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  • Square your shoulders, stand up straight: Only Take What You Deserve

    Posted by Ginny on February 25th, 2018 (All posts by )

    An interesting history.


    17 Responses to “Square your shoulders, stand up straight: Only Take What You Deserve”

    1. Brian Says:

      Only an extreme case of what happened all over the country:
      The Syracuse School District needs to overhaul its discipline system, starting with getting rid of changes made several years ago to reduce the number of students suspended, according to Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick.
      A Corcoran High School teacher was stabbed twice Thursday by a 17-year-old student when the teacher tried to break up a fight between two female students. The student had a knife despite metal detectors used to screen people entering the school.
      The district “has a serious problem with violence, and I’m very concerned about the safety of teachers, administrators and students,” Fitzpatrick told | The Post-Standard Friday.

    2. Mike K Says:

      This is straight from Conservative Tree House,

      I began following them when the Trayvon Martin case occurred.

      One day I spent 8 hours reading the blog. It is the best source for this stuff I know.

      Much of this came from Obama and Holder. They were determined to prove that black students were no more violent and lawless than white and Asians.

      Unfortunately that just isn’t true and the results of this policy change is more and more violent.

      I think it will get much worse before, if, it gets better. MY grandchildren go to public schools.

      I wish I could afford to send them to the private schools their parents attended.

    3. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Well, this kind of law-enforcement contretemps explains why the Bold Sheriff Israel was all keen to blame the mess on the NRA. Deflection, from the crappy performance of his own department.
      Yes, Broward Coward has a certain kind of ring to it, don’t you think?
      Oh, and I bought a yearly membership in the NRA today. I felt kind of like I did, when going to get supper at Chic-Fil-A, on the day of the great demonstration of support.

    4. Jenk Says:

      This puts the “cowardice” of the Broward County deputies and Peterson in perspective, but one they’d rather not have. This can only get uglier–Israel and Peterson are just the tip of a very nasty iceberg….

    5. Jenk Says:

      I’ve worked in private security, and fortunately I’ve only guarded remote or industrial sites. For me the nightmare assignment would have been mall security, for surely I would have had to handle either a disruptive shopper or a shoplifter. What would I have done? Detain the person? If that involved any kind of force I’d be the bad guy–my own firm would leave me hanging legally–I had no law enforcement powers but would have been expected to act as a law enforcement officer or be fired for negligence. I wonder if the Broward officers didn’t have a similar calculus going on in their heads as the shooting was going on, and then the blame might travel up the chain to Israel and his masters. It’s a dilemma often posed in the military–when do you refuse to obey an order? When it’s immoral or when it flies in the face of your stated mission? What is an LEO to do when ordered to ignore certain crimes, and how far does that order go? I think we’re seeing the limit of that now, with officers possibly under orders to stand by and witness murder….

    6. Mike K Says:

      I wonder if the Broward officers didn’t have a similar calculus going on in their heads as the shooting was going on, and then the blame might travel up the chain to Israel and his masters

      I agree and think the whole culture of corruption in the school district and the Sheriff’s department must have left them with a terrible dilemma.

      Still, they should have run to the shooting and taken the consequences.

      To be shown a coward on national TV has got to be the worst.

    7. David Foster Says:

      Jenk..”I wonder if the Broward officers didn’t have a similar calculus going on in their heads as the shooting was going on, and then the blame might travel up the chain to Israel and his masters”

      Somebody at Sarah Hoyt’s blog was suggesting that the officers had conflicting directives very similar to those that have sometimes afflicted robots in science fiction stories.

      If one directive is “confront shooter ASAP” and another is the local “ignore crime” command, then…

      Seems to be that if the external directives conflict, then there is space for the internal Self Preservation directive to take control.

      The whole thread, which is very interesting, is here:

    8. Brian Says:

      “Much of this came from Obama and Holder. They were determined to prove that black students were no more violent and lawless than white and Asians”
      I don’t think they were trying to “prove” anything. It’s just a case where race baiters gotta race bait. The notion that disparate impact (i.e., black students disciplined disproportionately) can only possibly be due to racism is completely insane. And of course since the districts that are impacted are heavily minority, these policies overwhelmingly punish black students who actually want to learn. It’s all so tragic and horrifying.

    9. Ginny Says:

      When categories don’t have meaning, when the truth is fogged over with euphemisms we are in eastern European satellite territory. It’s demeaning, dispiriting, and finally eats away at integrity and courage. Few of us have that much of these two to spare and certainly a community doesn’t. The whole Parkland affair reeks of the rot. It seems to me one another characteristic of a waning culture.

    10. Bill Brandt Says:

      I am reading and I think there is a line between some crimes (ignore rapes????) – as someone said every time they heard a shot someone was getting murdered – a policy to just ignore that? I can buy corruption but ignoring that goes beyond corruption.

    11. Mike K Says:

      The “Disparate Impact” stuff got started years ago. I remember Jesse Jackson leading protests in Peoria IL because black students were more likely to be suspended or expelled.

      It is now a leftist catechism item and Edina Minn schools, formerly a high achievement district, are being destroyed by these new policies.

      Clearly, however, there’s been a profound shift in district leaders’ educational philosophy. In place of academic excellence for all, the district’s primary mission is now to ensure that students think correctly on social and political issues — most importantly, on race and “white privilege.”

      District leaders enshrined this new mission in EPS’s “All for All” strategic plan, adopted in 2013. The plan mandates that, going forward, the EPS must view “all teaching and learning experiences” through the “lens of racial equity.”

      If “equity” meant “treating kids equally,” all thinking Minnesotans would support it. In this context, however, it’s code for racial identity politics — a simplistic blaming of “white privilege” for the racial learning gap and any other problems that minority populations experience.

      The “All for All” plan mandates sweeping change to how education is delivered in Edina. For example, it dictates that, from now on, the district will hire “racially conscious teachers and administrators.” It also declares that students must “acquire an awareness of their own cultural identity and value racial, cultural and ethnic diversities.”

      I think that is a majority white school district but it won’t stay that way for long.

      The Star Tribune is a leftist paper.

    12. Brian Says:

      Obama & Holder certainly didn’t invent “disparate impact” but they were in position to actually force through policies based on it.

      And you’re right that these sorts of things will cause a new round of “white flight”–people will not tolerate their kids going to schools that are unsafe if they can avoid it at all. So the left already has a plan for that–basically they will “regionalize” government so that the suburbs get to “share” services with the cities, including schools.

      Morons. That will just make people flee further away.

    13. Mike K Says:

      “basically they will “regionalize” government so that the suburbs get to “share” services with the cities, including schools.”

      That’s true of cities with Democrats rule but it was a planned policy of Obama that he did not have time to implement.

      That was Hillary’s job, The teachers’ unions will fight charter schools and vouchers but this will bring young families to the GOP.

      Soon the Democrats will be a coalition of the childless and welfare recipients.

    14. Christopher B Says:

      I think Obama et al either pioneered or greatly expanded the use of ‘administrative guidance’ as a way to get around the normal rule making procedures in agencies in order to move the Left’s policy preferences forward.

    15. Jonathan Says:

      The Obama administration was also trying to use the regulatory agencies and courts to force municipalities to build low income, high density housing in high income, low density neighborhoods.

    16. Mike K Says:

      The Obama administration was also trying to use the regulatory agencies and courts to force municipalities to build low income, high density housing in high income, low density neighborhoods.

      This is an old tactic of Democrat regimes. I was a Planning Commission member for years in my small city in California.

      There is a troika, made up of state legislators, “public interest” law firms and developers.

      The developers fund the law firms, which then sue the small cities demanding more “affordable housing” and the legislature backs them up and awards them legal fees.

      The developer then builds the required housing, usually apartments with inadequate parking. The cycle begins again with another suit.

      The city I lived in was 100% built out but still was being sued. A few commercial sites were then converted to apartments.

      Of course, the schools and streets are not a concern.

      We had to come with all sorts of parking restrictions near apartment complexes. Other wise single family homes would have no parking for guests or deliveries.

    17. Kirk Says:

      You have to look at this through the lens of “Why is this going on, and what is it a part of?”.

      My opinion is that this is the latest iteration of the same thought process/approach that took place during the period when we were shutting down the mental institutions and the liberalization of the law enforcement system. Many of the same people and groups are behind it all, and it’s not very hard to squint your eyes and see the outline of what is either delusional groupthink, or outright conspiracy.

      Precisely none of this stuff has worked out in the real world. They shut down the mental institutions in the name of “humanity”, and now we have the crazy people dying of exposure in the streets while they try to self-medicate with alcohol and illegal drugs. They found long-term incarceration and the death penalty inhumane, and now we experienced a huge up-tick in terms of criminal behavior and lawlessness–Which we damped down again, by going to things like the “Three-strikes Laws”, and which were again, circumvented by the same set of idiots who’d undone the criminal justice system in the first place.

      More detail about what went into the Broward County debacle is here:

      And, again, we see that the wages of wishful thinking are death to the innocents.

      My question to the world at large is this: How long are we going to ignore the inimical effects of all this touchy-feely BS, and what actually results when these things are put into effect? We see precisely what happens when the schools determine to exempt the students from the justice system, and how that policy has worked out in the real world: We’ve enabled the barbarians, and wonder at the fact that they’re behaving barbarically. A moron could have predicted this outcome.

      For some reason, despite over a hundred years of evidence to the contrary, we keep falling for this BS again and again. Not once in the history of this “liberal progressive” movement have we seen one of their ideas really work out as they promised. We allowed the “sexual revolution” because it sounded good, and now what do we have? The primary “beneficiaries” are figuring out they got screwed (literally), and are trying to recreate the world of Queen Victoria, in terms of public values and mores.

      Everything this movement has done has inevitably failed, whether we’re talking about the eugenics programs, or the economic ideas. When the hell are we going to learn, and push these idiots out of public life?

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