7 thoughts on “Facts and Fallacies with Thomas Sowell”

  1. Nice crocodile tears Lapides you jerk. As for Sowell, I first saw him when I was watching Friedman’s “Free to Choose” series on Youtube a few years ago and deicded to read a few of his books. Sowell is impressive. Thanks for the link, I will watch the videos.

  2. It’s nice (and empowering) to be reminded of women’s roles in business and academia in the early part of the twentieth century. Sowell’s vision is clear. He is not only decent, he can be inspiring.

    I am struck again and again by the blinders so many feminists accepted. I remember a small town where many businesses were run by wives and widows who, often in archetypal menopausal fashion, demonstrated good sense and business acumen – the implement dealership, the funeral home, the telephone company, the grocery store. And a few years later I would go to class, walking past the portrait of the first woman MLA president, Louise Pound. One dorm was in honor of her, the other of Roscoe. In so many ways, during the sixties and seventies, we denied the human nature that Sowell brings us back to with his clear take on facts. It denied us the richness of our heritage.

  3. Fred Lapides,

    he dislikes both probable candidates for the white House in the next election, which leaves him with…?

    The same thing all the other grownups have: the lesser of two evils.

    You should definitely read Sowell. He well give you an empirically based perspective that is lacking in your mental world.

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