New! – Your Long Overdue Haikupalooza

Speaking Hebrew with
Uber guy from Ramallah
Interesting world


Your fake service dog
Goes with you to the Target
We all know the truth


Bicycling safety?
Drivers crazy, distracted
Watch out for yourself


At condo meeting
Board announces it’s quitting
One dare not step in


The world of Android:
Apps, settings change, who knows why
Just the way it is


Lunch with your chick friends
Guess who ends up with the check?
This happens a lot


Last day overseas
You let guard down, ate lettuce
Ouch. Never again


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18 thoughts on “New! – Your Long Overdue Haikupalooza”

  1. At condo meeting
    Board announces it’s quitting
    One dare not step in

    Yup. Most condo owners do not want to be on the Board. They don’t want to spend the time that being a Board member entails. There is thus little competition for election of Board members, as the number of condo owners that are willing to spend the time to be a Board member are rarely greater than the number of Board positions open for election.

    I am a long-time Board member of my HOA. Right now things are running pretty smoothly, with little rancor from homeowners. There is one nutcase- there is always one- whom we can deal with. When he has run for the Board, he has gotten <6% of the votes. After various Board members effectively put him down at one annual meeting, he didn't attend the next annual meeting.
    The current smooth situation was not always the case. Years ago we inherited a horrendous situation. During the first years of righting that situation, there was a lot of rancor from some homeowners.[The cause of the horrendous situation, an investor who had run the place into the ground, had sold his units at much lower than appraised value.] One new Board member who in his job had dealt with a lot of HOAs informed us that he had never seen another HOA with the level of rancor of our HOA. Years later, that is fortunately no longer the case.

  2. Pint of Abbot Ale
    Apple crumble with custard
    Hubbub off stone floor.

    Our party leaves pub
    Short, sweet stroll on village green
    Dead brock by roadside.

    Trees autumnal red
    Summer speedily recedes
    Game birds at butchers.

    No frost has come yet
    But fog greets pigeon and grouse
    Season’s feasts to come.

    Cheese and bananas
    British and Caribbean
    Fill our present needs.

    Brock will eat no more
    No hedgehog dismember now
    Do brocks go to heaven?

    Fireworks now on sale
    Conkers lie under ill trees
    Guy Fawkes bonfires soon

    Rose hips Chinese red
    No children collect them now
    Post war vitamins.

    Autumn of our year
    Autumns of our lives and times
    Soon we all depart.

    As go we all must
    Go when all is beautiful
    Go in dying Fall.

  3. This shooting is going to be painful, aside from those shot, if this guy is a lefty.

    The hateful rhetoric, contrary to TV wisdom, is almost all on the left.

    The guy who organized that “whiteness” rally in Charlottesville was an Obama guy and Occupy organizer last year.

    There may be video of the Las Vegas shooter at an anti-Trump rally in Reno last summer.

    He had a home in Reno. I can’t tell if it is him but I doubt any MSM source will investigate.

    The Steve Scalise shooter has vanished from the news.

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