq option, and if our real number one problem is terrorism, then i don’t see how voting for McCain is a problem. He is right on the only real, main problem we face. The rest is “scribbling, dibbling and politics” McCain seems to see the above analysis as essentially correct. since when does voting for the “real conservative” mean voting for a pyrrhic victory, i.e., choosing an unelectable “social conservative” that might make conservative pundits happy even if he temporizes and thinks that “Iraq was a mistake”? just a late night hand grenade to toss out there for the sake of discussion….and argument. I will admit, am feeling argumentative and hoping Lex will have something contrarian to say…. and am also hoping that somehow Bill continues his hysterical support for Hillary … by torpedoing the Donk’s chances (by making Obama look inexperienced and ineffectual beyond the ‘great speeches;’ and his own wife look like an ineffectual haridan), he might actually have done something good for the Republic afterall …

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