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Conrad Black:

Here are two current examples of [the failings of the legal system and of journalism]: Canadians don’t like Donald Trump, largely because his confident and sometimes boorish manner is un-Canadian. He is in some respects a caricature of the ugly American. But he has been relentlessly exposing the U.S. federal police (FBI) as having been politicized and virtually transformed into the dirty tricks division of the Democratic National Committee. Few now doubt that the former FBI director, James Comey, was fired for cause, and the current director, backed by the impartial inspector general and Office of Professional Responsibility, asserts that Comey’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, was also fired for cause. There are shocking revelations of the Justice Department’s illegal use of the spurious Steele dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign, and of dishonest conduct in the Clinton email investigation, the propagation of the nonsense that Trump had colluded with Russia, and of criminal indiscretions and lies in sworn testimony by Justice officials. It is an epochal shambles without the slightest precedent in American history (certainly not the Watergate piffle), yet our media slavishly cling to a faded story of possible impeachable offences by the president.
The American refusal to adhere to the Paris climate accord is routinely portrayed as anti-scientific heresy and possibly capitulation to corrupt oil interests. The world’s greatest polluters, China and India, did not promise to do anything in that accord; Europe uttered platitudes of unlimited elasticity, and Barack Obama, for reasons that may not be entirely creditable, attempted to commit the United States to reducing its carbon footprint by 26 per cent, at immense cost in jobs and money, when there is no proof that carbon has anything to do with climate and the United States under nine presidents of both parties has done more for the ecology of the world than any other country. Journalistic failure on this scale, and across most of what is newsworthy, added to an education system that is more of a Luddite day-care network, produces a steadily less informed public, who, while increasingly tyrannized by lawyers, elect less capable public office-holders.
Lenin famously wrote: “What is to be done?” We must ask ourselves the same question but come up with a better answer than he did.


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  1. The Paris Accord’s excuse for saddling America with the bill while not requiring any effort from China is that America built its success by exploiting poorer countries, so Americans should have to pay for those countries to develop to modern levels. It’s entirely based on patronizing Marxist dialectical materialism. China has actually been able to modernize by exploiting American markets. That’s how all upstarts advance and progress- by exploiting larger rival incumbents.

    Of course, that’s lost on central planners. Their ultimate goal is to empty and hollow out America, and move a productive remnant into easily manipulated central areas to be systematically exploited in order to more efficiently direct development.

  2. Watts Up With That notes that the US was the only major country to reduce CO₂ output in 2017. The rest of the world—including the EU—increased their CO₂ output. The chart.

  3. Isn’t that what happened after Kyoto as well? We rejected it while simultaneously being the only country to actually implement it?

    The fact is these agreements aren’t about climate, they’re about money.

  4. And reapportioning money.

    By the way, I remember during the 60’s (early 70’s) a lot of people who claimed any evils done were by CIA agents pretending to be leftists at rallies. I figured those people were, if not nuts, a bit paranoid. After the Whitey Bulger, father of the Orlando shooter, Ft. Worth (?) cartoon attack, etc. it doesn’t seem so strange. How much of this is traceable to the same people at the FBI as were charged with harassment that Flynn countered, that took money from the Clintons, . . etc.

  5. The Canadians and much of the European public pay much too much attention to the US media, especially CNN and hate Trump because CNN does.

    They didn’t like Bush for similar reasons and, as I recall, disliked Reagan for similar reasons. Warmonger and all that.

    Romney was so dismissed by Obama that I have to wonder if Obama had a connection we haven’t found yet.

  6. Amusingly Lord Black of Crossdressing, one of our names for him, is not a Canadian, and the contributions he has made to political parties all have to be returned. ;)

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