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  • Seasonal Madness

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on December 22nd, 2017 (All posts by )

    I swear, I have no idea why the denizens of celebrity-world are going nuts lately. The distinct possibility is that most of them were always nuts, and I – despite once having had a nice collection of subscriptions to publications like Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone, and a mild and mostly professional interest in the entertainment field generally – managed to not notice the frothing waves of insanity emanating from the world of popular entertainment … since … Well, I think some entertainment figures began to go nuts about a decade ago, but in the last year it’s been … OMG, are these people allowed out without a keeper?
    And this was before Pervenado, and the revelation to the wider public that apparently just about every big producer, star, or media figure in a position of authority is a sex-crazed perv who cannot keep their nasty hands off lower-level staff or prospective employees. Well, it wasn’t like the existence of the casting couch was that big a secret, but still …

    No, I speak this morning of the manner in which a wide variety of media personalities and performers who once appeared to know that sales of their movie tickets, their personal appearances, concerts – all of that, which were based on personal popular appeal, or at least, not kicking the larger audience in the teeth by bringing in matters political/social to front and center. It’s a sad thing for me, to recall that once I thought Rosie O’Donnell was funny and basically harmless. She had the single funniest line ever in A League of the Own which was a slam on Madonna – richly deserving of it in several ways, even back then. So was Janeane Garofalo, too – and a whole raft of other entertainment figures, until Bush derangement took them up to the edge. Now in the last year or so, sheer frothing Trump-hate pushed them over, and it is not a pretty sight at all.
    Trump-hate has turned them deranged. Seriously – no other word for this quite fits. Seriously, I cannot figure it – because until two years ago, he was one of them! A grade-C celebrity, a buffoonish caricature, kind of larger than life, a bit (OK, a lot! )vulgar, seemingly pretty competent as a big-city real estate developer – but otherwise, one of them. He went to their weddings, was a habitué of the places familiar to the big-city celebrity class, appeared to be a pretty representative social liberal of the moneyed urbanite class … and yet now appears to be The Worst Person In The World.
    Looking at the entertainment news headlines over the last decade, it appears that only a few
    entertainers are of a socio/politically conservative bent, or have the wit to keep such opinions to themselves on the sensible grounds of not wishing to piss off a good half of their potential audience.
    Rosie O’Donnell has become a special case, in the last few days, by offering (via her Twitter feed) what appears to be a bribe to sitting officials. (more here, thanks to Ace of Spades HQ.) This goes beyond trash-talking. This offer can be, if one is inclined to take it at face value (and not as a ‘joke’ as Ms. O’Donnell will doubtless claim that it is) construed as an effort by a person of wealth and standing to peremptorily override the votes of those elected to carry out the wishes of ordinary citizens. This is a serious business, as Ms. O’Donnell’s legal adviser may be reminding her over this weekend. Yes – us ordinary voters are extraordinarily humor-deficient when it comes to having our elected officials bribed and threatened by the wealthy and connected, miffed at not having their own political whims catered to. Discuss, if you can bear it.


    13 Responses to “Seasonal Madness”

    1. Jenk Says:

      I’m mildly curious to see if anyone in Congress takes Rosie’s bribe attempt seriously or considers it. It’s worth noting that during the 1970s ABSCAM sting the only reason John Murtha didn’t get himself in trouble was that he thought the bribes offered by the FBI’s “Arabs” were too paltry….

    2. James the lesser Says:

      They seem to have centered their universes around an ideology–though perhaps that word has implications of intelligent thought that aren’t entirely appropriate. Whether ideology or idol, this thing is the obvious center of existence for us all, and any heresy anywhere can poison us all.

      That ideology/idol’s temple is government. Heretics in charge of the center of their temple is a disaster not to be borne. It has almost cosmic implications.

      Those who make idols will become like them…

    3. Brian Says:

      I think 2018 is going to get seriously ugly.

      Major media and political figures talk as if it is a foregone conclusion that Trump himself is going to get indicted by Mueller. No one is prepping “the resistance” for the likelihood that Mueller is going to do the opposite and clear him of everything (to the extent that a criminal investigation could do any such thing).

      Already we’ve had several GOP leaders in the House shot at, with miraculously no one killed, and one GOP Senator physically assaulted and left with severe injuries. Both incidents completely swept under the rug (speaking of which, remember when that guy in Vegas shot several hundred people, and they won’t tell us anything at all about how or why he did it?).

      It also appears very likely that in the near future the DOJ will report on severe malfeasance, to include severe corruption and other illegality, by their own career officials, as well as senior political leadership up to and including Cabinet officers. The media will probably first try to ignore it as much as possible, and then spin it as Trump “politicizing” what’s always been a completely objective and unbiased department (hahahahahahahahaha!).

      Like I said, it’s going to get really, really ugly.

    4. Grurray Says:

      I used to love movies of all kinds – blockbusters, dramas, comedies, art films, classics. After the past few months I can’t get myself to watch any of them. I’ve seen all three of the original Star Wars films dozens of times. When I think about the new editions, I just get angry about how they’ve ruined everything.

      This even extends to the beloved Christmas movies. I had to force myself to sit through Miracle on 34th St when my wife turned it on last week. I still haven’t decided about It’s a Wonderful Life. Maybe George Bailey will help solve this problem.

    5. Mike K Says:

      “Major media and political figures talk as if it is a foregone conclusion that Trump himself is going to get indicted by Mueller.”

      Read Andy McCarthy’s column today.

      It is going to get really ugly but not because of Trump.

      There is a boat load of s**t coming down on the FBI, the CIA and Hillary plus, maybe, Obama.

      In conclusion, while there is a dearth of evidence to date that the Trump campaign colluded in Russia’s cyberespionage attack on the 2016 election, there is abundant evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the Clinton campaign to use the Steele dossier as a vehicle for court-authorized monitoring of the Trump campaign — and to fuel a pre-election media narrative that U.S. intelligence agencies believed Trump was scheming with Russia to lift sanctions if he were elected president.

    6. Brian Says:

      “There is a boat load of s**t coming down on the FBI, the CIA and Hillary plus, maybe, Obama.”
      Yep. And no one is preparing the Resistance for that. They have no clue.

      The big question is what is Mueller doing?

      For several months I’ve read with amusement the internet crazies who say that Mueller is actually working in Trump’s interest to take down criminals from the past administration. It’s made for entertaining reading but impossible to take seriously. However. It’s now clear that they’ve been right about the DOJ IG report that’s going to drop next month, which means you have to give them slightly more credibility. Sort of like how you should give those who predicted in 2015 that Trump would succeed more weight than those who said he had no chance.

      So, is Mueller a Dem hack who is going to throw some BS charge at Trump to try to take him down? Or is he a “white hat” who is going to clear him, and perhaps even present evidence about illegal activities by various Dem operatives and officials?

      I honestly don’t know at this point. You have to think that the CW can’t be completely wrong, and the former is the answer, but I honestly wouldn’t be shocked either way. The problem is that either way is going to shock the political system in ways it hasn’t been for generations.

    7. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      I agree with Brian that it is going to be seriously nasty in 2018.

      And I think he is an optimist. We have gone to violent street politics and assassination attempts by the Left, always with the protection and encouragement of Democrat politicians, back in 2016. No matter what Mueller does, it is going to get violent from the Left. It is what they have already gone to, and they have already at all levels declared any election they do not win or steal to not be legitimate and to justify violence. And they are used to being above the law.

      Eventually, violence will be returned.

      There is the additional matter that the Democrats are going to try to impeach Trump, even without grounds. And the GOPe will collude in it the way they worked with the Democrats to defeat Moore and elect Democrat Jones in Alabama. There really is no reason to vote FOR the Republicans, just AGAINST Democrats. And the Republicans are working on several different Amnesty bills for illegal invaders that give a reason to vote AGAINST Republicans.

      With no viable electoral political opposition to the Left, things will get violent. Because there is no other option in the end.

      Toss in the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC, and the former Hillary campaign were openly [and clumsily] conspiring to use the power of the US Government to elect Hillary; and that they claim some sort of “Insurance Policy” in case that somehow Trump is elected. In any sort of polity, once violence has become the political coin of the realm [like since 2016 and arguably for a decade before in this country], that level of power politics means that an insurance policy in case someone is elected is likely an assassination by current members of the government bureaucracy. The Left figures that they will never receive what they give.

      Our side has numbers, training, and preparation that will prove decisive once motivation reaches a critical point. Always remember, amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics. Food, water, power , and the ability to move will determine who wins.

      And no, I am not a nice person.

    8. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Some of the other bloggers and commenters on their posts note the Obama admin shifting resources away from an investigation into Hezbollah’s drug-smuggling ventures. I think it is … interesting, and possibly damaging, but most of those who have commented don’t think anything will come of it. Still – I recollect the huge ruckus in the black community when the rumors went around that the crack cocaine epidemic was a government plot to destroy black communities. To what degree will Obama be excused for this? It will be pretty sad if not a shred of responsibility for further wrecking the black urban demographic lands on him. Because, after all, he was their Precious One.
      I’m convinced myself that the rage motivating the BLM protests, and the blaterings of prominent members of the CBC like ‘Mad’ Maxine Walters is displaced fury over Obama’s failure to deliver the Big Rock Candy Mountain, and the sneaking suspicion that Obama has left the black demographic rather worse off than before.

    9. Gringo Says:

      I’m convinced myself that the rage motivating the BLM protests, and the blaterings of prominent members of the CBC like ‘Mad’ Maxine Walters is displaced fury over Obama’s failure to deliver the Big Rock Candy Mountain, and the sneaking suspicion that Obama has left the black demographic rather worse off than before.

      Makes sense to me. Before he went to Chicago, Obama’s exposure to American blacks was rather tenuous. An anecdote from Dreams From My Father illustrates this. Obama was a mentor to Kyle, the adolescent son of a fellow Chicago activist. When Kyle hit a rough spot, his mother asked Obama to talk with him.

      I asked him if he was still thinking about the air force, and he shook his head; he’d stay in Chicago, he said, find a job and get his own place. I asked him what had changed his mind. He said that the air force would never let a black man fly a plane.
      I looked at him crossly. “Who told you that mess?”
      Kyle shrugged. “Don’t need somebody to tell me that. Just is, that’s all.”
      “Man, that’s the wrong attitude. You can do whatever you want if you’re willing to work for it.”
      Kyle smirked and turned his head toward the window, his breath misting the glass. “Yeah, well…how many black pilots do you know?

      Had Obama known about the Tuskegee Airmen, he would undoubtedly mentioned them to Kyle.

    10. Gringo Says:

      Didn’t intend to hit “publish.” Like a friend of my mother’s said three decades ago, the computer doesn’t do what I want it to do. It does what I tell it to do. The Obama comment continues.

      Obama didn’t have much contact with American blacks before Chicago, which the above anecdote illustrates. When former Black Panther Bobby Rush, the only person to defeat Obama in an election, ran against Obama in the primary for the Democratic nomination for the Il-1 Congressional seat, one of his campaign points was that Obama wasn’t “one of us.”
      Eventually blacks put this perception aside and jumped on the Obama bandwagon. Eight years later, many realize they were sold a bill of goods.

    11. Mike K Says:

      And the GOPe will collude in it the way they worked with the Democrats to defeat Moore and elect Democrat Jones in Alabama.

      I think the Jones fiasco was Mitch McConnell’s doing and may not be repeated. We’ll see but the GOP may realize that they could be on the cusp of winning big if they actually do a few things they had promised.

      The DREAMer thing will be the test. Flake is leaving and McCain is about to leave the planet.

      Will the others be willing to risk their sweet deal for a bunch of ungrateful illegals ?

      One of two more riots by these fools might be enough. In LA, the illegals finally got smart enough to stop waving the Mexican flags.

      The DREAMers don’t seem that smart. I would actually be OK with a law that allowed those who came as small children to get green cards, not citizenship.

      A lot of these alleged DREAMers are “unaccompanied minors” who came alone, not with parents.

      There is also a great deal of fraudulent claims about “family.”

    12. pouncer Says:

      I’ve seen a few people observing how funny it would be for Trmup to pardon Rosie for her bribery attempts.

      But what if various investigations recommend prosecutions against figures of the recent past? Huma or her husband for criminally lax handling of classified information, highly-placed FBI officials for violating rules of evidence in the Bundy and other cases, highly-placed IRS officials for violating rules on privacy of records and applications — even Secretaries and spouses-of-presidents for whatever. What if there should be an indictment?

      And then the President makes a show of a pardon before trial? “This is America, we don’t even want to APPEAR to make criminals of our political rivals.”

      Is that funny? Wise? Or would such a choice ruin the current President?

    13. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      >>>>”And then the President makes a show of a pardon before trial? “This is America, we don’t even want to APPEAR to make criminals of our political rivals.”

      Is that funny? Wise? Or would such a choice ruin the current President?”<<<<

      I think that a pre-emptive pardon would be political suicide. If probable cause for chargeable crimes are found, we need an example of the Elitists actually being held accountable under the law that is used without mercy on those not connected. We have felonies here that would put people away for multiple lifetimes and/or having them drawn and quartered repeatedly.

      If we have a bipartisan ruling class that is above the law and Constitution, then it is time to save a parched tree. Bringing them under the law could save us from that untidy event.

      A pardon afterwards still is shaky.

      You have to realize that much of the country knows that the Left would have us kneeling at the edge of a ditch waiting for the bullet in the nape of the neck if they ever achieve control again. They've renounced the concept of electoral democracy if their candidate loses, they have been committing political violence for years. There is no slack remaining to be cut.

      Fiat justitia ruat cælum