ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series Continued…

We have seen several examples in our physical fitness series that show the prowess of various ChicagoBoyz bloggers in the areas of strength, speed and power. But two aspects of the total physical fitness package that are overlooked at times (but are no less important than the others) are balance and agility. In this video, Jonathan on a recent vacation to Spain shows us what I am talking about.

For those interested here is the wiki on the site in the video.
H/T to Lou.

8 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series Continued…”

  1. Just a tip. Before taking one of these walks I often bolster myself with two or three beers and one of my special egg-salad sandwiches with Mrs. T’s horseradish. This improves my balance greatly.

  2. My adrenaline is flowing, I think I must have a touch of vertigo.

    I followed the link to wiki – somebody in the picture there shows a hiker on one of the beams and he/she is wearing, I think, sandals!

  3. What, on foot, not on a bike? Yeah, Jon, what years do to a man…

    re: vertigo: I closed my eyes while watching couple of times. I think that path is a memorial to a Civil War. And that painted-over graffiti next to the word solo says “Papa Hemingway was here”.

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW.

    How many bodies are sucessfully retrieved in a year?

    You need to put this on YouTube.

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