10 thoughts on “A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with this stuff…”

  1. What does this all means? “Ki” – is it supposed to be “kg”? Why Vegas? Can’t you enjoy the feta cheese anywhere else? Why there is Zer Gut title on a Bulgarian product: was it labeled for export to Germany?

    And the most mysterious of all: why is it posted under “Humor” tag?

  2. “Ki” is, or perhaps was, American baby boomer slang for “kilo,” generally applied to narcotics smuggling.

    The post title is a reference to a line spoken by Slim Pickens (as MAJ “King” Kong) in the movie Dr Strangelove (obscure trivia: originally it was “Dallas” but was redubbed to “Vegas”; the movie went into wide release just a few months after the JFK assassination in Dallas).

    As for Zer Güt, beats me, maybe German words have extra cachet in Bulgaria.

    Humor: see above items.

    This tutorial in American idiom provided without warranty or obligation.

  3. Jay explained it.

    I don’t know the explanation for the name of the cheese. I don’t think it’s even spelled correctly. It is a conundrum, a rebus, a mystery even. All I know is that I needed cheese and they had cheese. And without that cheese I might have suffered cheese withdrawal symptoms or possibly been forced to visit another Middle Eastern food store.

  4. I’ll never ever get it, never! I mean, what constitutes humor in these parts.

    Jonathan, do you have Greek grocery in your area? They can supply you with pretty passable feta, too. As well as Macedonians, Armenians, Bosnians, and Moldavians. Or just go to any Russian Deli (ask a random 5th passerby on Miami street for direction) and you can obtain feta from all these countries there.

    On the other hand I doubt very much that Arabs know what a good feta is. Or maybe they call it differently.

  5. This store is a bit out of the way but looks like it could be worth visiting. I’m sure there are similar stores that are closer.

    Locally I can find Greek, French, domestic and of course Bulgarian. The store where I shop carries several different types. I have long preferred Bulgarian for its saltiness and strong taste but I am always willing to try other varieties.

  6. If you can find Turkish ‘Beyaz Penir’, go for it. The Syrians and Lebanese do good versions, too. Not much call for it in N. Africa, though, as they’ve gone the French route in cheeses.

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