2 thoughts on “We Deliver(y)”

  1. Many years ago, my aunt and uncle, who had a condo in Vero Beach decided to take me bass fishing at Lake Okeechobee

    We got up at some obscene hour-0:400? -and drove to Okeechobee.

    I thought what a fascinating drive as it took you from urban Florida to the deep rural south in a matter of hours.

    And Okeechobee was fascinating. We were on somebody’s bass boat with a 500 hp outboard-just exaggerating a bit-but I can remember tearing down these waterways at 60 miles an hour and watching alligators scamper off the shore into the water.

    Once out in the middle of Okeechobee picture a body of water so large you cannot see the shore with no waves-as calm as glass, in looking at the bottom of all of 10 feet

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