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  1. what is the difference between Marmite and Vegemite? I thought it was about the same. I acquired a taste for it during my 2 month stay in NV and Oz.

    But it definitely is an acquired taste ;-)

  2. Wow. Candy you spread of stuff and call food. Amazing! I had to look it up and the numbers are frightening.

    So we have found part of the reason America is obese and diabetic. Does this stuff really seem like a good idea?

  3. While you were “looking it up”, you evidently didn’t manage to figure out where Nutella comes from.

  4. Oh yeah, it’s made in Canada. I did see that. I did not think that was germane to my point though. We are somewhat less obese as a nation, about 10% or so.

    I have never seen this stuff in our stores, I’m sure it’s available though.

    It’s the idea you would spread chocolate on your food as a regular thing, and have stockpiles you are proud of, that fascinates me. I’m a bit overweight but the number of seriously huge people gets steadily larger, even where I live. I think there is some kind of religious law against indulgence in most the Judaeo Christian mess. Oh yeah I remember, the Catholics sold em’ at one time. ;)

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