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  • New! – Your Long Overdue Haikupalooza

    Posted by Jonathan on October 1st, 2017 (All posts by )

    Speaking Hebrew with
    Uber guy from Ramallah
    Interesting world


    Your fake service dog
    Goes with you to the Target
    We all know the truth


    Bicycling safety?
    Drivers crazy, distracted
    Watch out for yourself


    At condo meeting
    Board announces it’s quitting
    One dare not step in


    The world of Android:
    Apps, settings change, who knows why
    Just the way it is


    Lunch with your chick friends
    Guess who ends up with the check?
    This happens a lot


    Last day overseas
    You let guard down, ate lettuce
    Ouch. Never again


    (Feel free to add your contributions in the comments.)


    18 Responses to “New! – Your Long Overdue Haikupalooza”

    1. Gringo Says:

      At condo meeting
      Board announces it’s quitting
      One dare not step in

      Yup. Most condo owners do not want to be on the Board. They don’t want to spend the time that being a Board member entails. There is thus little competition for election of Board members, as the number of condo owners that are willing to spend the time to be a Board member are rarely greater than the number of Board positions open for election.

      I am a long-time Board member of my HOA. Right now things are running pretty smoothly, with little rancor from homeowners. There is one nutcase- there is always one- whom we can deal with. When he has run for the Board, he has gotten <6% of the votes. After various Board members effectively put him down at one annual meeting, he didn't attend the next annual meeting.
      The current smooth situation was not always the case. Years ago we inherited a horrendous situation. During the first years of righting that situation, there was a lot of rancor from some homeowners.[The cause of the horrendous situation, an investor who had run the place into the ground, had sold his units at much lower than appraised value.] One new Board member who in his job had dealt with a lot of HOAs informed us that he had never seen another HOA with the level of rancor of our HOA. Years later, that is fortunately no longer the case.

    2. dearieme Says:

      Lunch at Fox and Duck
      Next table, five plus their Lab,
      Golden beauty he.

    3. dearieme Says:

      Driving in Norfolk
      Partridges galore on road
      Absence of pear trees.

    4. dearieme Says:

      Fish and chips with peas
      Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
      Roast Pork and crackling.

    5. dearieme Says:

      Pint of Abbot Ale
      Apple crumble with custard
      Hubbub off stone floor.

      Our party leaves pub
      Short, sweet stroll on village green
      Dead brock by roadside.

      Trees autumnal red
      Summer speedily recedes
      Game birds at butchers.

      No frost has come yet
      But fog greets pigeon and grouse
      Season’s feasts to come.

      Cheese and bananas
      British and Caribbean
      Fill our present needs.

      Brock will eat no more
      No hedgehog dismember now
      Do brocks go to heaven?

      Fireworks now on sale
      Conkers lie under ill trees
      Guy Fawkes bonfires soon

      Rose hips Chinese red
      No children collect them now
      Post war vitamins.

      Autumn of our year
      Autumns of our lives and times
      Soon we all depart.

      As go we all must
      Go when all is beautiful
      Go in dying Fall.

    6. Grurray Says:

      Fake news on TV
      News by tweets is hyper-real
      Think I’ll just read books

    7. Grurray Says:

      Football used to be
      Worrisome for broken knees
      Flags could use that now

    8. Brian Says:

      If the FBI
      Says no, it wasn’t ISIS
      Why should I trust them?

    9. Brian Says:

      Why was Steve Scalise
      Shot by that old Bernie Bro?
      Feds–we got nothin’.

    10. dearieme Says:

      Son of psychopath
      Dislikes all country music
      Good taste, bad action.

    11. Mike K Says:

      This shooting is going to be painful, aside from those shot, if this guy is a lefty.

      The hateful rhetoric, contrary to TV wisdom, is almost all on the left.

      The guy who organized that “whiteness” rally in Charlottesville was an Obama guy and Occupy organizer last year.

      There may be video of the Las Vegas shooter at an anti-Trump rally in Reno last summer.

      He had a home in Reno. I can’t tell if it is him but I doubt any MSM source will investigate.

      The Steve Scalise shooter has vanished from the news.

    12. Grurray Says:

      Paddock once lived in Viera, Fl near Cape Canaveral and NASA.

    13. Grurray Says:

      Sorry. Try it again this way,

      Paddock once lived in
      Viera Beach, Florida
      He’s a Leftist goon

    14. Brian Says:

      ISIS did Vegas?
      Not any more stupid than
      “Russian collusion.”

    15. Grurray Says:


      Cultural fancies
      Change with the wind, but throughout
      Country boys survive

    16. Philip Says:

      It’s returned at last
      Sorely missed but quite alive

    17. JaimeRoberto Says:

      Service dog haiku
      An instant classic for sure
      Subterfuge with pets

    18. Roy Says:

      We do not know yet
      what motivated the shots
      We will lose freedom