13 thoughts on “New! – Chicagoboyz “Know Your Insects” Series”

  1. Nice leg, shame about the ….. LOL

    You are lucky and hopefully they didn’t get any highter up your leg/s. The venom from Fire ant stings can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and can result in death if medical assistance is not forthcoming quickly. Don’t bust the blisters or they can get badly infected.

  2. nasty, nasty, nasty … we have ’em here too… you can actually feel the poison coursing through your veins/skin, so to speak. once they start developing a delightful, pus-like head, hot compresses help … rubbing alcohol as soon after helps too.. but looks like you didn’t get the chance

  3. I’ve had them under my long pants well up my thighs while working. Odd how one doesn’t notice the little beggars until after the damage is done.

  4. Re-enacting the plagues of Egypt for Pesach? ;^)

    All the years I lived in TX and never got bit … I have a bad feeling that my day will nonetheless come.

  5. I was at Fort Hood and the MP are tough there about dress code. They stopped their humvee because I was out of uniform, but they noticed I was weed-eating around red ant mounds. They just waved and moved on. I guess I looked like a young shiek who jumped up and down every five minutes. Duct tape rocks.

  6. Yes, and the stuff you can still get at the home store just runs them to the neighbors yard. I have had a couple folks tell me that feeding the mound with instant grits kills them as they eat this and it swells up in their insides when it gets wet killing the worker ants. I am not sure if that’s right or if they just store enough food they don’t need to come out to forage for a while. But, they are a nuisance here in Florida. You guys up North… the cold is your friend.

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