Seth Barrett Tillman: Tillman Responds to the Legal Historians Amicus Brief in CREW v. Trump Emoluments Case

From the post:

I stand entirely behind the above footnote: behind every sentence, every phrase, every word, and every syllable. I have made no mistake, intentional or inadvertent. I retract nothing, and I do not intend to retract anything.
Recently, my amicus brief and scholarship has been criticized by the Legal Historians Brief, other academics, some litigators, and by the press. Here I respond. This document is my declaration submitted as an exhibit to a motion responding to the Legal Historians Brief.

See also the comment by Glenn Reynolds here.

My money’s on Seth.

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  1. “My extensive footnote in my brief, a footnote citing to both documents, was only put there to help Gorod et al understand these documents. At some juncture, I also contacted Professor Zephyr Teachout, who serves as co-counsel for Plaintiffs, with whom I have had more than one occasion to debate, and I reiterated my longstanding offer to share with her any copies I had of these and related documents and to clarify to her or her colleagues my views in regard to the provenance of these documents. She never contacted me (directly or through counsel) to inquire further”

    I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

    After they accused Seth of inaccuracies, they then just strung it up the flagpole for all there other Leftist colleagues to repeat. As if repeating their lie enough times would gloss over the obvious flaws of their accusation. I’m not surprised because Lawrence Tribe, who is supposed to be one of the top constitutional scholars, spends his day retweeting Bill Maher conspiracy theories.

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