Continuing Derangement

By the Mystic Marbles of Matagorda, I thought that last week’s bout of Trump derangement was the far frozen limit, but here it is only Wednesday and the establishment media is already running around in hair-on-fire fits of hysteria, the distributed radical insurgency known as Antifa has declared bloody war on the employees of the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, a writer employed by the New Yorker magazine as a fact-checker has singlehandedly undermined the intellectual coinage working for that magazine, having been a Fulbright scholar and a graduate of Harvard … and after a nearly fifty year hiatus from public consciousness, Peter Fonda has hove once again into sight. Like a groundhog, only hairier and on a longer rotation.

Being the cynical person that I have become over the last two administrations, I’d bet that something like Journolist is still in operation among those media reps still desirous of seeing conservatives in general and Donald Trump in particular driven from participation in the body politic. How else for the plight of the poor, pitiful illegal immigrant children to suddenly sprout in the headlines like some dreadful kind of kudzu between one day and the next? Especially since the … urm … custody situation has been a thing since the previous administration. Especially since the previous administration exacerbated the situation vis-à-vis minor children crossing the border illegally by seeming to suggest that having the kiddy-winks with you was a kind of get-out-of-detention-free card. Having the situation of minor children separated from adults who might be their parents, or a ‘coyote’ – a trafficker transporting them over an international border for shady purposes – after being detained upon illegally entering the United States is not something that just happened this week. No, this has been going on for a while, and of course it is just now being deliberately blown up. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. Discuss: what is this attempting to distract us from? Is it working so far, or is it blowing up like something from Acme in the hands of the hapless Coyote?

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  1. The IG report and the current testimony before Congress is the obvious answer, but that doesn’t really seem important enough, somehow. They would have just ignored it no matter what.

    The problem for the Dems is that their “solutions” to illegal immigration are all extremely unpopular. So they want to keep families together? Done. And Trump and the GOP will gladly let the Dems hang themselves by now advocating for just letting them all in.

  2. what is this attempting to distract us from?

    Take your pick, OIG, GDP, NORK, Election. My bet is OIG.

    Is it working so far, or is it blowing up like something from Acme in the hands of the hapless Coyote?

    If Trump caves, it’s working. If Nielson gets more air time with graphics from the Obama era and a more coherent argument they may be able to make Schumer look like the saboteur he really is. My bet is he caves.

  3. I think most everyone in flyover country is sick to death of illegal immigration, Mrs. D. Sick of crime committed by illegals, sick of the burden placed on schools and in working-class neighborhoods, sick of identity theft, drunk driving, and being underbid on working-class jobs. All these things do not seem to affect the Ruling Classes, or the Elite Media, though, so they can go on patting themselves on the back for being so open-minded and tolerant.

  4. “I think most everyone in flyover country is sick to death of illegal immigration”
    Prop 187 passed by 20 points in CA 25 years ago. The response was to do everything possible to completely remake the population. CA is the template for what the Dems want to do to America. It’s a total $h!th0le.

  5. I don’t understand exactly what the government is supposed to do with the (numbers are from Fox shows) 10,000 out of 12,000 minors that arrived alone or at least with a non-related adult. The system apparently sufficiently rewards minors appearing at the border that parents are willing to send their children across Mexico alone or guided by what surely are not pillars of integrity. Raping, beating and killing those who move across Mexico seems to be a given (one of the border guards said that some girls arrive with birth control). I’ll allow that thinking this is a better choice for your children may say a lot about Central America but it also must say a lot about the parents.

    The fact that arriving with children was heart rending and leads to admittance became widely known. This makes our border, gotten to through miles of deadly hot desert, an attractive nuisance, perhaps. But this is a sure way over a few decades to make it less attractive. Perhaps that is Soros’ goal, but I don’t think many others.

  6. Trump choked. Stupid. Clearly this had horrible optics. But now, they’ll use optics to roll him regularly. For the children.

  7. “Trump choked. Stupid. Clearly this had horrible optics. But now, they’ll use optics to roll him regularly. For the children.”
    I just don’t see it. If the Dems try to now push “keep them together, roaming free in the country”, well that polls even worse than this policy.

  8. Lifted verbatim from a comment at Conservative Tree House:

    “So let me see if I’ve comprehended the situation thus far. ACLU, the CA central district of California court will have to undo a previous activist judge order, and Congress is being forced to do their job of legislating the law, while PDJT jumps on AF1 for his MAGA party tonight. So he set it up for all them to duke it out amongst themselves. Brilliant!!!!”

    What is deceitful amongst the media, the Dems, and the Left is their failure to understand (or deliberate avoidance of enlightening the public of what they do understand and dislike), is that Trump is actually doing the job of the Presidency, which is to see that the laws as passed by Congress and as interpreted by SCOTUS are faithfully executed. Those two branches are simply reaping what they have sown in past decades, and what has been ignored by past administrations when deemed inconvenient.

    Trump didn’t cave; he didn’t choke. He simply tossed the whole $hitshow back to those who created it to resolve.

    And, oh by the way, I wonder what Schumer is going to do now?

  9. Sgt Mom, off-topic comment, but couldn’t resist. Coyote’s problem comes from brand loyalty. If he’d switch from Acme (which, it turns out, is a subsidiary of Roadrunner Inc), he’d catch that bird.

  10. He simply tossed the whole $hitshow back to those who created it to resolve.

    He had already tossed it back to those who created it. They returned serve by showing more pictures. And he wilted under those pictures of the children on the nightly snooze. And he conceded to Schumer that he could address the issue by EO. Now after everybody shirks their duty in a week or so, Schumer will be back with the same pictures telling him to draft a better EO. Another step to dictatorship. He would have been much better off with Nielsen doing congressional hearings with visuals that could be reduced to short videos for YouTube that showed the Obama kiddie pens and the growth of the child population under 0bama.

    The job of the president is to lead. Only he gets the bully pulpit. Usually Trump is good with it. But this time he couldn’t fight the images and emotion. He wilted and was rolled. Bad precedent for Kimmy.

  11. As I commented at AVI’s, I think this is a long game, setting up the narrative that Trump is so awful that anything, including interference from law enforcement and intelligence agencies, was justifiable to (try to) stop him from being elected.

  12. RE: your mention of the doxxing, you have to remember that the para-military forces of the Left have no code of conduct, regulations, or restraint. Eventually, they are going to attack and kill someone doxxed and/or their family.

    The forces of the state will be either unable [or if controlled by the Left, unwilling] to restrain or punish the perpetrators. And retaliation will be inevitable. And I suspect more effective from our side. But it comes down to the enemy having taken a step that is on the razor edge of irrevocable.

    Interesting times are often congruent with organic waste impacting rotating airfoils

  13. Trump’s new order could be a decent counter-stroke if they can fast track asylum hearings. Americans apparently dislike seeing mothers and children separated, but they don’t seem to have any qualms about mothers and children being deported.

    Last week Sessions ruled that domestic violence would no longer be considered as grounds for asylum eligibility. This will likely further help streamline the process for those 2000 out of 12,000 that are about to quickly get their day in court.

  14. You know what makes me the maddest – besides the monkeying with my emotions, etc. – is that whole meme about Trump as emperor. Some of this may not work out, but in battle after battle, he’s asking for a partner in Congress. And he has a strong sense of the importance of the layers of responsibility that begin with what each of us can fix ourselves.
    Nor does he encourage the enlargement of bureaucratic power that may be in the executive, but really are in the swamp’s control. His people streamline, deregulate, send power back to states, and even get rid of departments. Hell, just today the Rand bill lets small businesses buy health care together – the kind of thing Midwesterners used to ethnic and religious insurers have known works. Trump’s rallies appeal to emotions, but he seems to understand the essence of American constitutionalism – that Congress has responsibilities other than getting re-elected and that kicking cans down the road are neither signs of leadership nor courage.

  15. Given that a BernieBro already tried to massacre GOP Congressional leadership, you’d think the media and the Dems would be a tad more responsible in their rhetoric. None of this is going to end well. If the Dems lose in either of the next two elections, they will get more and more strident, and their supporters more and more desperate, since elections obviously aren’t working. If they win, they’ll punish their wicked vanquished rivals to make sure no one can ever defeat them again. There’s no way to climb down at this point. When you have senior people, not just internet idiots, claiming their opponents are literally Nazis, you can’t say, that was just election rhetoric, let’s all work together now.

  16. Palestinians routinely accuse Jews of being Nazis. For the first time ever, in the case of “Big Lie—Stomp on Their Heads” Lavin, it appears true.

  17. Mrs Davis – How would you get rid of the Flores consent decree? I’m assuming that you agree with me that the consent decree is not in the national interest and that anything good in it should really be written into law by Congress (1st choice) or by executive action.

  18. I don’t know how he gets rid of the Flores consent decree as I doubt the judge will rescind it. He could do an Andrew Jackson though that would lead to impeachment if things don’t go well in November. That’s why he’s in the same box in a week or so and Schumer’s whining about how an EO is the best way to fix it but Trump hates children.

    This should be fixed by law. Trump should force the House Republicans to pass something workable, and I do mean “vote no and I campaign against you” force. Then let it die in the Senate in a partisan vote. Then Trump should get out and campaign against EVERY donk senatorial candidate. Make immigration the issue in November. Turn the midterm national by focusing on immigration. If it works, he can get a plan through the next congress. Maybe that was the plan all along.

  19. One would hope, Mrs. D. This can’t go on, with illegals flooding the criminal justice system – the sheer number of ordinary Americans who have been affected by identity theft, criminally-drunk drivers, and the depredations of scum like MS-13 is overwhelming – and I won’t even get into how property owners within fifty or a hundred miles of the Mexico border are practically in a state of siege. What can’t go on, will not, as much as Nancy Pelosi weeps sentimental tears over the plight of the “cheeeldren!” and metaphorically embraces MS-13 as poor misunderstood angels with dirty faces.
    Mass-doxxing ICE employees and threatening their families is about the limit for me. That scum Fonda’s twitter rant is way, way beyond the pale. I hope that movie of his crashes and burns, and I don’t give two pins about the fortunes of the other stars and the directors. Hollywood can burn, for all I care. I hope that tw*t Talia Levin gets fired from the New Yorker and never gets hired by a print or online publication again. I hope that she has to take a pseudonym to get any work at all, other than inexpensive sexual services advertised in person on street-corners. I hope that Antifa members get their pink, flabby asses handed to them on national news,right along with those black masks that they wear so Daddy won’t know they are playing street-fighting warrior, rather than attending to some class on … whatever. They are playing with sticks of live dynamite, in threatening law enforcement officers’s families … and speaking of national news, I hope that CNN goes down in flames like the Hindenburg.
    I used to be a rather tolerant, if occasional exasperated person. Not any more; it’s more of ‘slit the throats of the survivors-burn it to the ground-and salt the earth where it once stood kind of mood.

  20. The only way this doesn’t go on is if the trunks get unobstructable majorities in the House and Senate. When the donks had one they did nothing because it is a vote getter for them. And the trunks might do the same because so many aree bought off by the businesses that hire the illegals. So that leaves lead poisoning if the deplorables get fed up. Otherwise, it goes on. Because only the deplorables are hurt by it.

  21. I wake up to NPR in the mornings (it’s a form of self-flagellation that I endure, per Sun Tzu & knowing….)

    This morning (Saturday, 6/23) it was all crying babies, detention camps, the adverse emotional developmental effects of separation on young children, and the condemnable sheer and indefensible inhumanity of the U.S. government’s attempts to address the situation (my e.g., what is essentially a civilian invasion of U.S. sovereign territory (encouraged, I might add, by a Mexican government that allows/enables passage, and the failure of past administrations to adequately enforce U.S. policy.)

    There were lots of interviews with caring and concerned people — but no one, no one, offered any kind of practicable solution to a problem that is not of our making. No one will speak of the unspoken desired end state of all that concern: the release without consequence into the “wild” of the U.S. general population of anyone, anyone, who shows up at the southern border.

    In the mean time, the U.S. taxpayer pays for housing & feeding uninvited & trespassing foreigners, and freely provides emotional support, education, medical attention, and every other support mechanism that we struggle to provide for our own families.

    And, the more the U.S. strives to accommodate and “handle” the incoming flood of illegals border crossers with such support, care and concern, camps, more judges, and release pending some future hearing date, and such, the greater the incentive for additional illegal entry. It’s a form of subsidizing illegal entry, and we all know what happens when you subsidize something….

    PS: my pet peeve…. We need someone to provide pushback against the libs’ rote mention of “illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens.” The rate is an irrelevant obfuscation: EVERY crime committed by an illegal is a crime that would not have happened AT ALL but for his presence in the U.S.

  22. ““illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens.”

    It is actually not possible to calculate the crime rate of illegals UNLESS you know how many illegals are in the country, so you can divide:

    Known crimes committed by illegals


    Number of illegals in the country.

    …and I don’t think there is really accurate data on the # of illegals, for obvious reasons.

    There are also probably quite a number of crimes committed by illegals against other illegals which don’t get reported.

  23. Here is a study from Cato Institute claiming lower crime rates by illegals than by the general population:

    Based on a quick reading, I don’t think it answers my point about the denominator for calculating the rates. But even if the rates WERE correctly calculated, note that it cites for murders:

    3.88 per 100,000 for native-born Americans
    2.9 for illegal immigrants
    .51 for legal immigrants

    IF these numbers are correct, then a reduction in homicide rates could be achieved by stopping illegal immigration and bringing in LEGAL immigrants in equal or greater number to the previous illegal traffic.

  24. “illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens”…is a complete non sequitur. It has nothing to do with anything. Either we have immigration laws that are passed by proper authorities and then enforced uniformly, or we don’t. As far as anyone can tell, the Dems want choice B.

  25. It is actually not possible to calculate the crime rate of illegals UNLESS you know how many illegals are in the country, so you can divide:

    Known crimes committed by illegals


    Number of illegals in the country.

    According to GAO data, 25% of prison inmates are illegals.

    That is a significant data point.

    State and Federal prisoners is 1.5 million in 2016, with another million in city and county jails.

    That gives us an estimate of 25% of 2.5 million or about 800,000 illegals in prison or jail.

    What’s the denominator ?

  26. What I do not see enough of is the ambition of the current candidate for president of Mexico to conduct a massive invasion of the US.

    “And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” He then declared it as “a human right we will defend.”

    That’s a quote, He is also quite white so this is not the Mestizos talking.

    AMLO has an economic plan where hundreds-of-thousands of his fellow Mexicans flood the Southern U.S. border region; overwhelm the system and essentially create an initial border economy; then, with the door and pathway created, begin a process of exfiltration of U.S. economic wealth directly into Mexico.

    Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not crazy; he has a pretty ingenious strategy.

    Through overwhelming the Southern border regions, the nation of Mexico will be able to influence local U.S. laws and overwhelm the local U.S. political structures. The Ameri/Mex zone penetrates into the U.S. and provides a borderless opening for migration, trade, commerce and the education of Mexican citizens through the utilization of U.S. social and economic systems.

    All of the long-held grievances of Mexican nationals toward the disparity of their level of poverty and the wealth within the United States can be fixed through this plan.

    I’m buying more ammo.

  27. “illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens” is a ridiculous statement since ALL illegal aliens are by default guilty of a felony. That would mean that 100% of illegals are felons. I really wish that I did not have to keep pointing this out…

  28. I think illegal entry is a misdemeanor but maybe it should be a felony.

    I do think bringing a child to illegal entry should be felony child abuse.

  29. My vague impression is first time is a misdemeanor, after that it’s a felony. And I don’t think it’s possible for them to have a job without committing a felony.

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