Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

Megan McArdle is upset by something that Roy Edroso, a writer for The Village Voice, has said about her. He called her a “libstick libertarian”, which she feels is a misogynistic statement.

Well, it is a sexist comment! Considering that Mr. Edroso let it slip in an article where he rates ten Conservative blogs as to their Stupid to Evil ratio, Megan seems to be most incensed that he would be considering her femininity as a factor. What would being female have to do with being either stupid or evil?

She has a point, but that isn’t what I want to discuss. What puzzles me is how Mr. Edroso could have missed including The Chicago Boyz in his list!

Aren’t we Evil enough? We certainly try! I’m a gun-toting self defense instructor, and I even teach violent crime survivors how to shoot their disadvantaged attackers without charging them anything. To a New York liberal writing for a Leftist propaganda rag, that should put me somewhere above Joe McCarthy and just a little lower than Pol Pot. I mean, c’mon!

And stupid? I have bathtubs full of stupid at home, just in case a Village Voice columnist comes on by and wants to borrow a gallon or two. There are a few thousand rounds of ammunition in my living room alone, and I keep the guns used in the self defense class in my basement. According to those discredited studies the anti-gun lobby keeps quoting, I should have accidentally shot myself and every member of my family a few dozen times over by now. The fact that I haven’t shot anyone yet can probably be taken by a Liberal as proof that I am so stupid that I can’t even screw up right! If, that is, they can get over the fact that I am so stupid that I own guns in the first place.

And let us not forget my fellow Chicago Boyz! I doubt that any of them will be able to rise to the lofty heights of both Stupidity and Evility that I have achieved, but they all have their own geniuses in these areas. I figure that our combined talents creates a giant black hole that sucks all Goodness and Smartiness out of just about anyone unfortunate enough to glance at the title bar.

So the next time Mr. Edroso is compiling his little list, he should first stop on by and see what’s cookin’ with The Boyz.

15 thoughts on “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”

  1. What puzzles me is how Mr. Edroso could have missed including The Chicago Boyz in his list!

    We don’t have enough readers. He’s a troll whose goal is not to engage rationally but to provoke. The VV is using him to generate traffic to justify their ad rates. Don’t take the bait.

  2. But Jonathan what we lack in quantity we make up in quality – our readers are clearly movers and shakers, beauties and wits. Their IQs and style are the envy of lesser blogs. (If we don’t butter up our clientele, how are we going to build them?)

  3. I agree that most readers of this blog are intelligent and thoughtful. What I meant was that our readership is too small to interest the larger trolls. A big-time parasite like Edroso, who lives on the intellectual skin scrapings of bloggers who are far more intelligent and productive than he is, needs hosts with big audiences. Reynolds, Althouse and McArdle have big audiences because they’re good, and Edroso attacks them because doing so inflames both their audiences and his audience of excitable leftist morons, and the resulting flame wars bring traffic to wherever he’s blogging from. Reynolds understands all this and usually doesn’t take the bait but some of the other big bloggers are relatively easily manipulated. It’s too bad because Edroso doesn’t deserve the attention and the Village Voice doesn’t deserve the boost in traffic.

  4. …and that’s why I didn’t click on the links!

    although *looking in the compact’s mirror* it’s nice that SOMEONE considers me one of beauties and wits…even undeservedly.

    OK, I leave now, to move and shake some more.

  5. Tat, you are one of the thoughtful and intelligent beauties and wits.

    I did click on the link (from the Althouse blog, a few days ago) and do not feel that I have grown as a person as a result.

  6. The VV is a free newspaper- and that is about all it is worth.It was once interesting but that was long ago. I did look at the comments to Edroso’s screed. I don’t think most of them should be allowed anything sharper than plastic knives in their kitchens.Well, actually, maybe they should be.

  7. *butter is dripping from my screen now*

    This either means 1) you’re easily flattered or 2) you were eating something buttery while reading this blog and exploded with laughter. I will hope for 1).

    Returning to the original topic, I’ll just note that Edroso’s pretzel logic explaining how any blog he disagrees with is “right-wing” is immensely entertaining. No amount of contradictory positions is allowed to detract from the gospel that any non-antiwar blog must somehow be on the right, irrespective of any other content. I’d love to get him in a room with Marc Danziger (I note that Winds of Change was scrupulously avoided in the profiles) and watch his ass get kicked.

    Returning even more closely to the original topic, what about my stupid/evil ratio? I suppose it depends on what is supposed to be inherently stupid rather than inherently evil. Caucasian heterosexual evangelical red-stater … probably mostly stupid, so far. Libertarian pro-war pro-nuclear power pro-missile defense pro-automobile … getting lots more evil in there. Call it 25/75 for now. I think this needs metrics so we can all rate ourselves properly.

  8. This guy should be ignored.

    James has better things to write about.

    Ignore idiots. If they come here, delete their comments. Life is short.

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